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UFC 210 Aftermath

-Daniel Cormier is the best Light heavyweight in the world…not named Jon Jones. Cormier again survived a huge Rumble Johnson blast, and submitted him to retain the “Light heavyweight championship”. I enjoyed watching DC embrace his ‘heel’ persona by just accepting the fans are not going to embrace him until he beats Jon Jones. If his fights in the cage are not going to entertain, at least his “bleep you I’m doing me” persona can make the pre & post fight interviews fun.

-Anthony “Rumble” Johnson in a surprising move after his 2nd loss to Daniel Cormier decided to retire, in the prime of his career. He’ll be remembered as the best Light heavyweight never to win the title. His legacy is one of a guy who had ‘show-stopping power’ but had tendencies to come up short in the biggest fights of us career.

-The New York State Athletic Commission (NYSAC) is an abomination and needs an overhaul prior to hosting another MMA event. The Daniel Cormier weigh-in shenanigans aside; the way they handled Chris Weidman’s “illegal knee” situation was a clown show. Add the previous Madison Square Garden judging debacle from the previous PPV card and it shows New York is a bush league state when it comes to their athletic commission & handling big mixed-martial arts promotions. 

-The Light heavyweight division is in trouble. It’s “champion” is 38 years old, and its ‘real champ’ is a twice suspended Jon Jones who may one day go to heavyweight or is one more popped banned substance test away from a long-term ban from the sport. Now that Rumble has retired, it’s in the running for worst division from top to bottom for “talent/personalities” criteria along with the Women’s 145lbs division and men’s 125lbs division. 

-I think Gegard Mousasi has fought his last fight tin the UFC. He’s a tremendous fighter who was absolutely beating Chris Weidman prior to the bizarre stoppage giving him the win in their fight. However, I think his contract demands will not meet his value he brings to the UFC. Fight enthusiast respect how good Mousasi is, but he’s a relative unknown even by casual fight fans. The UFC will likely give him a an offer that will upset or offend him if he is expecting to get top personality money he’s cited in his grips these last few weeks. This will likely mean he bolts to a Bellator promotion whose looking to snag a legit top 5 UFC fighter in his division, even if he doesn’t put a lot of people in the seats. 

-I do not know what to think of Chris Weidman at this point in his career. After career defining wins against Anderson Silva, he appears to get flustered or lose focus in the middle of his fights. All 3 of his recent losses have had head scratching moments solely due to Weidman’s poor decision-making. Even if he gets a commission to invalidate this last bizarre loss, I do not know what to expect out of him in a rematch vs Mousasi or a fight with another top 5 fighter at 185lbs. Weidman may head to the Light heavyweight division which is fairly dearth of talent at the moment. However, I’m not sure with his poor striking defense if this is a move that will benefit his career long-term. I’m hoping he figures out why he keeps short-circuiting in octagon. A  focused Chris Weidman is good for the UFC. 

The UFC is still waiting for a Bellator fighter who dominated that promotion to have a modicum of success vs the top 5 UFC fighters in their weight division. Will Brooks is a good fighter, but two straight losses to just ‘solid not great’ fighters’, shows he’s not that man as he’s far from ever being a title contender. 

-Cynthia Calvillo had an impressive submission victory; but I think still a couple of fights away from being a legit title contender. I wouldn’t mind seeing her matchup against the “loser” of the Namajunas vs Waterson fight this coming weekend. It could give an excellent gauge to see how “real” she is.  

– My picks have been super stinky in 2017; another losing night going 1-2 with my UFC 210 picks. Here is hoping that the 2nd half will be better than my first.

UFC 210 Fight Pick Results: (1-3)

Brooks -260 (Loss)

Weidman (Loss) / Under 2.5 Rounds +140 (Win)

Johnson -110 (Loss)


Prediction Record since 2016 to Date (38-36-0) (-$393.50)

-Record & predictions based on Win vs Loss predictions only. Unless specified otherwise I use increments of $100 (for + odds predictions)& $110 (for – odds bets) as hypothetical wagers for each prediction.

-Predictions & Records are for entertainment value only

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