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Huge return on Raw complicates Ziggler’s SummerSlam plans! Historic night on the commentary table.

Tonight on Raw, a return complicates Ziggler’s SummerSlam plans. A historic event happened on the commentator’s table. Ronda Rousey can destroy security. The B-Team keeps rolling. A legend’s contributions is recognized. 


RIP Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart. Ember Moon vs Alexa Bliss. The Constable Baron Corbin vs Tyler Breeze.

A legend gone too soon.

The show starts off with Ronda Rousey giving a hart felt speech to the great Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart. Rousey gives condolences to Natalya Neidhart, the daughter of The Anvil. Who is alsothe trainer of Rousey and backstage friends with. At the end the crowd shows it’s support of the beloved star’s daughter with a chant of  “NATTY!”.

A tribute to the powerhouse of the Hart Foundation.

RIP Mr. Neidhart, you gave us fans many memories and inspiration. Along with your in ring prowess, a way you can cut a promo. Whether The Anvil was playing a part of a heel or babyface. The fans paid attention. Thank you Mr. Neidhart.

Bliss vs Moon.

This give the current WWE Women’s champion, Alexa Bliss a chance to have a promo. Bliss made the most of it giving the crowd her security force. After a cheap shot from behind Bliss’s securtity force on Moon. Rousey, takes out Bliss’s security one at a time. The last member decides it’s not worth it and leaves. Moon is control most of hte time. However, Bliss again shows she has a plan. After an Eclipse from Ember, Mickie James interferes the count, letting Moon win by disqualification.


 Tyler Breeze vs The Constable Baron Corbin.

The Constable stayed in control Whatever offense Breeze came up with. Corbin fought out of it. After having enough if Breeze and his willing to win. The Constable hits a long awaited, vicious Deep Six on Tyler for the pin. Showing that the Constable will always have his ways to win under his C operate sleeve.


Demon and Monster. Bobby Lashley squashes jobber. Can the B-Teathm survive?

Finn Balor/Braun Strowman vs Kevin Owena/Jinder Mahal

This was actually a good match. The ability of Finn, Braun, Owens, And Mahal to have chemistry. Speaks volumes about the quad squad. All four men but on an entertaining match. With Owens/Mahal being the total heels and Finn being the true babyfaces. After Balor fights the good fight for most f the mach. Finn gives a hot tag to Strowman. In which, he cleans house. Lands a counter power slam on Mahal for the pin.

Lashley cleans up.

Ricky Roberts, an Elias fan. Attempts to sing a song. The Drifter interrupts and say’s “There is only one Elias!” Lashley interrupts  the two and completely disseminates jobber Roberts with a spinbuster after Roberts smashed a guitar over Lashley. Elias is not amused.

The Deleter’s Of Worlds vs The Revival vs The B-Team.

In a Triple Threat match. The Deleters, The Revival, And The B-Team go at it. The Revival showcase their team work and put both opponent teams in check. However, The Deleters continue to display their newfound aggression on their opponents. After a crazy exchange between all three teams. The Revival hit the Shatter Machine on Bray Wyatt. Only to have Curtis Axel swoop in for a pin fall. The B-Team remain Champions.

Glorious Worldwide vs Mojo of Pain. Sasha Banks vs Ruby Riott. What is Heyman doing?

Triple threat Tag match. Bobby Roode and Titus Worldwide vs Mojo Rawley and Authors Of Pain.

In a match containing participants that no one expected. The fans got this. The once darling Bobby Roode teaming up with below mid card tam Titus Worldwide. They face off against the once feared AOP and once loved Mojo. The match was good, just confusing. How are the fans, both hardcore and casual are going to understand this team up? Well, the fans get no story, just carnage. In which, made this match entertaining. The fans had no clue on how this would end. It ended up being a showcase of a Roode vs Rawley feud. Nothing special. Roode lands a Glorious DDT on Rawley for the win. However, an Glorious Worldwide stableis something I’m intrigued with.


Boss vs Riott.

It was great to see Ruby Riott back in action. However this turned in to a fodder match. With Bayley in Sasha’s corner and The Sqaud in in Riotts corner, you can predict most of the match. The two go at it, with The Riott squad interfering. Only to have Bayley interrupt the interference. Sasha takes out The Squad with a suicide dive, Ruby capitalizes on the action and pins Sasha.

 Dolph Ziggler and Seth Rollins contract signing. The Return…

Dolph Ziggler along with Drew McIntyre is not having any of Raw GM Kurt Angle’s games of delay. Seth Rollins has not shown up for the contract signing. Ziggler demands Angle to let him sign the contract and if Rollins does not sign. It will be a forfeit for the Intercontinental Championship at SummerSlam. Angle reluctantly agrees. Dolph signs the contract and Rollins music hits! The Architect states that he was afraid to announce his corner man. In which is allowed in the stipulations of the match. so he waited until Dolph sogned.

Shortly afterwards, Seth announces his corner man. The “Scottish Psychopath” will now contend with The ” Lunatic Fringe” DEAN AMBROSE! Ambrose music hits and the crowd goes wild for the long awaited return. Seth and Dean rush to the ring and make short work of the Drew/Dolph duo. Dean lands the Dirty Deeds on McIntyre. Both Ziggler and Drew retreat in surprise.


Was Raw a good “Go Home Show” for SummerSlam?

Ummmm, nope. This show did nothing for Raw’s side of the storytelling. While we had the tribute for HOF Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, the return of Dean Ambrose. Nothing seemed to contribute to the overall SummerSlam PPV. I really do hope the second biggest PPV WWE puts on is a crowd pleaser. If not we always have NXT Takeover. Aside from all of the negativity. Tonight’s Raw was also historic. Renee Young, the most beloved commentator, interviewer, slash anything. Became the first women to commentate on Raw. Long over due and she gave a real sense to commentating. Unlike a scripted Micheal Cole or he others before hand. In the words of an NXT chant. “HIRE HER! HIRE HER! HIRE HER!”… to full time commentator. She was a breath of fresh air.


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