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‘Dock Talk’ with Killer has hockey community taking notice

Jet skis, home deliveries, superstars and more, dock talk with killer has been the talk of Tampa. Tampa Bay Lightning forward Alex Killorn has gone from hockey star to Instagram influencer. His new live show Dock Talk with Killer takes viewers across Davis Island to visit some well known residents of Tampa Bay. In addition to seeing some of Tampa’s greatest stars, viewers can also purchase T-shirts and Merchandise. In true hockey player fashion, all proceeds go towards supporting a charity. However in recent weeks, Killorn’s outreach has gone beyond just Lightning fans and Tampa residents.

This past Thursday, the Spittin’ Chiclets spotlighted Tampa’s own Alex Killorn on their hit podcast. The Spittin’ Chiclets podcast, featuring former NHLers Ryan Whitney and Paul “BizNasty” Bissonnette, is well liked and respected among hockey community. It covers every bit of hockey news imaginable and is full of hysterical hockey stories from former and current players and general managers. Their first guest on their latest episode was none other than Lightning forward Alex Killorn. However, it wasn’t because of his career high 26 goal season. The focus was all on Dock Talk and how it came to be.

Talk about Dock Talk

Dock Talk with Killer started surprisingly with his reluctance to do a fan video during his self-isolation. Killorn said “I didn’t want to do a video like for some reason”, but finally caved and decided that he was going to do a live Q&A. Killorn decides to do it while doing something as Floridian as leaving your alligator at a Wawa (Yes it actually happened). Cruising around Davis Island on a jet ski. Killorn said “I was out on my dock, so I thought it’d be funny if I did it on my jet ski”. He was right, and it has since become a big hit.

Dock Talk has featured many lightning favorites. Steven Stamkos, Victor Hedman, and even Andrei Vasilevskiy have come to their docks to hang with Alex and the fans. Questions asked include favorite goals scored to Tom Brady’s arrival in Tampa. Turns out Stamkos is a big TB12 guy.  Hedman was even fostering a dog for the Human Society. The show also serves as a recruiting video.  According to Killorn, Lightning general manager Julian BriseBois called it “The ultimate free agent recruiting video”. Highlighting Tampa to the hockey community, in addition to how good the team is shows the Lightning as a top notch organization.


Although chatting with favorite players, and using it to snag free agents is amazing, its not the best thing Dock Talk has accomplished. Throughout this pandemic many players, organizations, and celebrities have been finding ways to give back. For Alex Killorn, its tie-die tees. Proceeds from the sale of these t-shirts go to the Hillsborough Education Foundation.  Alex Killorn has raised over $50,000 to help children under the poverty line learn remotely during the pandemic. This contribution is greater than anything hockey related and will help keep students engaged.

In the Spitten’ Chiclets podcast, Killorn mentioned that being an influencer was outside of his comfort zone. If this is true, then he has done a great job at not only being himself and being entertaining, but giving back to the community in a great way. Be proud Tampa Bay, it is becoming a great sports city.

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