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Do the Bucs Need To Make A Move Before The Trade Deadline?

With The Trade Deadline Looming, Should The Bucs Pull Off A Deal Before The Deadline At 4 PM Today to Make A Statement?

This year was/is supposed to be different. The Buccaneers are supposed to shed the ‘rebuilding’ tag and be legitimate contenders for playoff contention. Through their first seven games, the Bucs find themselves at 3-4 and right outside the playoff conversation. It’s time to make a statement. With the trade deadline quickly approaching, it’s time for the Bucs to prove they are ready to win now, and pull of a trade to improve the team.

The most obvious choice would be to pull the trigger on a trade for Browns cornerback Joe Haden. Haden was considered one of the premiere shutdown cornerbacks in the league, but injuries have slowed down that talk over the last year and a half. Adding a player of Haden’s nature would be huge for a Bucs secondary that just gave up 513 passing yards to the Oakland Raiders. His price considers to be in the range of a second round pick, which is reasonable for a player of his caliber. He is under team contract until 2020 and him and Vernon Hargreaves could be the start of a new and much improved secondary in Tampa. If the Bucs are willing to spent a second round pick on a kicker, shouldn’t they be willing to part ways with one for a shutdown cornerback?

The Browns aren’t only shopping Haden, as Joe Thomas is also available. A premier offensive tackle, the Browns seem to be fishing for a first round pick for Thomas, which may be a steep asking price. With Jameis Winston being the most blitzed quarterback in the league, having someone like Thomas on your side isn’t a bad thing though. Thomas isn’t a free agent until 2019, and a trade for Thomas would net more than a rental player.

The Browns are desperately searching for a quarterback. This is a long shot, and more than likely wouldn’t happen, but the Browns may be willing to listen to a mega deal involving Haden and Thomas for Mike Glennon and a high to mid- level pick. This would bring an instant upgrade to the Buccaneers squad.

Another name that has been tossed in the air is Alshon Jeffery. Jeffrey is a premier wide receiver, but is currently playing under a franchise tag. The Bears would have to consider this when asking for a return for Jeffery, and chances are he would need to be signed to a long-term deal for a trade to work out. This would be a long-shot to work out, but the thought of having to cover Jeffery and Mike Evans in the same game would instantly strike fear into opposing defensive coordinators hearts.

San Francisco 49ers offensive guard Joe Stanley is also said to be on the block, but Joe Thomas is the better choice. New York Jets defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson is also rumored to be on the block, but a deal for him is far fetched.

A trade for one of these players would automatically excite the fanbase if nothing else for the rest of the season, and would show a commitment by the Bucs to win now rather than later.





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