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Buccaneers unveil new uniforms via social media

Buccaneers unveil new uniforms via social media

The time has finally come for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to unveil its highly anticipated new look uniforms, as the fan base has been clamoring for a change since the inception back in 2014.

The Buccaneers unveil the new uniforms over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and reactions to the new look has seemed to be mostly positive. With Tampa Bay bringing in new quarterback Tom Brady, the Buccaneers have timed everything just right for the change.

Tampa Bay unveiled the uniforms Tuesday afternoon and showed off a somewhat throwback look with red, white and all pewter with the numbers outlined in Orange. The new uniforms resemble a look back at the Buccaneers’ Super Bowl Era jerseys.

Amongst the players that were featured in the unveiling promotional video was linebackers Lavonte David, Devin White and wide receiver Chris Godwin. The jersey tops are now available for sale at or

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