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The Pug’s Kennel: Fantasy Special Week 10:Trade Deadline

A key week ahead as the trade deadline looms. Should you make a move or stay put? Follow the Pug’s advice to a fantasy football championship!

As the fantasy season begins to wind down towards its closing moments, the last major fantasy event before the playoffs is set to hit leagues across the country. The trade deadline and how you go about making moves could be the difference between simply making the playoffs and taking home the gold. Or even worse, missing out on the playoffs completely. How do you know when to make a move and when not to? Well glad you asked.

Guide to the Trade Deadline: Top Tier

All seems well in the world for the teams that are sitting on top of the standings come this time of the year, but now is not the time to be caught napping. Chances are, you have developed some nice depth on your team by this point, and even if they have been bench dwellers for most of their time on your squad, now is the time for them to shine.

Since you are looking down on most of your division, your ideal trade partner should be looking to upgrade in multiple positions. What you are looking for in return is a superstar-type caliber player that will only make your team that much better. Getting rid of the depth you have been building up for most of the season will be the only way to do it.

The main position to upgrade should be focused on running back, wide receiver, tight end and quarterback in that order. Chances are as a team on top, you will not need to trade away depth for a quarterback, as there are many options for the position. Hell, Jared Goff is still available in a ton of leagues, and he has been lighting the fantasy world on fire lately.

Tight end is only listed after wide receiver because of the limitations on the trade partners you will have, as Gronk and Zach Ertz are really the only two worth giving up depth for. Trying to make a move for Greg Olsen would be wise if he was kept on a roster, as he will be back to playing by the time your stuffing your face with turkey. Olsen would be a huge boost for the playoffs if you are weak at the tight end position.

Summing up, trading a lesser running back, and one or two other depth players to upgrade at the running back position should be your primary focus. Think along the lines of Carlos Hyde, Robby Anderson and even another player for a Le’Veon Bell could be a trade you can pull off if it make the other team better.

Guide to the trade deadline: Middle of the Pack

If you find yourself in a position to make the playoffs, but are lagging behind the division leaders with the outside looking in guys breathing down your neck, you may be an ideal candidate to make a trade with teams ahead of you in the standings. If you have the opportunity to improve in multiple positions by trading away one player, pull the trigger.

Of course, it is always hard to lose one of the big names in the fantasy world, but if you can trade a Julio Jones to receive help at running back and tight end, you have to suck it up and make the move for the betterment of your team. Look to make a safe trade, however. Make the trade that you know the return of players are a safe bet, none that could be boom or bust candidates from week to week. If you are in control of your own playoff destiny, you do not want to hand over that control because of a bad trade.

Guide to the trade deadline: Outside Looking In

When you find yourself on the outside looking in there are two options. You can trust the team you currently have will be good enough to pull through and all the cards will fall into place as you sneak your way into the playoffs. This strategy can work out for teams who have received rough luck as far as the schedule. Although this team is on the outside looking in, they are solid and just met against other teams who were on their best week. This team should stay put.

On the other hand, there is the teams on the outside looking in because the players they have been putting out week after week have been underperforming. This said team needs to pull off the boom or bust type trade. Look to unload a high-profile player in hopes that your return works out for the better. It needs to be a risk vs. reward type trade that could propel you into a playoff spot, or seal your fate sooner rather than later. You spent all season towards the bottom, time to take a risky chance you sneak your way up the latter.

Guide to the trade deadline: Teams That Are Out of the Race

It has been a rough year. Injuries and poorly performing players have ruined the team that when you drafted, you felt were taking you to a championship. Sure, it can be a tough pill to swallow, but if you are completely out of the race, preserve the integrity of the fantasy football world by not making any moves. Let the season pan out at a competitive level.


The Pug’s Kennel will return to its normal format next week. Good luck with your trades!


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