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Loading The Cannons: Week 1 Preview

With Week One Of The Regular Season Here (Finally!), Preview What You Need To Know Before Kickoff For The Game Against The Atlanta Falcons.


All the talk of the hype that is the 2016 Tampa Bay Buccaneers can now be translated into on field play. The regular season has finally arrived. A week 1 matchup for the Bucs sees them traveling to the Georgia Dome for the last time ever in the regular season to take on the Atlanta Falcons.

The Buccaneers swept the season series last year, and have won three of the last five games against the Falcons overall.

Preview: Buccaneers Offense Vs. Falcons Defense

The Falcons defense was a weak point for them last season, particularly the pass rush. They did little to improve that unit this offseason, besides signing and aging Dwight Freeney, and their secondary leaves much to be desired as well. The Buccaneers offense should show up to this game ready for a session of show and tell. The offensive line will need to contain the Falcons pass rush in order to prove they can be a formidable unit. With time to throw, Jamesis Winston should be in a position to put some points on the board.

Getting off to a quick start has been something the Bucs have to do in the opener, especially Doug Martin. Martin needs to prove to the fans and the Buccaneers themselves that they were right to give him a five year 35.75 million dollar deal. Martin being able to maintain close to the production he had last year will be key in the Buccaneers as a team taking the next step.

Preview: Buccaneers Defense Vs. Falcons Offense

This is going to be a true test for the Buccaneers defense right out of the gate. What the Falcons lack in defensive playmakers, they more than make up for it with offensive weapons. The biggest obstacle standing in the way of a dominant Bucs defensive effort is Julio Jones. The biggest playmaker the Falcons have needs to be slowed down in order to prove the defense is for real. Jones averaged over 100 yards receiving per game in 2015, including 255 yards and a touchdown against the Buccaneers, so slowing him down should be the realistic goal.

Julio Jones isn’t the only threat, however as Matt Ryan looks to improve upon his 2015 numbers that saw him throw the second least amount of touchdown passes in his career. Mohamed Sanu should help him out with that as Ryan now has a legitimate number two receiver since the production disappearance of Roddy White. Ryan hasn’t earned the nickname ‘Matty Ice’ for nothing, and he should bounce back from a sub par 2015. The Bucs secondary has the most question marks, and week one is going to be a good audition for a successful season.

Not to be forgotten about, the Falcons have their own young stud at running back in Devonta Freeman. Freeman is dual threat back who burst on to the scene last year. The third year back is looking to prove he isn’t a flavor of the week, and the improved defensive line and the linebacking corps will have their hands full trying to contain Freeman. slowing the run game will go a long way to helping the secondary contain the passing game.

Preview: Special Teams

This should be a simple philosophy. No turnovers or giving up the big play on punts and kickoffs. The main focus needs to be Roberto Aguayo. After having a down then up preseason, he needs to carry the success he had in the final two weeks of the preseason into the regular season. Everyone expects nerves, but now it counts, and Aguayo has the opportunity to silence the critics.

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