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The Super Bowl: 50 Years of Greatness

February 7th is a big day. The biggest sporting event in America is turning 50. The Super Bowl gathers groups of friends and families together to stuff their faces and create memories together. This year’s milestone edition of the big game has promise to deliver new memories. From seeing my first Playboy in the bathroom of my dad’s friend’s house, to throwing my own Super Bowl parties with Tecmo Super Bowl tournaments, the Super Bowl never fails to deliver. The game itself is usually the most memorable part.

I’ve seen many great Super Bowl games. Scott Norwood missing a field goal wide right to start off four straight Super Bowl losses by the Buffalo Bills. Adam Vinatieri making a field goal to complete the Patriots upset over the greatest show on turf. Santonio Holmes making a great end zone catch in the closing parts of the 4th quarter to give dysonthe Steelers the victory over the Cardinals. The best Super Bowl in my opinion, however, was Super Bowl XXXIV. The Rams jumped out to a 16 point lead, but the Titans fought back to tie the game. Like they did all season, a big connection between Isaac Bruce and Kurt Warner led to a long touchdown to give the Rams the lead again late in the 4th quarter. The Titans drove down field with time expiring, and on the last play of the game Kevin Dyson caught a pass over the middle stretched out, but came up a yard short as time expired. Doesn’t get any more exciting than that.

“In the 4th quarter with little to no time left and the lead secured eventual Defensive player of the Year Derrick 2-derrick-brooks-lb_pg_600Brooks would grab a Rich Gannon pass and return it 44 yards for a touchdown, but that wasn’t the end. With two seconds left on the clock Dwight Smith would seal the game once and for all taking an interception for a touchdown.” Trevor Grout – Editor in Chief.



brett-favre_thumbnail_200_200  “My favorite Super Bowl would have to be XXXI, where the Packers beat the Patroits. It was the first time I got to see my favorite team in a Super Bowl and win. Plus I got to rub it in the face of all the bandwagon Cowboy fans I went to school with.” Ed Greene – NFL writer.




game-12-manning_1341514134  “The 2007 Super Bowl between the Patriots and Giants is definitely my favorite of all time. I’m a born Giants fan and knowing how big of an underdog we were going into that game as a wildcard team against an undefeated team that just won 3 other recent super bowls made the way it ended almost like a magical experience for me. I was happy for Michael Strahan, who got to ride off into the sunset after that game, but mostly for Eli, who withstood a lot of criticism to get to that point and finally gained some well-deserved credibility afterwards.” Nick Gagnon – NFL writer.

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