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MLB Predictions: How are our writers faring so far?


On April 5, we released our predictions on how we felt each division in Major League Baseball would stack up once 162 games were over and done. How are Ryan, Liz, and Anthony doing through the first five weeks of the 2016 season?

Let’s check in, shall we?

RYAN’S PREDICTIONS: AL EAST (1. Red Sox 2. Rays 3. Blue Jays 4. Yankees 5. Orioles)

CURRENT STANDINGS AS OF 5/6: Boston is the best hitting team in baseball w a .283 avg through 28 games. They’re also avg 5.25 runs/game. With a pitching staff that’s near the bottom of the AL, however, how long can the Sawx last at the top with the O’s and Jays on their heels?

  1. Red Sox 17-11
  2. Orioles 16-11
  3. Blue Jays 15-15
  4. Rays 12-14
  5. Yankees 9-17

RYAN’S PREDICTIONS: AL CENTRAL (1. Royals 2. Indians 3. Twins 4. Tigers 5. White Sox)

CURRENT STANDINGS AS OF 5/6: The White Sox have been the best surprise in the AL, for sure. Having the best pitching staff in the AL and an offense that does just enough to back the arms up – makes for a good formula for success.

  1. White Sox 19-10
  2. Indians 13-12
  3. Tigers 14-13
  4. Royals 14-13
  5. Twins 8-20

LIZ’S PREDICTIONS: AL WEST (1. Astros 2. Rangers 3. Angels 4. Athletics 5. Mariners

CURRENT STANDINGS AS OF 5/6: The Mariners can score and hit pretty consistently. The Astros are probably the biggest disappointment in the league so far. It’s looking like it could be a two-team race in the West, early on.

  1. Mariners 17-11
  2. Rangers 15-14
  3. Angels 13-15
  4. Athletics 13-16
  5. Astros 10-19

LIZ’S PREDICTIONS: NL CENTRAL (1. Cubs 2. Pirates 3. Cardinals 4. Reds 5. Brewers)

CURRENT STANDINGS AS OF 5/6: The Cubbies are ridiculous. The Pirates and Cards, shockingly, are mediocre at best. Still early, but it looks pretty safe to say that Chicago is in for another deep playoff run.

  1. Cubs 21-9
  2. Pirates 15-13
  3. Cardinals 15-14
  4. Reds 12-17
  5. Brewers 11-17

ANTHONY’S PREDICTIONS: NL EAST (1. Mets 2. Nationals 3. Marlins 4. Braves 5. Phillies)

CURRENT STANDINGS AS OF 5/6: Nats are doing what they were supposed to do last season. Mets aren’t going to go quietly, though, and the Marlins look like they finally could have a winning team on their hands. And how bout them Phils? The East is one of the more exciting divisions in baseball early on…unless you’re a Braves fan.

  1. Nationals 19-9
  2. Mets 17-10
  3. Marlins 15-12
  4. Phillies 16-13
  5. Braves 7-20

ANTHONY’S PREDICTIONS: NL WEST (1. Dodgers 2. Giants 3. Diamondbacks 4. Rockies 5. Padres)

CURRENT STANDINGS AS OF 5/6: It’s an even year, which means there’s another championship coming to San Fran, right? Not so fast. What’s shaping up to be a laugher of a division out west really could be won by any of the five teams. Not very pretty early on with this group.

  1. Giants 15-15
  2. Rockies 14-14
  3. Dodgers 14-14
  4. Padres 12-17
  5. Diamondbacks 12-18


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