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This Week in Baseball: Week 3

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12 games into the season and there have been breakouts, surprises, and disappointments.  That said, it’s only April and there is still 150 games to go and tons of time for change.  Redemption and defeat are in the air in week 3, here’s what to watch.

Monday is a little known holiday to those that live outside New England, Patriot’s Day.  On this day is the running of the Boston Marathon and as part of the festivities the Red Sox play a game at 11am and the are wrapping up a 4 game series with the Blue Jays.  They have already won 2 out of 3 and they will be looking to close out the series with a win.  

Tuesday is the beginning of the first series between the Tampa Bay Rays and Red Sox.  Right now the Rays are at the bottom of the division and looking to gain some traction.  Starters Drew Smyly and Chris Archer are winless despite getting a high number of strikeouts.  The Red Sox starter on Thursday is former Rays ace David Price, no doubt this game will be the most interesting of the series.

Wednesday is game 2 of the Detroit Tigers vs the Kansas City Royals.  What makes this game intriguing is the both starters have ERAs less than one.  Jordan Zimmerman (Tigers) and Ian Kennedy (Royals) are both taking to the AL very well and their ERAs show it.  Both teams lineups are full of sluggers so a pitchers duel will be broken up; should be an awesome game.

Thursday is the first game in a 4 game series between the Chicago Cubs and the Cincinnati Reds.  As of Monday the Cubs had 9 wins and the Reds are at .500 at 6-6.  If the Reds are going to compete in the NL Central they are going to have to be able to beat Joe Maddon’s Cubs, and no better time to see if that is possible than against Jake Arrieta.  

Friday is the first game in many divisional match ups going on this weekend.  After playing the “Nation” the Rays head to New York to play the “Evil Empire” New York Yankees.  Currently the Rays and Yankees are both at the bottom of the division.  In the last 5 games the Yankees have not had much run production and the Rays starting pitchers dominant, so expect the Rays coming out of this series victorious.  

The Philadelphia Phillies have been surprising everyone.  The last few seasons have been borderline embarrassing and in 2016 may be the year they turn it around.  Whatever the Phillies are doing they need to keep it up.  

Regardless of the team you cheer for and how good or bad they may be doing at the beginning of week 3, remember, it’s only week 3.  

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