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MLB Predictions: Two months gone, already.


As we head into June, how are our baseball writers still faring with their MLB predictions? Through the first month, Liz was looking like a genius. Could she keep it up through the first two months of the season? Let’s have a look see:

RYAN’S PREDICTIONS: AL EAST (1. Red Sox 2. Rays 3. Blue Jays 4. Yankees 5. Orioles)

CURRENT STANDINGS AS OF 5/31: Not much has changed since we last checked in with our predictions. People said I was crazy when I predicted the Red Sox to win the East. I’m still looking pretty good, wouldn’t you say? Meanwhile, the Rays continue to disappoint while the Yanks and Jays have been playing much better ball and the O’s keep struggling.

  1. Red Sox 31-20
  2. Orioles 28-21
  3. Blue Jays 27-26
  4. Yankees 24-26
  5. Rays 22-27

RYAN’S PREDICTIONS: AL CENTRAL (1. Royals 2. Indians 3. Twins 4. Tigers 5. White Sox)

CURRENT STANDINGS AS OF 5/31: The defending World Champs have reclaimed their place atop the Central as the “mighty” White Sox are falling fast. With the Indians taking huge strides and the Tigers only four games out, could this really be a 3-4 team race? Oh…then there’s the Twins.

  1. Royals 28-22
  2. Indians 26-23
  3. White Sox 27-25
  4. Tigers 24-26
  5. Twins 15-35

LIZ’S PREDICTIONS: AL WEST (1. Astros 2. Rangers 3. Angels 4. Athletics 5. Mariners

CURRENT STANDINGS AS OF 5/31: This division is and was always going to be a two-team race. The Rangers and Mariners could flip-flop most the season. This is probably the one division where Liz was…a bit off.

  1. Rangers 30-21
  2. Mariners 29-21
  3. Angels 23-28
  4. Astros 23-29
  5. Athletics 23-29

LIZ’S PREDICTIONS: NL CENTRAL (1. Cubs 2. Pirates 3. Cardinals 4. Reds 5. Brewers)

CURRENT STANDINGS AS OF 5/31: The Cubs could wind up with a few MVP candidates by season’s end – one being former Ray, Ben Zobrist. With a 6.5 game lead heading into June, it’s Chicago’s division to lose. Is St Louis really a mediocre team? Remember when this was a division of 90-game winners?

  1. Cubs 35-14
  2. Pirates 29-21
  3. Cardinals 27-25
  4. Brewers 23-28
  5. Reds 17-34

ANTHONY’S PREDICTIONS: NL EAST (1. Mets 2. Nationals 3. Marlins 4. Braves 5. Phillies)

CURRENT STANDINGS AS OF 5/31: It hasn’t been quite as easy for the Mets this season. The Nats are playing how they’re supposed to and that’s gonna make for a very interesting season, especially with the Marlins and Phillies (yes, the Phillies) only 4.5 games back.

  1. Nationals 31-21
  2. Mets 29-21
  3. Marlins 26-25
  4. Phillies 26-25
  5. Braves 15-35

ANTHONY’S PREDICTIONS: NL WEST (1. Dodgers 2. Giants 3. Diamondbacks 4. Rockies 5. Padres)

CURRENT STANDINGS AS OF 5/31: It’s an even year and the Giants are doing what the Giants do in even years. The Dodgers could make a push being just 4.5 games behind them, but San Fran’s pitching staff is disgusting. Good luck, LA.

  1. Giants 32-21
  2. Dodgers 27-25
  3. Rockies 23-27
  4. Diamondbacks 23-30
  5. Padres 20-32

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