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Behind the barricade: Mauro Ranallo QUITS Brock Lesnar a free agent

This week in Behind the barricade, Mauro Ranallo quits the WWE and Brock Lesnar is a free agent. The Rock and his family contracted COVID-19. Other former and current WWE stars open up with their COVID-19 stories. Is NXT backing out of the “Wednesday Night Wars”? We will take a look these stories and more. Along with the “Good”, “Bad”, and “*What the bleep!?*”. Let’s dive in!

The Good:

Keith Lee’s ascension.

On Raw, Lee’s push has been confirmed to the fans. Not only did the Limitless One defeat Randy Orton at Payback cleanly. Lee was a focal point in the number one contender’s tournament. In the finals was Seth Rollins, Randy Orton, and Lee. As the match came to the closing finish, Lee hit a Spirit Bomb on Seth only to get a RKO from the Viper. Here’s where it gets interesting, Randy chose to pin Rollins, not Lee. One could look this many ways. Did Orton realize that the Spirit Bomb was a stronger finisher? Was Randy not confident enough that he could pin Lee? Whether if any of those question are relevant to Keith’s booking, this finish not only protect Lee and probably elevated him. There was once a time that I thought Raw’s booking may screw over the Limitless one, but this may prove me wrong.

More NWA on AEW!

The highlight of Dynamite’s go home show for All Out, was NWA Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa vs former WWE performer Serena Deeb. This was no squash match for Rosa, as she has a title match against AWE Women’s Champion Hikaru Shida at All Out. In fact, it was THE best match of the night. That is something special when the two performers are a mostly indie worker and a barely used WWE talent. Deeb was a WWE Performance instructor and it showed. Serena was just at ease in the ring and allowed Rosa to look even better then she would against an inexperienced jobber. If this a preview for Shida vs Thunder at All Out, they may steal the show.

Roman Reigns embracing the dark side.

On SmackDown, Paul Heyman and Roman Reigns explain their relationship. Due to Paul’s delivery and Roman’s follow up, it was golden. I can see Roman entering the 1st WWE show with real fans and get a huge pop. There lies the line in the sand. The smarks LOVE heel Roman and the casual fans seem to as well. However, WWE insisted to use the “Boo chorus” for Reigns. Here is some advice Vince, let Roman be Roman… and we will love him. As one my greatest hero always spoke (Stan Lee)… “nuff said.”

An Iron Man performance.

NXT aired on Tuesday and had a 60 minute Iron Man match for the vacant NXT Heavyweight Championship. The competitors were Tommasso Ciampa, Johnny Gargano, Finn Balor, and Adam Cole. The match itself was great, especially when it was thrown together at the last minute, due to Karrion Kross’s injury. The 1st fall didn’t happen until the 25 minute mark, noting that everyone struggled to gain an advantage. Some may have trouble being invested in a hour long match with the same four workers, but not I. As long as they work well and they did. The last minute had each men tied at one fall a piece. Ciampa gave Gargano an Over the Shoulder Belly to Belly Piledriver. Only for Finn to capitalize on the Blackheart with a Coupe De Grace, earning a pin fall. With time expiring and Balor looking to secure the title, Adam Cole hits the Last Shot as time expires! This leads to…

The Bad:

Milking the situation.

I wholeheartedly understand that NXT was caught in a jam with Karrion’s injury. However, it may have been more entertaining to see a clean finish during the Iron Man match. I didn’t love the finish, but I understand it. Still, I feel the need to put it in this category for now. Maybe looking back it from a few years from now, I may change my tune. However, for now.. the finish stays here.

Almost all of AEW Dynamite.

Yup, that guy who loves AEW and wants the promotion succeed so much it, puts it on the level of WWE’s vast grasp of pro wrestling.. was unimpressed. This was a go home show for a big AEW PPV and they ran unopposed. What did they deliver? A very average show, not something you want to see right before a PPV. There were many missteps from not selling right, just meh matches (not Thunder Rosa vs Serena Deebs!), to segments that really didn’t need to happen. Hopefully AEW learns from this, but they probably won’t. Because the rating came in and we will have more on that down below.

*What the bleep?!*:

Just thought of it.

Fortunately there wasn’t too much of that. I mean I can stretch it out to include Raw Underground, but that it the low fruit. I can pick on the way WWE keeps trying to use The Bachelor’s Demi Burnett, but again low hanging fruit. However, it just dawn on me and why I have this subtle, yet huge anger. It is because.. WWE BROKE UP THE IICONICS!! I know there will be camps in the dislike and like of the duo, but this was the only pure women’s tag team WWE had and they’re gone. With Peyton Royce getting the Vince approval, it is not sure what will happen to Billie Kay. Mind you, these two have not left each others side since high school and made their journey in pro wrestling together, every day. My main gripe is, that the IIconics had a great push, was sidelined a bit, then came back strong. Only for this to happen, so this break up makes my “*What the bleep?!*.

The news:

Mauro Ranallo quits the WWE!

NXT lead announcer, Mauro Ranallo and the WWE has made a mutual agreement on Ranallo leaving. The WWE posted..


This is following Renee Young’s departure from the WWE. Now the WWE is down two high profile non wrestling performers. What will WWE do now? Well, there are rumors that Wade Barrett is in negotiations for a long term contract. Add on Nigel McGuinness returning to NXT UK, it may be safe to say WWE has some options here.

The Rock contracts COVID-19

One of the most beloved former WWE performers, The Rock has let the world know that he and his family has contracted the COVID-19 virus. In an Instagram post Dwayne The Rock Johnson stated..


Thankfully Dwayne and his family are recovering from the virus. However, this brought attention to current and former WWE stars to make a confession. AJ Styles confirmed on a Twitch stream that he contracted the virus “a couple weeks ago, probably a month ago”. Also, Kevin Nash states that he and his family has been affected by the virus

Hopefully everyone makes a safe recovery, and please wear your mask.

NXT makes a move? Big ratings may say so.

With big numbers for NXT on “Super Tuesday”, there are rumors that WWE may move NXT to Tuesdays. Adding in fuel to this rumor, but AEW also posted one their best ratings on Wednesday for Dynamite. However, here is wjere things get muddled. The rumor is all from media that print the “Dirt Sheets”, so you can take it from a grain of salt. Yet, I would love for this to be true. With the rating numbers in and a big push for the coveted 18-49 demographic, they both jumped for NXT and AEW. IF… NXT jumps to Tuesdays, this is not a loss for WWE, but a gain for all pro wrestling fans.

The whole “Wednesday Night Wars” was coined from smarks and media that wanted to relive the WCW vs WWE days. The main difference between the “Monday Night Wars” and the “Wednesday Night Wars” is.. not both of the companies want to push them out of business, like the WCW/WWE feud. Well, WWE may want to.. but AEW seems to want to stay afloat.. for now. Whether this rumor is actually the truth, there no denying that both NXT and AEW received ratings boosts without going head to head. If NXT moves to Tuesday and AEW stays on Wednesday. The true winners are the fans, this move could/would bring more eyes on both products. -David G.

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