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Holy crap! This is it, we have as a collective fan base made it to the final weekend without any football on. With training camps starting up in the last week in July, it is time to finally get some quality time with our favorite game. The NFL is finally upon us and boy does it feel good. That being said, there are a handful of stories that need to be addressed around the NFL real quick. So let us get started.

J.J. Watt recently had surgery to fix a herniated disk in his back. The Texans are confident that their superstar will return before week 1 of the regular season. Currently, Watt has yet to miss a game in his young but extravagant career in Houston. However, some are saying he is in jeopardy of not only missing week 1 but week 2 as well. The Texans need to hope the masses are wrong, with J.J. on their side, the defense has become a force in the NFL. Slowly rising in the ranks and making any opposing offenses take notice of the player that many say is the best in the league. J.J. Watt is the exception to the rule “One many does a team not make”. He is a one man wrecking crew that any defensive coordinator would kill to have in their arsenal. He has become a premiere defensive player that has amassed 74.5 sacks in his 5 years in the league, making him 11th in the active sack leader list. Significant? Of course, all the players above him on this list started their careers pre-2007. To boot, he had 5.5 sacks his rookie season. Lets do some math shall we? 74.5 minus 5.5 equals 69. Divide that by his other 4 seasons and he is averaging 17.25 sacks a season. With the record for career sacks set at 200 by Bruce Smith, Watt would need to stay at this pace for another 7 1/2 seasons to break the record. And with him just hitting the beginning stages of his prime, there is nothing in his way. well, besides this herniated disk, but he should be OK to continue on terrorizing the league like the freak of nature that he is.

Another player has been accused of domestic violence in the NFL. This is becoming way too common in today’s game. Most recently, rookie running back Ezekiel Elliot was blasted on social media by ex girlfriend with pictures of many different alleged incidents. NOT how someone wants to start off their season, let alone before even stepping onto the field for the first time. However, the young man claims foul in the situation and says he was set up (Raised eyebrows). Ezekiel says he has proof of said set up (head tilt). This story is still developing and nothing has been determined yet, but in all honesty with this situation he is guilty until proven innocent. Too often with today’s players is there a time when the guy hasn’t been to blame, and that is a sad truth to admit. Too many times has a man set his hands upon a women, which is entirely unacceptable. ¬†Many people have gotten away with a slap on the hand, while others still pay the price. Ray Rice, the first of this group, still has yet to play since his incident. Rice says he would donate his salary to help domestic violence victims but is still to be signed. Greg Hardy, a man who many see as one of the worst offenders of this offense, is not signed either but many are looking to add his services for 2016. For Ezekiel’s case, one can hope that he was proactive in speaking with the Cowboy’s organization before anything came out. There is something fishy about this story, and does seem plausible. Hopefully the truth comes out and things are handled accordingly.

Drugs and PEDs are an issue in the NFL and Rodger Goddell is having a hard time figuring out how to handle it. Nope. That is all there is. Pretty sure you’ve heard that one before. Oh, and Deflategate is still going on (sigh).

Finally, the NFL lost Dennis Green to heart complications after an cardiac arrest. He was 67 and the 2nd best coach in Minnesota Vikings history. 2nd in games coached, wins and winning percentage behind Hall of Famer Bud Grant. He was one of the first African American coaches in the NFL and really gave great strides for the future of the likes of Tony Dungy, Marvin Lewis, Lovie Smith and others. He was innovative and inspirational to all those he came in contact with. He will be missed, and he was who we thought he was. Rest in Peace sir. You will never be forgotten.

That’s it. It’s time for you to set your rules in fantasy football, figure out your own rankings, clean off the grill, get your favorite spot on the couch, dust off the jersey and let the trash talk begin. Football season is right over there, yeah, there. See it? Because I know I do. And I am ready for some football.

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