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Alberto Del Rio Walks Away from the WWE

It was October 25th of last year when Alberto Del Rio made his return to WWE at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view.  After being released from the company fifteen months earlier due to a backstage altercation, Del Rio and WWE came to terms on a contract.  He was the surprise opponent that defeated John Cena, winning the United States Championship in the process.  It looked as though Del Rio was going to get the push that he was deserving of all along.  However, those hopes were quickly dashed.  He went on to low profile feuds with the likes of Kalisto for several months.  They paired him up with Zeb Coulter, which was a confusing piece of business as Del Rio is an excellent mic worker and didn’t need a manager.   He then joined the League of Nations faction along with Sheamus, Rusev and Bad News Barrett, all once promising top heels in the company, who had become shells of their former selves.  This run didn’t seem to be going well for ‘Mexico’s Greatest Export’.


Things came to a head a few weeks ago.  During the WWE Draft and brand split, Del Rio was drafted to SmackDown Live on Tuesday nights.  His off screen love interest, Paige, was drafted to Monday Night Raw.  The separation of the two incensed both individuals.  On his final televised appearance, the August 16th episode of SmackDown, Del Rio suffered a defeat at the hands of the face of WWE, John Cena.  He was also not scheduled for a match at the biggest show of the summer, WWE SummerSlam.  On August 18th, Del Rio was one of several individuals (including Paige) who were suspended for a violation of the WWE’s wellness policy.  This was apparently the last straw for the former World Heavyweight Champion.


The Wrestling Observer recently stated that their sources indicated Del Rio was unhappy, claiming he was given empty promises when they brought him back last year for a surprise return. He indicated he was promised a main event push which didn’t materialize.  Del Rio and World Wrestling Entertainment have come to terms on allowing him to be released from his contract.  This would allow Del Rio to explore his options.


Could a return to Lucha Underground be in store for Del Rio?  Or could he explore some new terrain and sign with TNA?   Whatever he decides, Del Rio is sure to be a main event star wherever he goes.  The Scrum Sports wishes him the best wherever he winds up.

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