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NFL Picks Week 8: Can Someone Call The Pug?

Paging Mr The Pug the NFL season is at the halfway point.. Where are you at buddy? Brooks is the first person to get a tie added to his record while Trevor has a comfy 2nd place lead over Ed.


“The Bald and Beautiful” Brooks Roland


The big story entering this game is whether or not both teams will be able to escape without any of their quarterbacks getting injured.  Who’s starting for Cleveland this week, anyway?  Cody Kessler?  Kevin Hogan?  Maybe they’ll have to bring Bernie Kosar out of retirement?  As for the Jets, Ryan Fitzpatrick had been stinking the joint up, so Geno Smith took over the job, which was followed by Smith suffering an injury and Fitzpatrick coming back in.  I still think the Browns are going 0-16, so I’m gonna take the Jets in a squeaker.  No QB’s were harmed in the making of this pick.

My Pick:  New York Jets


The Broncos sit in a tie atop the AFC West at 5-2 with the Oakland Raiders, while the Chargers have bounced back from a 1-4 start to win two straight, including an OT thriller in Atlanta last week.  These two teams met two weeks ago in San Diego on a Thursday night in what was easily the best pair of Color Rush uniforms the NFL has ever seen.  Other than that, the game wasn’t terribly exciting as the Chargers came away with an important divisional win.  Can’t say that I see the same thing happening here, as Denver’s defense tightens up on its home field to get the win.

My Pick:  Denver Broncos


“Wentz vs. Prescott!  Get ready for the next great QB duel in the NFL!”, says everyone and their brother.  Let’s dial it back a notch.  This will be an entertaining contest, between the teams with the two best records in the NFC East.  But Carson Wentz and the Eagles have struggled in their last two away games.  Philly got back on track last week at home by handing the Vikings their first loss, but it was the defense that led the way.  Dallas is coming off a bye week, but I expect them to continue their winning ways, as Ezekiel Elliott continues to dazzle and Dallas finds a way to win a close one.

My Pick:  Dallas Cowboys


On paper, this has all the makings of a game that could be a shootout.  Two young, hotshot QB’s coming off of victories after going across the country, as the Bucs blasted the Niners in San Francisco and the Raiders handled the Jags in Jacksonville.  Both teams like to maintain a balanced offense, but I’m going with the Raiders on the road in this one.  They’re already 4-0 away from home, and I look for them to control the clock with the running game while balancing things out with Derek Carr keeping things honest with his arm.  It’ll be a close one, though.

My Pick:  Oakland Raiders


The last time these two teams met, the Patriots suffered their first shutout loss at home since 1993.  However, that was without Tom Brady or Rob Gronkowski in the lineup.  Both of them will be back and I expect both of them to have big days against this Buffalo defense that got shredded by Dolphins RB Jay Ajayi last week.  Even though I do expect this to be a close game, I just don’t expect the Bills to get the better of the Patriots twice in one season.  Hasn’t happened in years and I don’t see it happening now.

My Pick:  New England Patriots


“The Bossman” Trevor Grout

NY Jets @ Cleveland Browns

Two teams that could go either way. Right now the Bucs and Browns are the only two teams without a home win. Somehow some way that could change this week for one of those teams, but it won’t be the Browns.

My Pick: NY Jets

San Diego Chargers @ Denver Broncos

San Diego is better than their record shows, but Denver’s defense is keeping them at the top of the AFC West division tied with the other 5-2 team the Oakland Raiders. This game between AFC West rivals could really go either way.

My Pick: Denver Broncos

Philadelphia Eagles @ Dallas Cowboys

Dak Prescott can do no wrong right now as the starting QB for the Cowboys. Carson Wentz on the other hand has begun possibly regressing. By now means am I saying the Eagles are a bad team, they aren’t. Dallas is just a hair better than they are as a complete team.

My Pick: Dallas Cowboys

Oakland Raiders @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This is going to be an extremely interesting game. The 5-2 Raiders vs the 3-3 Buccaneers. If Jameis throws 32 or less passes and the Bucs are able to run the ball there is a chance the Bucs could upset the Raiders.

My Pick: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Wildcard Game of the Week

Arizona Cardinals @ Carolina Panthers

Cam Newton has to put up a good game eventually right? I mean it is bound to happen one of these weeks so why not this week?

My Pick: Carolina Panthers


Ed “Da Beef Supreme” Green
NY Jets @ Cleveland Browns: Safe to say that Gang Green is one of this years disappointing teams. Granted, they managed to pull out the win against Baltimore last week. However it appears that Ryan Fitzpatrick fell out of favor with upper brass, and with Geno Smith out for the season, its beard or bust. The Browns, meanwhile are winless so far, and have also gone through six quarterbacks this season. You read that right, six quarterbacks in seven weeks. This is a no brainer, right? Pick: Jets
San Diego Chargers @ Denver Broncos: I’ve mentioned before how competitive the AFC West is this year. This could be the game of the week. Philip Rivers and the Chargers had a nice comeback against Atlanta. But the Falcons don’t have a defense anywhere as good as Denver’s. The Broncos have some playmakers on offense, but I’m not sold on Trevor Siemian. I think I’m going upset here. Pick: Chargers
Philadelphia Eagles @ Dallas Cowboys: Speaking of a competitive division, these two rivals are sitting atop the NFC East, at least for the time being. Carson Wentz has the city of brotherly love flying high, despite a lackluster performance against the previously unbeaten Vikings. Dallas has been rolling with rookie dynamic duo Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott, who are fresh off their bye week. But have you got a gander at the Eagle defense lately? I’m guessing this will be a close one. Decisions, decisions…. Pick: Eagles
Oakland Raiders @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Raider Nation is back in the Sunshine State after beating Jacksonville on the road. While I’m not crazy about the defense, I got a lot of respect for Derek Carr and that offense. Same could be said for the Bucs after their inspired performance against the 49ers last week. The scores in both games were almost identical as well, with the victors getting at least 30 points on the board. Not sure who’s favored here, but as much as I like the Raiders, I think I’m rolling with the home team. Pick: Buccaneers
Wildcard Game of the Week
 Minnesota Vikings@ Chicago Bears: You know its a bit unfair picking this game. The Vikings got exposed last week at Philly, and I’m thinking they’ll be looking to take out some frustration against a Bears squad that’s currently working with third string QB Matt Barkley. Good news for Chicago though, the Cubs are in the World Series, so they got that going for them, right? Pick: Vikings


Anthony “The Pug” Pugliese

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