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This Is Your Final Warning

Hey you! Yes, I’m talking to you. I know you are talking yourself into buying this fight tonight; I can hear your thoughts:

“What if Conor McGregor just lands ONE clean left hand?” or “Maybe Floyd is finally slowing down due to his age, and McGregor’s unorthodox style could give him problems” or “It will be a spectacle and even if Floyd wins Conor could make it a really close fight”. Stop it, it ain’t happening.

Trust me, there is nothing more I’d love to see more than the Irish superstar shock the world. I’ve never been more comfortable with being proven wrong if Conor pulls off a miracle. He will be the biggest combat sport star since Muhammad Ali if he beats Floyd, but he won’t. The fight game separates fantasy from reality, because this isn’t the movies, it’s the hurt business.

Do not go into work on Monday saying no one warned you. Catch a free replay or go to an event with friends where you don’t pay cover, but don’t give this spectacle your own money. If you still do not heed my advice and you find yourself feeling foolish for giving Floyd Mayweather a $100 of your hard-earned money as his hands get raised for the 50th time after a relatively easy victory; I want you to go find a mirror and repeat DJ Khaled’s famous phrase: YOU PLAYED YOURSELF


Prediction: Mayweather by rare late TKO stoppage, as McGregor’s corner won’t want their man taking unnecessary damage once this fight gets out of reach after the first 3 or 4 rounds. 

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