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The Pug’s Kennel Week 15: Bold Players to Avoid

Hope you were paying attention last week, as The Pug was on his game minus Allen Robinson. As we enter deeper into the playoffs (or try to avoid finishing last) check out The Pug’s guide to help guide you through, and of course email me at for any specific line up questions.


Must Plays

Kansas City Chiefs Defense – Leading off this week with a defense?! Crazy right? Not so much. The Chiefs defense has been dominating lately including only surrendering 3 points against the Chargers last weekend. This week they go against the Ravens a team without their starting running back, best wide receiver, and starting a quarterback that signed a week and a half ago. That quarterback, Matt Schaub, also loves to throw pick 6’s. The Chiefs defense is looking forward to this one.

DeAndre Hopkins – WR Houston Texans – Early on in the season he was one of the best out there. Lately he has been very hit or miss. They play the Colts this week in a huge game, a team giving up the third most fantasy points to opposing wide receivers. Look for this to be an on game for Hopkins.

Blake Bortles – QB Jacksonville Jaguars – Bortles has shown tremendous growth in this sophomore campaign. It does help that he has found two stud wide receivers. This week the Jags play the Falcons, a team in a serious funk that were absolutely destroyed by the Panthers last week. I honestly think the Jags are going to whip up on them too, and Bortles is going to shine.

High Risk High Reward

Philip Rivers – QB San Diego Chargers – As bad as the Chargers have been this season, they are actually ranked 4th in terms of passing yards. Pretty impressive especially since star wide receiver Keenan Allen went down in week 8 and is still the teams leading receiver. The risk is obvious; the Chargers are a bad football team lacking receiving talent besides an aging Antonio Gates. The upside? They play the Dolphins this week. The Dolphins have been doing a good job all year of making quarterbacks look good. Did you see Eli Manning on Monday night?

Michael Floyd – WR Arizona Cardinals – Arizona heads to the city of brotherly love to take on the Eagles who are deep in a battle for the division with the Redskins and Giants. The Eagles, however give up the 4th most points to opposing wide receivers, and rank 24th against the pass overall. Only risk here is which one of Carson Palmer’s receivers are going to benefit. I’m picking Floyd, but could go either way.

Denard Robinson – RB Jacksonville Jaguars – Robinson was my main pick for waiver wire gem of the week. The reason I put him here was because I feel strongly about his ability to put together a good game against the Falcons. The risk with Robinson is more in his endurance in my opinion. A guy used to only getting his hand on the ball a few times a game may not be ready to be an every down grinder.

Players to Avoid

Odell Beckham JR – WR New York Giants – This guy has been nothing short of amazing lately and I am really stepping out on a limb here putting OBJ in an avoid list. The Giants are playing the undefeated Panthers and I believe they will game plan to dare the Giants to beat them in a way that does not involve Beckham. Josh Norman is plenty capable to cover the best in the game. I think with help, Norman and company will be able to limit OBJ and force the Giants to find another weapon.

Mike Evans – WR Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Nothing about Evans looks good to me this week. The Rams are in the top half of the league in passing yards against. Vincent Jackson is out which will allow the Rams to focus on shutting down Evans. Last week they held Calvin Johnson to just one catch. Let’s also not forget Evans has had a bad case of the dropsy’s lately and has only 3 touchdowns on the year.

Ben Roethisberger – QB Pittsburgh Steelers – Before everyone thinks I am crazy for putting OBJ and Big Ben on my players to avoid list, hear me out. The Broncos lost last week and defense still played very well against the Raiders. I believe the defense will feel the pressure and be on top of their game to shut down the Steelers offense in order to win a game and stay in contention to receive a first round bye in the playoffs. On a hunch I’m siding with the Broncos defense.

Waiver Wire Gem of the Week

DuJuan Harris – RB Seattle Seahawks – The Tampa Bay native is getting a chance to start again due to injuries to Marshawn Lynch and Thomas Rawles. Last time he got the opportunity to start for the Packers he played well enough to be a starter until the Packers drafted Eddie Lacy. Make sure you also pick up Denard Robinson, especially if you’re looking for a spot starter.


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