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Slump Continues, Rays swept in Cleveland


The good times for Cleveland keep rolling (from the victory on Sunday night by the Cavaliers) as the Indians sweep the Rays. With no help from the bullpen and lack of hits, the Rays extended their losing streak to 7 games. Here’s a breakdown on the series.

Game 1

In the first game of the series Drew Smyly took the mound for Tampa Bay while Josh Tomlin pitched for Cleveland. In the top of the first, Evan Longoria had a home run which scored Brad Miller who made it on base from an error committed by Jason Kipnis, causing the score to be 2-0. In the top of the 2nd, Mikie Mahtook got hit by a pitch which ultimately landed him on the disabled list with a fractured left hand. In the bottom of the 4th, Smyly gave up a single to Lindor who later scored on a fielder’s choice causing the score to be 2-1. Next inning, Desmond Jennings tripled and scored on a grounder to short stop from Taylor Motter. After the Rays took their turn at bat in the 5th, the Indians came up and gained another run from an RBI single courtesy of Jason Kipnis. In the 6th inning both teams had a homerun in their at bats (Brad Miller hit one for the Rays, Carlos Santana hit one for the Indians) making the score 4-3. In the bottom of the 7th, Davis hit a sac fly which scored Gomes tying up the score at 4-4. In the 8th inning, Erasmo Ramirez came in to relieve Smyly. However, the Indians were hot off him as they scored 3 runs in the 8th. One of the runs was a homerun from Francisco Lindor, and the other was a 2-run homerun from Juan Uribe that scored Santana. In the 9th inning, Steve Pearce strained his hamstring after hitting a fly ball which caused him to be placed on the disabled list. Ultimately, the Indians ended up winning the game 4-7.

Rays: 4 Indians:7

WP: B. Shaw (1-3)

LP: E. Ramirez (7-5)

SV: C. Allen (14)

Game 2

Blake Snell took the mound for the Rays in his 3rd major league start while veteran Corey Kluber represented the Indians on the mound. In the bottom of the 3rd, the Indians gained two runs with a single from Kipnis that scored Gomes. However, Kipnis ended up scoring on an error by Desmond Jennings. Bats for both teams were pretty silent until the bottom of the 6th where Lonnie Chisenhall got an RBI single scoring Jose Ramirez. Score 0-3. In the bottom of the 8th Steve Geltz came in for Snell. Geltz gave up a 2-run homerun by Ramirez that scored Mike Napoli then gave up another homerun to Juan Uribe. As the bats for the Rays were silent the whole game, the Indians won 0-6.

Rays:0 Indians:6

WP: C. Kluber (7-7)

LP: B. Snell (0-2)

Game 3

In the last game of the series, Chris Archer started for the Rays and Trevor Bauer for the Indians. In the bottom of the first, Archer gave up a 2-run homer to Jason Kipnis that scored Santana. After the homerun, Archer gave up an RBI single to Jose Ramirez that scored Lindor. Bats for both teams were silent until the bottom of the 4th when Chisenhall doubled and then ended up scoring on an RBI double from Santana, causing the score to be 0-4. In the top of the 7th, Corey Dickerson had an RBI infield single that scored Miller who walked at the beginning of the inning, score 1-4. In the bottom of the 7th, Matt Andriese came in for Archer. The Indians were hot off of him as Naquin doubled to begin the inning then ended up scoring on a RBI single from Santana. After that, Lindor hit a sacrifice fly which scored Santana. The Rays were unable to catch up to the Indians and ended up losing 1-6.

WP: T. Bauer (5-2)

LP: C. Archer (4-10)


Next up:

The Rays have a series in Baltimore which is a must win if they want to stay competitive in the American League East.

Probables v Baltimore:

6/24- Moore (3-4, 4.90 ) v Gallardo (2-1, 6.26)

6/25- Andriese (6-0, 2.88) v Gausman (0-5, 4.37)

6/26- Odorizzi (3-3, 3.63) v Tillman (10-1, 3.11)

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