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Week in Pro Wrestling 2/10/20 TakeOver path & heartbreaks

This week in pro wrestling the path to TakeOver is set, so are heartbreaks. A vicious attack by Shayna Baszler on Becky Lynch! Is Matt Hardy gone for good in the WWE? Huge title change in AEW! NXT has it’s go home show for TakeOver: Portland! Otis and Mandy Rose have their Valentines date! Find out all you need to know right here!



This week on Raw, a title match ended a brutal fashion. Eight-man tag team action. The V.I.P Lounge returns! The end of  Matt Hardy? Angel Garza and Ricochet’s stock climbs. Let’s dive in to this week’s edition of Raw!

Main event set up. Vampire Shayna. A match not needed.

The Messiah arrives.

The opening segment had Seth Rollins and pals continue their feud with Kevin Owens and pals. This was only to set up a match later on tonight. One quote from KO sums this all up, “You talk too much Seth”. The main bright spot was to see the return of Samoa Joe. Later on an Eight-Man Tag team match is booked.

Becky Lynch vs Asuka for the Raw Women’s Championship. Lynch wins via Rock Bottom pin fall.

This was questionable to book this match as the opening match, but the results were predictable. The match spanned through three commercial breaks, giving the fans a great match. Becky and Asuka always have fantastic chemistry and tonight is no different. Even though you will see that this may be the last time these two ladies fight each other for awhile.

Asuka’s tag team partner, Kairi Sane was around to help out the Empress, but The Man fought through the numbers game. Lynch had control with a Dis-Arm-Her while draped over the ropes. However, Asuka fought back with great knee strike a beautiful Sit-Down Spinebuster. I could watch these two ladies fight all night. The closing seconds had the two exchange pin attempts until Lynch hits a Rock Bottom to retain the title.

Shayna Baszler is hungry.

Shayna attacks Lynch after her win and this was no ordinary attack. Yes, we got the hard mounted strikes and the Kirifuda Clutch from Baszler. However, Shayna shows that she is hungry for the title. As Shayna takes out her mouth guard and proceeds to bite down on Becky’s neck! A pool of blood gushes from Baszler’s mouth, looking like a new Gangrel. This seems to end the feud with Asuka and starts a new one with Baszler, all in time for WrestleMania. This actually good booking from WWE, but it may backfire on them. The crowd is getting bored with Becky’s booking and may now boo Becky and cheer on Baszler. We will see though.

Street Profits vs Mojo Rawley/Riddick Moss. Montez Fords wins via Frog Splash.

A match no one really wanted and I guess the purpose was to give these four men air time. It was a rather quick match, with Mojo and Riddick looking weak. Moss immediately eats a dropkick and tags in Mojo who didn’t fare any better. After the Frog Splash win by Ford, Riddick rolls up Mojo to win the 24/7 title. Huh? What? This match was a complete mess in booking.

V.I.P Lounge is back! Angel Garza soars. Rhea Ripley dominates.

Drew McIntyre on the V.I.P Lounge.

Last week I was wondering what WWE had in store for MVP. As it was stated by MVP himself, his last match was against Rey Mysterio. However, MVP is not done in the ring and will bring back the V.I.P Lounge. MVP’s first guest is the Scottish Psychopath, Drew McIntyre. The segement was built MVP being an opportunistic business man and attempts to become Drew’s manager. Drew declines and this upsets MVP, funny how a recently retired guy immediately wants to fight. Drew lands a Glasgow Kiss and Claymore Kick. The booking of Drew has been fantastic so far, if WWE crafts this well they could have a new anti-hero star on their hands.

Angel Garza w/Zelina Vega vs Cedric Alexander. Garza wins via Wing Clipper pin fall.

This Angel continues to soar with his time on Raw, this time at the expense of Cedric. I am actually wondering what Cedric do to make Vince angry, but it seems that Vince is booking Cedric that way. Despite what Cedric did, Garza had an answer for it. Zelina, has found her new Latin star to push over the Moon and he is Angel. Things will be interesting when Andrade returns from his suspension. Will they form a strong stable, will Zelina choose one over the other, or will GArza go back to 205 Live/NXT?

Rhea Ripley vs Sara Logan. Ripley wins via Riptide pin fall.

Rhea was doing a backstage interview when Sara Logan interrupts and Ripley responds with “Who are you?”. Funny and kind of sad, with the way WWE is booking Sara Logan. Not too long ago Sara, Liv Morgan, and Ruby Riott were on the cusp of taking WWE over. Now, Liv and Sara are regulated to bit parts and squashes like this match. Rhea easily disposes of Sara with the Riptide as Charlotte Flair watches on. Honestly, WWE does not need to hype up Rhea anymore, they did a great job of that with Survivor Series and Rhea beating Shayna Baszler for the title. Just let Ripley and Flair fight already.

Ricochet takes off! Randy Orton deletes Matt Hardy. Aleister Black squashes another.

Ricochet vs Bobby Lashley. Ricochet wins via 630 Splash pin fall.

I guess this is how you prove that the smaller Ricochet can beat Brock Lesnar. However, no one is buying it. I get that WWE has to get a really big and muscular guy to take a fall for Ricochet. Yet, this does not instill the belief that Ricochet will win in Saudi Arabia. The basic small guy vs big guy match, but it was still good. Lashley simply tosses and slams Ricochet around like a hated action figure. Ricochet, does the never give up act, flies around the ring, and flippy flip stuff. The match still entertaining, but the pint it was trying to make fell flat.

The deletion of one Matt Hardy.

Randy Orton finally attempts to explain himself on what he did to Edge. Matt Hardy’s music hit! The Broken One wants to here why Orton did what he did himself. Hardy explains that everyone knows the history between him and Edge, the crowd chants “LITA!”. Just in case you don’t know about the history, Matt and Lita were dating, and Lita had an affair with Edge.

Caught up now? Ok, so Matt then states that they were the best of friends at one point too. Him, Jeff Hardy, Edge and Christian would all share hotel rooms and invent the TLC match. Matt gose to confront Orton in the ring and dodges a RKO. The two scuffle a bit, until a second ROK found its mark. Randy then smashes Matt’s head with a  One-man Con-Chair-To.

This a very interesting angle, especially using the Matt and Edge’s real life history, again. Also, if you believe the rumors of Matt leaving the WWE, this is a sure fire way to write him off TV. However, if you peer into Matt Hardy’s social feed, you see that he is not done in WWE yet. Well, until his contract expires on March 1st.

Aleister Black vs Akira Towzowa. Aleister wins via Black Mass pin fall.

Well, at least Aleister’s opponent wasn’t a true jobber this time. Akira is very talented wrestler, it’s just in WWE his accomplishments are forgotten about and he gets jobbed out. This time to build up Aleister Black, a guy that needs no building up. Even some casuals know of Black and that he is not to be played with. These matches do not serve well for Black in building momentum. Put Aleister in a competitive match, that is where he shines the best. Aleister Black finishes off Akira in less then two minutes with a Black Mass punctuation.

The main event.

Seth Rollins/Murphy/AOP vs Kevin Owens/Samoa Joe/Viking Raiders. Seth Rollins wins via Curb Stomp pin fall.

Usually a match of this size has trouble keeping pace with the legal man. Not here, that is testament to how well these eight men work. A all out brawl starts before the match, when thing settle down a typical match ensues. In which I mean by the heels dominate most of the match and the faces get a hot tag her and there. There was some highlights a a Triple Tope from Samoa Joe, Erik, and Ivar that was done in unison. That my friend is over a 1,000lbs of beef flying in the air! In the closing seconds, Seth hits the Curb Stomp allowing Murphy to pick up the win.

While a fun match, this did little to advance the story. Hopefully things pick up next week when WWE’s focus is not on the NXT TakeOver. An on par show this week with two good matches and some story development.-David G.

AEW Dynamite:

This week on Dynamite, huge title change! Big debut and new Inner Circle mercenary. Can Jungle Boy defeat AEW’s biggest villain? Hometown hero, Dustin Rhodes arrives in Austin, Texas. An Eye for an Eye match between Moxley and Santana. All this leading to Revolution. Let’s dive in, because this is DYNAMITE!

Hot opener with questions. Dustin comes back home. Growth of Britt Baker.

Kenny Omega/Adam Hangman Page vs SCU for the AEW Tag Team Championship. Omega/Page win via Buckshot Lariat/V-Trigger combo for pin fall.

Before the match could start, The Dark Order cut a promo on the big screen. Leading Christopher Daniels to go backstage to check out their threat. This has the fans actually questioning Daniels now, why leave his team when The Dark Order threatens them? Could Daniels be the Exulted One or maybe AEW is planning a back up plan in case Matt Hardy doesn’t sign with them.

This was the most cohesive Page and Kenny have been as a tag team. Omega and Page had to be to defeat SCU, in a rematch from the Jericho cruise. Double team moves by Omega and Page were fantastic, even the ones that didn’t work. Like a double rolling Moonsault that got caught be raised knees by Scorpio Sky. The evenness followed throughout the match, subtle story-telling continued as Hangman was not available we needed. It concluded with Adam, Kenny in sync and hit a Buckshot Lariat/V-Trigger combo pinning Kazarian for the win.

After the match, we get a tag team Battle Royal preview. As Hybrid2, The Dark Order, Butcher and Blade surround the ring. The Young Bucks and Best Friends make the save and stand tall. Nice interweaving of Page’s story and promoting the Battle Royal.

Dustin Rhodes vs Sammy Guevara. Dustin wins via Final Reckoning pin fall.

How about that? A hometown star wins in their hometown?! Unlike another promotion, it seems that AEW likes for their hometown talent winning. As for the overall story of Elite vs Inner Circle, this was a distant side story. Honestly, the only thing I could come up with is to keep Dustin strong and the after match set up.

The match was mostly in Dustin’s favor, even with Hager involving himself. The crowd chant “you still got it!” as Rhodes has proven time after time he still does. Rhodes finishes off The Spanish God with a nice Destroyer and Final Reckoning. Shortly after the match, Dustin calls out Jake Hagar and states they have unfinished business. Hager ignores him until Rhodes calls Jake “Jericho’s b—h”. Enraged, Hagar accepts a match with Dustin at Revolution.

Two things.. first off WHAAATTT? Are we getting a Gold Dust vs Jack Swagger match?! Yes, but arguably better versions of the duo. Second off, poor Sammy. How can AEW continue a Spanish God gimmick, when all this god does is lose? Sammy is tip toeing into Dolph Ziggler territory here. Which is a shame because both men are very talented and deserve better.

Britt Baker’s free dental work and Whataburger diss.

I can admit that I was one the ones that hated when Baker gets a mic. While I still do not enjoy it, I see her level of comfortably on being the mic grow. With condescending approach to showing off her real life dental knowledge to calling the crowd “Chubby Whataburer faces”. That’s a great dig there Britt, nicely done. The crowd strongly reacts to the comment, as Whataburger is a town favorite, like In and Out in the California. Britt Baker has many more levels to go in conveying her promos, but if she had a hand in writing this one. Baker is on the fast track of getting there.

Another big title match. Super stars of the future. The main event and huge debut.

Nyla Rose vs Riho for the AEW Women’s Championship. Nyla Rose wins via Beast Bomb for the title.

Yep, you read that correctly. AEW has a new women’s champion and she is a beast. However, it was so cut and dry despite the huge size difference. Riho was as scrappy and technically sound as ever and Rose was just as vicious. What these two ladies arguably did was steal the show. With their backstory starting at the inaugural women’s title match to a full circle tonight.

The crowd was eating out of Rose and Riho’s hand all night, as the two put on near falls and big spots. Uncharacteristically, Riho started the match blindsiding Rose. This was not the Riho we thought we knew, but it was welcomed to see the fiery side. Nyla quickly swats her away, but desperately attempts to catch up with Riho’s skill and speed.

The match had it all come backs, hard strikes, Rose landing a Death Valley Driver from the second rope. In which everyone thought that the end for Riho, but she kicks out! Rose attempts a One-Winged Angel for insult, as Riho is Omega’s good friend. The champion wiggles out and hits multiple SNAPDRAGON SUPLEXES on the bigger Rose! However, all good things must end and so did Riho’s title reign. Rose hits a vicious Beast Bomb to nab her first title and second only title change in AEW history.

This should not be the end between the two, as they lit the ring and the crowd on fire. Rose and Riho have met up to the lofty expectations from their first match. I really look forward to another match between these two ladies.

MJF vs Jungle Boy. MJF wins via Double Cross pin fall.

What this match lacked in story arcs, made up for showcasing the future stars of AEW. Mind you that both men are no older that 23 years old and they have a bright future. The cockiness of MJF against the scrappy never give up Jungle Boy was a great addition for tonight’s card. We all know by now Jungle Boy was athletic, but did you know MJF is as well? I didn’t, but at one point Jungle Boy and MJF were going at it counter for counter and ended the sequence with kipping up in unison. Bravo lads, bravo.

As the match wore on and Jungle Boy increasingly getting near fall, Wardlow returns. MJF’s personal muscle then hands MJF his Dynamite Diamond ring. The ultimate opportunist decks Jungle Boy and hits the Double Cross for he win. These two managed to look strong from the match. Something that is becoming more and more visible in AEW. Hopefully, these are just a seed of a great future feud between the two.

Jon Moxley vs Santana in an Eye for an Eye match. Moxley wins via Paradigm Shift pin fall

What is an eye for an eye match? I don’t know, it looked like a regular match to me, probably marketing gimmick. Before the match Santana tells a story of his father being diagnosed as blind and dying a few years ago. Heartbreaking stuff and usually reserved for baby faces, but Santana seemingly blames Moxley for the eye injury. Not Jericho who started the whole blinding angle.

Just like Ortiz last week, this is Santana’s first singles match in over a year. Yet, just like Ortiz, you would’ve never knew it. The two men flowed throughout the match like they’ve been fighting each other for years. Shenanigans from Ortiz almost got the match won for Santana. Ortiz spat alcohol into Moxley’s good eye and totally blinding Jon. Santana takes advantage of a blinded Moxley and hits a Frog Splash. Jon kicks out and eventually shoves his thumb into Santana’s good eye. With both men now blind, Moxley feels around the ring and hits a Paradigm Shift fo rthe win.

The Inner Circle storm the ring and attack Moxley, beating him down. But wait.. there’s more! Earlier in the night Jericho stated that he found a new guy to destroy Jon Moxley and their match was next week. That guy is Jeff Cobb, if you follow Ring Honor you know this athletic beast. If you followed Lucha Underground, Jeff was Dario Cueto’s monster brother, Matanza. Cobb hits a Tour of the Island on Moxley to end the night.


This was probably one the best Dynamites AEW has aired. Not only was there great action all night, but a big title change, big debut, and closing of a story. That story is that Brandi’s Nightmare  Collective is over. No big story exit, just AEW listening to the fans and reacted accordingly. You won’t get that out of a lot of promotions, they want to shove it down your throat. Add all that up and the subtle continuation of all the stories, made this a rememberable episode.David G



LIVE from Full Sail University, this is the go-home episode of NXT prior to Takeover: Portland this Sunday! Revenge is sought, feuds reach a boiling point, and Dreams will be fulfilled!

Shock The System, Thicc Boi wants redemption

Roderick Strong is out, and he’s not happy after last week’s attack. Roddy is fired up, calling out Velveteen Dream for putting Roddy’s family on his tights last week. Bronson Reed has beef with Undisputed Era as well, and confronts Strong, saying “We’re going to fight right now!”

Roderick Strong vs. Bronson Reed – Strong wins via flying knee counter

If there were ever a time for Bronson Reed to showcase his strength and abilities, it was here and now. This was the most impressive match I’ve seen from Reed since his debut in the NXT Breakout Tournament last summer. He’s had ups and downs ever since, but this match definitely has his trajectory aiming up. After seeing that 30-second stalling Suplex from Reed, combined with his agility and fluidity in the ring, I’m sold that Reed can be a player down the road for NXT.

Meanwhile, it seemed that Strong was looking past Reed and towards Velveteen Dream, because he couldn’t get going at the start of the match. However, Roddy eventually gets his bearings about him, and counters Reed’s top rope attack with a flying knee to the face to pick up the victory.

The post match promo from Velveteen Dream was extremely personal, with Dream taking shots at Roddy’s family, even going so far as to show pictures of Strong’s family on the big screen. Dream poses the question, “What would happen if something bad happened to Roddy?” Dream mentions that if something did happen to Roddy, that someone would need to be there to make all of Marina’s dreams come true. Man, these mind games from Dream are so fantastic, and I can’t wait to see more!

Caught in the crossfire, Tension from backstage, New #1 Contender

Dakota Kai vs Candice LeRae – Kai wins via roll-up reversal

Tenacious C out to get a modicum of retribution for her friend Tegan Nox. I love the story they’re telling with Dakota Kai, who’s turned her back on everyone since War Games last November. She’s much more vicious, going so far as to bust Candice’s nose with a straight kick to the face. LeRae showed her resilience, powering through the match, and nearly picking up the submission, before Kai managed to roll up LeRae to steal the win.

Kai’s mean streak continued after the match, attacking LeRae with the ring bell. Tegan Nox saw enough, and jumped Dakota from out of the crowd. Nox is out for blood in this one! Dakota’s actions on Candice really added fuel to the fire for this rivalry between Kai and Nox, which will culminate in a Street Fight at Takeover!

Johnny Gargano vs. Cameron Grimes – Gargano wins via Gargano Escape

After an altercation at an NXT Live event this past weekend, we get Gargano vs Grimes. First match for Gargano on NXT TV since the attack from Balor a few months back, and Johnny Wrestling hasn’t missed a beat. This match really highlighted Gargano’s mat wrestling abilities, while still showing his standard moveset.

Gotta give it up to Cameron Grimes, though. His star continues to shine brightly, even having been off of TV for a while. Grimes seems to be able to hold his own with anyone in the ring, and has a bright future ahead of himself .

Robert Stone Brand announces a rematch for Chelsea Green against Kayden Carter coming next week. Only thing I can see coming from this is another loss for Green, which leads to dissension between Robert and Chelsea.

 Lio Rush vs. Angel Garza: NXT Cruiserweight Championship #1 Contender’s Match – Rush wins with a small package counter

I would watch these guys wrestle each other every day of the week, and twice on Sundays! The breathtaking chemistry Garza and Rush have is amazing, and they really got to show it tonight. This match was lightning fast right out of the gate, and Garza didn’t hesitate to take off the tearaway pants to show how serious he was about beating Rush again.

Strength prevailed over speed early in the match, but Rush got the upper hand with a Final Hour frog splash from the top rope all the way to the outside, and nailed it perfectly! After slipping out of Garza’s Wing Clipper finisher, Lio packaged up Angel and rolled him up to pick up the pinfall.

After a backstage interview earlier in the night, I fully expected something different from Rush. He seem to have a different attitude about him, showing more intensity and aggression. That wasn’t the case, though. Rush gets Jordan Devlin next week for the NXT Cruiserweight Championship. Devlin meets Rush at the top of the stage to congratulate him, and to remind him that you never bet against an Ace. That match is going to be a barnburner!

Don’t overlook the E-S-T, BROserweights Road Trip, Daddy’s coming home

Bianca Belair vs. Santana Garrett – Belair wins with the K.O.D.

Purely a squash match here for Belair, who is laser focused on Rhea Ripley this Sunday. Bianca is right to feel disrespected by Rhea, as Ripley has been spending so much time trying to goad Charlotte into challenging her at Wrestlemania. You can’t overlook the E-S-T.

Ripley comes out to address Belair, and tells Bianca that she’s not looking past her, she’s looking right at her, and at Takeover, she’s going right through her.

This is the problem I have with this story revolving around the NXT Women’s Championship. I have no worry that Ripley and Belair will put on a great match in Portland. But with Ripley so hell bent on getting Charlotte to come after her, it makes Belair look like an afterthought. This story would’ve been so much better had they picked it up after Takeover. On the bright side, Belair is making the most of it by showing how she’s not someone who should ever be overlooked.

BROserweights headed to Portland

I am absolutely loving the dynamic between Matt Riddle and Pete Dunne. The hi-jinks they get into throughout the show highlight this, from getting pulled over because Pete was driving on the wrong side of the road, all the way to stowing away on Triple H’s plane for a ride to Portland. Absolute gold, had my sides splitting. These two work off each other so well, and have meshed as a fantastic team after being thrown together going into the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic.

Ciampa wants Goldie back

This promo from Tommaso Ciampa was outstanding, and it gave me chills. Ciampa really showed that he has nothing left to lose after having to relinquish the NXT Championship prior to Wrestlemania last year. Pure intensity and raw emotion from Ciampa.

Adam Cole vs. Kushida – Cole wins with the Last Shot

Continuing the theme of wrestlers getting redemption after last week’s attacks, Kushida worked a great match with the NXT Champ. Kushida spent a great deal of the match working Cole’s left arm, and Cole sold it really well throughout the match. Solid showing from Kushida, who has been on a roller coaster ever since his wrist injury a few months back. Hopefully we get more of Alex Shelley in NXT to team up with his Time Splitters partner, because I worry that Kushida will get lost in the mid-card otherwise.

The show closes with a staredown between Adam Cole and Tommaso Ciampa. Surprisingly, neither man throws a punch. But you can see the intensity in their eyes. It all boils over this Sunday at Takeover: Portland! – Josh L.


New faces, budding rivalries, and a “grizzled” promo highlight this week’s episode of NXT UK!

Valkyrie flies, the Buzzsaw moves forward, Bombs Away, Is it Toni’s Time?

Aoife Valkyrie vs. Amale – Valkyrie wins via scissor kick from the top rope

After running vignettes for the past few weeks, we finally get the debut of Aoife Valkyrie. I know what you’re thinking: how do you say that name? Answer: it’s pronounced EE-Fah. She has a good presence about herself, and her entrance is pretty intimidating. The match itself was pretty slow paced, which could’ve been nerves from both women. A lot of the moves took a while to develop.

Valkyrie gets a chance to show off her “educated feet”, with a series of high kicks and roundhouses, finally finishing Amale with the flying scissor kick. Not a bad debut, but hopefully she can pick up the pace as she faces more seasoned competition.

Travis Banks is interviewed backstage, trying to stay positive after coming up short at Worlds Collide. Alexander Wolfe interrupts, and says the only thing for certain in the UK is that Imperium stands tall. Banks mentions that Wolfe is continuing to ride Walter’s coattails, then storms off. Seeds are planted for another rivalry here.

“Bomber” Dave Mastiff vs. Saxon Huxley – Mastiff wins via Into The Void

Not much to comment on regarding the match here. Mastiff continues to show off his strength and agility. Dave is clearly set on targeting Walter for the NXT UK Championship, utilizing the champ’s moveset throughout the match, and striking the Imperium pose. No response from Walter this time, but that clash is coming down the road soon.

Toni Storm knocks on UK GM Johnny Saint’s door, and says she wants the “I Quit” match with Kay Lee Ray. Sid tries to explain the stipulation to her: if Toni loses, she can never challenge KLR for the UK Women’s Championship again. Toni doesn’t seem to care; she just wants the match. It’s set after Storm signs the contract. Chances are that this could be the last time we see Toni in NXT UK. I could see her making the jump across the pond to NXT.

World’s Number One, Gallus Boys On Top

Next up, we get to hear from the GRRRRRRRizzled Young Veterans. Zack Gibson talks about how he and James Drake are soon to be recognized as the World’s Number One tag team. Zack mentions how unfair it was that they lost the UK Tag Team Championships, and never got a proper rematch. He goes on to talk about how NXT GM William Regal was appreciative enough to invite them to take part in the Dusty Classic, and that Regal recognizes their talent.

Seems to me like we might have more competitors jumping overseas to the US. Gibson and Drake would be a great addition to the NXT Tag Team division. I’ll just have to make sure to take my shoes off.

Quick promo from Joseph Connors, who is targeting Tyler Bate, and is ready to show everyone how worthy he is. Nothing more to add here; Bate vs. Connors is definitely in the pipeline, and I look forward to it.

Joe Coffey vs. Amir Jordan – Coffey wins via All The Best For The Bells

Solid showing for Jordan here, who was clearly outmatched by the Iron King. Coffey still has his eyes on Ilja Dragunov, and tells him that the payment has come due. More buildup for future rivalries.

Gallus (Mark Coffey & Wolfgang) vs. Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan – Gallus wins via jumping roundhouse/powerslam combo

I always enjoy watching a Burch/Lorcan match, and this one did not disappoint. They’ve adapted to the British Strong Style very well, especially Lorcan. He can have the wily offense and not worry about hitting someone too hard.

Gallus ends up picking up the victory, continuing to assert their dominance over the Tag Team Division. Ilja Dragunov comes out, and has heard enough from Joe Coffey. Dragunov slides in the ring, and you can see the fire in his eyes as he attacks Joe. Mark and Wolfgang enter the fray, and the trio proceed to beat down Ilja and leave him in a heap.

Not a bad show overall, just not much to add in story-wise. Coming off of Worlds Collide a couple of weeks ago, it seems that new rivalries are being built slowly. On top of that, we get what could possibly be the final match between Kay Lee Ray and Toni Storm for the NXT UK Women’s Championship! Things are heating up in the UK! – Josh L.


Friday Night Smackdown:

Tonight on SmackDown, love is in the air! Will Otis succeed on his first date with Mandy Rose? The Stanten Island Princess takes a shot at Bayley’s title. Who will be Roman Reigns mystery partner vs the A-Lister and Shaman of Sexy? Is Hulk Hogan the next victim of The Fiend? Let’s find out on tonight’s SmackDown!

Long opening match. A sort of squash match. The Fiend eyes another legend.

Bayley vs Carmella for the SmackDown Women’s Championship. Bayley wins via roll up pin fall.

Wow, if other promotions start off with a banger of a match, WWE attempts to emulate but falls flat. This match lasted 30 minutes.. that’s right 30 long minutes. Any other time, this would be applauded for giving the often overlooked women’s division TV time. However, the fans really was not sold on Carmella being a viable threat to Bayley. So there we have it, a long overdrawn match that should’ve lasted 10 minutes at the most.

After Bayley countered the Code Of Silence from Mella and get the roll up with feet on the ropes to retain. Naomi enters the ring, Mella and Naomi team up on Bayley to stand tall. There you have it, Naomi, the one how should have won last week gets her due. The needless program of Bayley and Mella being old friends ends with Naomi introduced as a top threat. My question is, why do it at all WWE?

Sheamus vs Apollo Crews/Shorty G. Sheamus wins via Brogue Kick pin fall.

WWE, you might have a problem on your hands, because Sheamus is super over. WWE can book Sheamus as the most dastardly wrestler and the fans will still cheer him on, like tonight. Aside from Crews and G getting the upper hand through most of the match, it’s Sheamus that the crowd is behind. Sheamus Brogues Kick Shorty G out of the match and then throws Apollo in to the ring post. Shortly after that another Brogue Kick finds a home on Crews’ chin, earning a win for Sheamus.

Dear WWE, Sheamus is over and the fans love him. This is from his long hard work and him recovering from an injury that has put other wrestlers in retirement. The crowd is going to cheer him on no matter what. Please stop wasting the talents of Crews and Chad Gable for squashes. With that being said, I am not sure where Sheamus story will take him next.

The Fiend has room for more.

The Immortal Hulk Hogan takes a live feed from his beach shop, although Micheal Cole said it is from his home. I know it is from his beach shop, because I pass it everyday to get to my other job. Also, who ever was in charge of feed back needs a talking to. As the feedback during the whole segment was just inexcusable for a promotion this big.

On to the segment, it was actually very good despite the technical difficulties. Cole asked on how Hogan felt being a two time Hall Of Famer with being inducted with the NWO. Bray Wyatt is absolutely a genius with his interruption, mocking or paying homage to Hogan’s air guitar. Hogan warns Bray that Goldberg is no push over and Wyatt retorts that he has a Fiend. Also, Bray tells Hogan that he has room on his wall, leading to Hulk say “See you in Tampa..”

The technical presentation was atrocious, but the genius of Bray Wyatt spoke volumes again. I now see why Vince may be letting Matt Hardy go. Vince may think that he now has a counter to Matt’s Broken Universe. The Fiend is great Vince, but the Broken Universe is on another level.

More cow bell! John Huges style of heart break. The main event!

We do not deserve Sami Zayn and Cesaro.

This was one the best Zami and Cesaro segment ever! Sami and Cesaro attempt a protest song for the injustice of Elias’s victims, I.E them. Just as the song was about to start, Elias walks inand stages a counter-protest. The Drifter allows Sami and Cesaro to play their song and you really need to see Cesaro play that cow bell! It got so over, that the crowd almost forgot that Cesaro is a heel. However, just like a true professional Cesaro goes to play again with the crowd chanting “MORE COW BELL!” and throws the bell out.

I swear, Cesaro and Sami knows how to bend a crowd. Braun Strowman comes out and ruins the protest song. Over all segment, meh. The performance from Sami and Cesaro, immaculate. MORE COW BELL!!

The date.

after weeks of build up and a video package, the date between Otis and Mandy Rose begins! Well, sort of.. Tucker tells Otis that Rose is running late. However, Mandy has been in the restaurant for awhile. Finally Otis arrives, but beforehand a hand touches Mandy’s shoulder… and it is Dolph Ziggler! Just as Otis walks in to have dinner with his peach, he sees Ziggler sitting down with Rose. Distraught and hurt, Otis drops his roses for Mandy and walks out.

This was simple John Huges 101 teen movie drama, but yet is it was sad to see Otis so hurt. My money is that Dolph arranged and tricked Tucker to tell Otis that Rose was running late. So that Ziggler could scoop in and try to take Mandy away from the ever lovable giant. However, Rose will soon find out that Sonya DeVille set the entire thing up just to hurt Otis. Leading up to a Mandy vs DeVille feud and the “Beast” to finally be with his “Beauty”. Alright that was my fan booking, feel free to time stamp this, because if I am right.. I want credit.

Roman Reigns/Daniel Bryan vs The Miz/John Morrison. Roman wins via Spear pin fall.

I am so perplexed about this match. First off Daniel Bryan is teaming with Roman, not such a big deal, but their story arc are so different. Next up Baron Corbin was suspended for the attack on a production crew member, but sows up because he bought a front row ticket. Lastly, if you are building a a new tag team, do not have them lose to a newly formed tag team. Oh, WWE.. you didn’t that last memo did you?

While everyone looked great in this match, it is frustrating to see a so called new dominant tag team to get wasted by fan favorites. John Morrison continues to excel in impressing the main stream WWE crowd with his move set. The Miz continues to be great at selling the moves he is hit with. Roma.. is Roman.. great worker. Daniel is.. Daniel.. superb worker.

What was on pause was Daniel Bryan’s decent into something more aggressive, as well as The Dirt Sheets reclaiming their top status as a tag team. Te story that was in full blast was the tired Corbin and Roman feud. After Roman won with a Spear, Corbin attacked Roman. King Corbin then retreats to a his set up throne on the ramp. Wait a minute, Baron Corbin had to buy a ticket… WHY IS HIS THRONE WITTING ON THE RAMP??! We may never know and this was the end of the show. Lackluster ending, but solid show throughout.-David G.

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