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Raymond James Stadium Unveils New Renovations

The Opening Of The Hall Of Fame Club, Renovated  And New State Of The Art HD Video Boards Highlight The Completion Of Phase One Of Stadium Renovations

After first announcing to the public the plans to of the $140 million plus renovations back in December, phase one of those renovations were officially completed a revealed on Thursday. Brian Ford the Buccaneers Chief Operating Officer was all smiles as he showed off the results of the renovations, and rightfully so, as they are are a sight to be seen.

Hall of Fame Club


The unveiling of the 9,500 square foot Mercedes Benz Hall of Fame Club was a sight to be seen. The new section of Raymond James Stadium seats 240 and has its own private food and beverage stations. This section of the stadium is the ultimate way to root on the Buccaneers from the comfort of the air conditioning. Seats to dine at, television monitors, and numerous new menu items are plentiful. Don’t discount the view either, as the Hall of Fame Club is on the same level as the Luxury Suites and provides a fantastic view of the entire field.  The Hall of Fame club is a unique, extremely comfortable and luxurious way to enjoy Buccaneers football.

The Hall of Fame Club also includes some unique menu items specific to the section. Unique stadium options include pepper crusted tenderloin, pasta primavera, and a margarita pizza. They also have a fresh vegetarian chop salad, cuban sandwiches, and a turkey BLT to satisfy hunger. If you are a dessert buff, the Hall of Fame Club has you covered. The bananas foster dessert is bound to quickly become a stadium favorite, along with freshly made double chocolate brownies and fresh baked cookies.


New Concession Items

Don’t bother stopping for a bite to eat on the way to the stadium this year as there are plenty of new options for stadium food to please every fan. With the benefit of trying some (ok most) of the new menu items, there are tasty choices from salads to desserts. Many of the new items are sections specific so look out for these tasty items in their respective sections.

Braised Beef Melt- Section 140                                                             Spiced BBQ Sandwich- Multiple Locations

Chicken Cobb Salad- Section 207, 232, Club Deli                             Grilled Cheese Burger- Section 116

Red Hot Taco’s- Section 107, 132                                                          Foot Long Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel- Section 217,214

Turkey Reuben- Section 107, 132, 309, 334, Desoto Deli                Funnel Cake Fries- Section 123, 148


Renovated Luxury Suites

The comfort of home with the benefit of being at the game, the renovated luxury suites are exactly that, luxurious. Multiple television sets, a full kitchen, and air conditioning highlight the enhanced look of the state of the art luxury suites.

New Video Displays and Sound System

The most obvious of all the renovations is also the most impressive. There are two new 9,600 square feet HD display boards in each endzone, four 2,304 square feet tower displays in each corner, and two new ribbon boards that are six feet high by 680 feet long. All these new screens let the stadium boast the third largest square footage of video displays in the league. The boards are something that need to been seen to truly appreciate them.

View from inside the newly renovated control room.

View from inside the newly renovated control room.

What would new video be without proper sound? There are 400+ speakers now throughout the stadium so you can feel the rumble of the cannons firing. The new displays and sound system also have a renovated control room to allow different boards to show different items from fantasy football updates to out of town scores. The control room will run 19 cameras on game day, 12 of them manned cameras and seven robotic to ensure every angle of the game is caught. In stadium replays will be plentiful now and the fan experience will be second to none.



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