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Broken Matt Hardy Interested In Buying TNA, Issues Challenge to WWE & ROH Talent

The broken brilliance of one Matt Hardy has injected new life into the TNA brand. Since the July 5th episode of Impact Wrestling featuring The Final Deletion, which saw the ratings spike by nearly 25%, TNA has been on many a lapsed viewer’s radar. And that’s not just lapsed TNA fans. More than a few former WWE viewers, who recognized the Hardys from their heyday in the late 90s/early 2000s in the WWE, have become intrigued by the bizarre family saga of Broken Matt, his Brother Nero (Jeff Hardy), his wife, Reby and son, King Maxel. Broken Matt has been on many a podcast and has not been afraid to say (albeit in his over the top Broken Matt dialect) what he really thinks about the TNA product. Well, rumors are swirling now that Hardy is willing to put his money where his mouth is.

Nearly 48 hours ago, this is what Hardy tweeted;

I am interested in purchasing @ImpactWrestling if the owners will sell to me. I would inject my #BROKENBrilliance into every iota of it.

He then followed it up with this;

If I buy, 1st move is to DELETE the OBSOLETE TNA acronym. The poor play on words retards the brand from reaching its full potential. #TND

Not only is Broken Matt Hardy devoted to his gimmick, but apparently, he’s devoted to the company that helped give him this platform where he has reinvented himself. So devoted in fact, that he plans to not only do a two hour episode of Impact Wrestling, titled Total Nonstop Deletion, from the Hardy estate (bringing the entire TNA roster there), but he’s issued an open invitation tag team tournament called Apocalypto. He’s invited the Young Bucks from Ring of Honor, which comes as no surprise as the teams have had some beef brewing for a while, but Broken Matt sent out quite the shocking tweet shortly thereafter;

INVITED. If MeekMahan allows The Day of New to appear at #TotalNonstopDELETION’s #APOCALYPTO, I’ll make an appearance on MeekMahan’s Show.

For those who don’t understand Broken Brilliance, Hardy issued a challenge to The New Day, stating that if Vince McMahon allows them to appear on that episode of Impact Wrestling, he will, in return, appear on WWE television.

The world of professional wrestling can be a tumultuous roller coaster ride. Just a few weeks ago, TNA was in danger of not having the funds to air their biggest pay-per-view of the year or the rest of their TV tapings for 2016. Now, it seems that, with permission from TNA President Billy Corgan, Broken Matt Hardy has once again become a lightning rod of attention for Impact Wrestling. I, for one, cannot wait to see what unfolds next for the promotion that refuses to die.

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