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Behind the barricades: WWE ThunderDome big pro wrestling weekend

This week in Behind the barricades, the debut of WWE ThunderDome! A big pro wrestling weekend! As the fans get NXT TakeOver XXX, a special night of AEW Dynamite on Saturday, and WWE’s second biggest show, SummerSlam! WWE heads to the Thunderdome, AEW Dynamite takes on TakeOver. Former WWE star losing his house to federal agents. Also, we go over the “Good”, “Bad”, and “what the *bleep?!* for the week of August 17, 2020.

The good.

Randy Orton… again.

This week The Viper took out Shawn Micheals. Not only I wasn’t surprised, I didn’t care that I wasn’t. Orton’s game is too strong to ignore and I will keep putting it in here until he stops being so good. In fact, if Randy Orton is not in contention for pro wrestler of the year, I would start to discredit the honor. Randy has been so great in this unprecedented year. No crowds due the COVID-19 pandemic, taped shows, working out of the Performance Center, and consistently being great.. no problem for the Viper.

Chaos towards TakeOver.

The main event of NXT was Velveteen Dream vs Finn Balor, for the final spot in the five-man North American championship Ladder match. It was a really good match, that slowly built up for a chaotic ending involving very contender for the match at TakeOver. I know, there are some that hate this type shenanigans. But I have a soft spot for the chaos and thoroughly enjoyed it. The ending actually made me more excited for the match at TakeOver.

WWE ThunderDome.

This week on Friday Night SmackDown was the debut of WWE’s ThunderDome and it promised the goods. Not only the environment was catapulted. But also the enjoyment of viewing the product. In my eyes, this was a BIG win for WWE. The Fed is no longer constricted to the smaller venue of the Performance Center. This actually felt like a hybrid of the usual arena shows and a state-of-the-art virtual audience. There was piped in crowd noise. However, this time it was welcomed with open arms from me.

The right AEW Women’s tag team won. Rise of the Dark Order.

The special AEW Dynamite show on Saturday due to the NBA playoffs, was eventful. It featured the AEW Women’s Cup Final between The Nightmare Sisters (Brandi Rhodes/Allie) vs Diamante/Ivelisse. The Latin duo came out on top and was the right choice, the ladies earned it. AEW may have noticed the oncoming backlash if Brandi Rhodes won the cup with Allie. For whatever reasons, this was the right choice. Npw let’s get some gold on Ivelisse and Diamante!

NWA’s Women’s champion, Thunder Rosa laid the gauntlet down for AEW’s Women’s champio, Hikaru Shida. Rosa was fantastic in the promo and this match solidifies the working relationship between AEW and NWA.

Mr Brodie Lee won the TNT championship, with little opposition. Lee DOMINATED Cody in the win, However, what happened after the match was the true story. While Lee was doing an in-ring interview, Cody was put on a stretcher. The Dark Order attacked Arn Anderson, while backstage Dustin and QT Marshall. Then tossed over Caody in a stretcher. Brandi ran out to save her husband, but Anna Jay chocked out Brandi for a statement. Wow.. what an escalation for the Dark Order! Not only that the faction grabbed a title, but put the Nightmare Family on notice.



The Bad.

Retribution becomes an afterthought.

What could’ve been a great stable build up, has turned into a palsy gimmick for Retribution. The destroy things… wow (sarcasm). It really looks like the rumors of WWE not knowing on who is in the group and do not know what to do with them. *cough-cough… Nexus*, but their stock is going south even before they show their faces. Not a good sign.

Raw Underground shows potential.. finally.

Although this was the best Underground yet, I am sadly putting it in the “Bad”. Jean Claude Van Damme’s Bloodsport movie is still more convincing. Yes, I still LOVE that movie, don’t “@” me. I understand Underground is way into it’s infancy, but I have no hopes for it. Rumors are going around that Shane-O-Mac is taking over Raw, so we might in the fight club for a bit. The RAW Underground highlights were Riddick Moss returned and looked great vs Dolph Ziggler. However, my most intriguing sight was seeing Marina Shafir, Jessamyn Duke, an Shayna Baszler united. This could well be the start of a beautiful thing on Raw.

What the *bleep?!*

How WWE treats a legend.

Yes, the WWE has done it again. Treats a legend in a way that the fans are ready to storm the place. This time it the legendary Mickie James. In her first return back from an injury, James received no entrance music and lost to Natalya via COUNT OUT! I mean… COME ON! Mickie has brought so much to the evolution of women’s pro wrestling in the stateside and could be argued worldwide. To give this type of treatment just get the Lana/Natalya team a rub, is nonsense.

The News.

Renee Young quits the WWE!

This has not been officially announced, fairly credible site PWInsider stated that Young gave her notice a week ago. As anyone who has been following Renee’s WWE career, it is not a total shock. Young has been widely considered the best non-wrestling talent WWE has. Young not only was multiple backstage appearances, WWE shows, but the also the first female Raw commentator credits to her accolades. Young’s departure will be a big loss for WWE, as Renee can be plugged into anywhere and do a good job.

However, from WWE and Fox canceling her shows, contracting COVID-19 partly due to WWE’s lack of screening, and the handling of her husband Jon Moxley/Dean Ambrose. It’s a wonder why she took this long to quit. Whatever Renee chooses to peruse, we wish her the best! *Renee Young to AEW.. CONFIRMED! Just kidding.. or am I predicting?*

Everyone has a price.

Earlier this week, federal authorities were trying to seize the house of Ted DiBiase Jr, son of legendary The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase. This come month’s after the largest public corruption case against his brother. Brett DiBiase has been indicted on charges of stealing $48,000 in welfare money. Authorities say that Brett was paid to teach drug abuse classes in Mississippi. However, Brett was still still enrolled in a luxury drug rehab program in Malibu, California. A Clarion Ledger investigation found that Mississippi’s Department of Human Services paid Ted Sr’s Christian wrestling ministry more than $2 million in welfare funds. Neither Ted Sr or Jr have been indicted in any fraud. We will update this case as it goes forward.

Kidnapping thwarted!

A stalker came close to abducting Sonya DeVille. As more information that has been released. The stalker (I will not give his name out, due in an attempt of becoming famous. I will name him “Trash”. “Trash” stalked Sonya for many years and attempted his wish. Thankfully, Sonya and BFF Mandy Rose escaped the house. All the while DeVille contacted the cops. This “trash”had zip ties, duct tape, a knife, and pepper spray. Thankfully the duo escaped . If this was MMA match.. Sonya DeVille would WRECK this poor excuse of a person. We are glad that Sonya and Mandy are safe now. But, I do somewhat wish that Sonya would’ve destroy this “Trash”. The Scrum Sports will keep you up to date in this case, as “Trash” is being held without a bond.

Former WCW star was in a car wreck.

WCW and WWE star, Buff Bagwell was involved with a scary crash. Before I go on about what happened, let me just post the police report.

The Cobb County Police Department Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP) Unit is investigating a serious injury traffic collision that occurred on Cumberland Boulevard east of Cumberland Parkway on Sunday, August 16, 2020, at 5:18 p.m. According to investigators, a black 2013 Chevrolet Tahoe was traveling west on Cumberland Boulevard, approaching Cumberland Parkway when the driver lost control while negotiating a curve. The Chevrolet Tahoe collided with the center median and metal fence within the median before continuing west across the eastbound lanes. The Chevrolet Tahoe then collided with the curb before colliding into a free-standing bathroom at the Cobb County Transit (CCT) bus station. The driver of the Chevrolet Tahoe, 50-year-old Marcus Bagwell, was transported to Wellstar Kennestone Hospital with serious injuries. Investigators believe Bagwell was impaired by prescription medication during the collision. This collision remains under investigation. Anyone with additional information regarding this collision should contact investigators at 770-499-3987.”.

Buff has had a well known struggle with substance abuse. We here at the Scrum Sports hope he will find a path away from those demons.-David G.

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