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Is the Price Right?

David Price is a name will forever be names burned into every Rays fan’s mind.  He was the Rays first round draft pick in 2007 and made his major league debut out of the bullpen in the American League Championship game in 2008.  Price quickly showcased his skill and became the ace of the Rays rotation.  In 2012 his skill was recognised on a national level by becoming the first Rays pitcher to win the Cy Young.  To the dismay of fan in July of 2014 the Rays traded Price to the Tigers in a three way deal with the Mariners.  Almost a year later he was traded to the Blue Jays for three prospects and after the 2015 was a free agent.  Tuesday, Price did something that no Rays fan ever wanted to see; he started his first game as a member on the Red Sox.

In free agency a player is ago to speak with any team willing to make them an offer.  There was no doubt that Price would get a hefty contract from a team, but all Rays fans hoped was that it wasn’t The Yankees or the Red Sox.  Sadly a Rays fan’s worst nightmare came true.  Price was not only signed by the Red Sox but he got a 7 year 217 million dollar contract; bigger than any other pitcher in Major League Baseball.

Price’s first start was not surprising.  He was David Price doing David Price things.  He pitched 6 innings, had 5 hits, 3 runs, 10 strikeouts, and he got the win.  Is Price going to to the edge the Red Sox need to win the division? Hard to say.  Will he be a difference maker?  Absolutely.

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