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This Weekend in Baseball: A-Rod, the NL West, and Interleague Play

With NFL preseason football starting this week, baseball is going to have some competition for tv ratings.  Football might king but baseball is America’s pastime and playoffs are around the corner.  This weekend has a few series that will be worth every minute of your time.  Just sit back, relax, and see what’s going on this weekend in baseball.

Right now Tampa Bay Rays and New York Yankees are a very exciting match up, but this Friday might be your last time to see Alex Rodriguez play baseball.  Earlier this week the Yankees announced that after the game Friday that A-Rod would be retiring and become an advisor to the team.  That being said, I say it “might” be the last time he plays baseball because there are rumors that the Miami Marlins are having internal talks with A-Rod about possibly playing first base according to MLB Trade Rumors.  There is no evidence that that Marlins will sign him, but Rodriguez is from Miami and may put more butts in seats.

Friday also is the also the 2nd game in a divisional series between the St Louis Cardinals and the Chicago Cubs.  Friday’s match up is Adam Wainwright vs Jake Arrieta.  The Cardinals are 11 games behind the Cubs in the division and there is little chance for them to win, but a 4 game series like this is their best shot.  The Cardinals are currently 4 games back of the Los Angeles Dodgers for the Wild Card and are tied with the Marlins for the 2nd Wild Card spot.  

I have been showing the love to interleague play lately and this week is no different.  The Baltimore Orioles just lost their lead in the AL East to the Toronto Blue Jays and are headed west to San Francisco to play the Giants.  The Giants currently lead the NL West, but the Dodgers are currently only 1 game behind them.  Both these teams are in the same position, struggling to stay at the top.  Although the series will be good, the Giants definitely have the advantage and a greater likelihood to generate more positive distance between them and 2nd place.  

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