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Big triple threat match for women’s title shot at Royal Rumble

Tonight on SDL, a huge Triple Threat match between former champions. The winner will face Asuka at the Royal Rumble. Also, a tag team title opportunity match between The Usos and The Bar. Rey Mysterio/Mustafa Ali go against Samoa Joe/Cien Almas. Let’s dive in to SDL from Jacksonville, FL. 

Daniel Bryan mocks fans, R-Truth attacks. Rey Mysterio teams up with Mustafa Ali.

The New Daniel Bryan states his case.

Bryan cold opens SDL at the concession stand and berates the fans for their food choices. This goes on as Bryan makes his way to the ring, then R-Truth flies from off screen to attack Bryan. Starting off the opening match for SDL.

R-Truth vs Daniel Bryan. Daniel wins via Flying Knee for pinfall.

After the break following R-Truth attacking Bryan, Truth is in control. Although it is short lived, Daniel is gains control and lands many hard kicks on R-Truth. The MC of Dance Breaks, fights back and goes for a flying body splash. Daniel Bryan dodges the attempt and follows up with a Flying Knee strike for the pinfall. A celebrating Bryan is met with an attack by AJ Styles on the ramp. Styles viciously attacks Bryan with the staff having to pull off AJ. Bryan slips out backstage and gains another day to fight.

Rey Mysterio/Mustafa Ali vs Cien Almas/Samoa Joe. Cien Almas wins via Hammerlock DDT on Rey for pinfall.

A great match to really start the night off. Mustafa and Samoa Joe start off the match, both go back and forth. Samoa Joe utilizing his strength and Ali with his speed. Ali gains enough control to tag in Rey Mysterio, both hitting a double dropkick on Joe. Almas gets tagged in by Joe, now the Lucha legend faces off against Almas. Rey is in control at first, but Almas regains momentum, hitting an Almas Elbow on Rey. Cien attempts a Wheel barrow slam, however Rey counters and hits a flipping face plant. Ali is tagged in and takes it to Almas, Mustafa then attempts a Suicide Dive on Joe. The Samoan Submission Machine  catches Ali in midair and slams him in the announcer’s table.

After the break, Ali is tied up on the ropes with Almas on top of the turnbuckle. Almas misses the Foot Stomp and Ali hot tags in Mysterio. Rey cleans house, Joe runs in to break momentum but is countered by Rey. The Man of Masks hits a Dime Drop on Almas and a 619. Joe is hit with a 450 by Ali, what follows is an awesome Lucha display between Almas and Rey. Starting witha handstand submission move to sunset flip powerdriver. Mysterio goes for another 619 on Almas, but Cien catches Rey. Delivering a Gut buster to Hammerlock DDT for pinfall.

Contention match for Tag Team title. Tag Team title match announce for Royal Rumble.

The Usos vs The Bar. Cesaro wins for The Bar via Neutralizer for pinfall.

Another great match, but ended in disappointment. Jey and Sheamus lock up and trade moves in the opening. Eventually, Sheamus gains slight control to tag in Cesaro and Jey tags in Jimmy. Again, the Swiss Cyborg and Jimmy trade off a move set. The two teams are locked in a chess match, with either budging. Jimmy ends the stalemate with a Hurricanrrana and tagging in Jey. However, Cesaro meets Jey’s face with his knee. Sheamus now in, is landing shots on Jey. Sheamus’s control ends with a fierce clothesline by Jey. Cesaro quickly interferes and Sheamus regains control.

After the break, Sheamus has Jey in a headlock. Quick tags are utilized by The Bar and keep Jey away from his brother. Eventually Jey hot tags in Jimmy and he cleans up. The Usos then hit separate Suicide dives on The Bar. After a two count, Sheamus is tagged in by Cesaro. The match is in quick motion now, and both teams are hitting hard shots. Cesaro lands an Aitplane spin to Sharpshooter on Jey. Now, Sheamus in, Jey lands a flurry of headbutts, Just when The Usos are about to close the match, Mandy Rose comes out in a towel. With Jimmy distracted Cesaro hits the Neutralizer on Jey for the pinfall.

The Miz comes out shortly to challenge The Bar at Royal Rumble. Stating the Bar has dominated every tag team, except The World’s Greatest tag team. Sheamus hits a Brough Kick on Miz and The Bar accepts the challenge.

The women steal the show again.

Charlotte Flair vs Carmella vs Becky Lynch for  Smackdown Women’s title match at Royal Rumble. Becky Lynch wins via Dis-Arm-Her on Carmella.

The main event was another surprising great match. Carmella actually seem to find her strengths in this match. Becky and Flair try to out do each other for the crowds affection, brawl each other,and ignore Carmella. Money Mella takes advantage of this and picks her shots. Yet the duo of Flair and Lynch quickly take out Mella.

After the break, Charlotte and Becky stand in the middle of the ring. The two do their best Strong Style trade off. Both landing hard head shots to each other, Flair and Lynch wobble enough for Mella to attack. Flair attempts a Figure Four on Carmella, but Mella counters with her Code Of Silence. A move that was unexpected by the crowd and Flair. The Nature Woman does what she does and completely powers out of the move, hitting a big slam on Mella. Becky enters the fray, but Flair fights off both and hits a Moonsault on both ladies.

After another break, we see Flair and Lynch fight on top of a turnbuckle. Carmella pulls off Lynch and hits a handstand Hurricanrana on Flair. Then Mella lands a Suicide Dive on Lynch, Flair attempts an outside Moonsault on the two but misses. Lynch takes advantage and hits Carmella with the Becksploader. Becky rolls Mella back the ring, and goes for Dis-Arm-Her. Flair hits Natural Selection on Lynch, Carmella then hits Super Kick on Flair.

Carmella goes for pin on Lynch, but Flair breaks up the count. Charlotte then puts Carmella in the Figure Eight, with Lynch landing a Leg Drop to break it up. Becky goes for pin, then after a two count, goes for Dis-Arm-Her on Flair. Mella hits Super Kick to break up the hold. With Carmella and Lynch now fighting, Flair hits a Spear on Lynch. Then Mella hits a Super Kick on Flair, Carmella grabs Lynch only to have Lynch lock in the Dis-Arm-Her for the win. What a finish.


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