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XFL Vipers

XFL rules are in place

Kickoff for the XFL is a month away. The league has made a few changes to their game to make their games fast paced with a ton of action.

This isn’t your copy-cat-the-NFL type of league. This isn’t the old XFL. And this damn sure isn’t the AAF.

What the XFL is trying to accomplish this go around is a faster paced game to enhance excitement while also maintaining player safety. The old XFL, well I’m not so sure that was their biggest priority.

The XFL official website did an incredible job breaking down each rule and how it compares to the NFL and even how it compares to the college game. They have videos breaking down most of the rules that make it extremely simple to follow. They also include a rationale, explaining why each new rule is in place and the benefit of it. Again, kudos to the XFL on this. Remarkable job.

The Basics

There will be a 25-second play clock opposed to the 40-second play in the NFL. Because of this, they have added a referee dedicated to spotting the ball after each play. Pace of play is a huge key for the XFL and this will execute their plan to perfection.

Like in college, receivers only need one foot in bounds for a catch.

There will be a running clock during the games. Outside of the final two minutes before halftime and the end of the game, the clock will continuously run.

Teams will have two timeouts per half, not three.

No coaches challenges. All reviews will come from the booth.


As the article states, only 6% of college plays are kickoffs, but it causes 21% of their concussions. While more NFL kickoffs are touch backs, I think this is one of the rules the NFL will be looking closely at and might steal. That, and possible….

New Overtime

In a shootout style competition, the XFL may have changed the way the NFL looks at overtime. In the new, exciting shootout, each team will be given five alternating attempts at a two point conversion. If the teams are still tied at the end of five rounds, don’t worry. There are NO ties! The rounds will continue until a winner is determined.

Point after touchdown

No more kicking an extra point after your team scores a touchdown. In the XFL you have three options: a one, two and now a three point conversion. Like a two point conversion in the NFL, your team will have one shot at the conversion.

For one point, you have one play to convert from the two yard line. For two points you have one play from the five yard line and for three points you have one play from the ten yard line.

The defense is allowed to score on these conversions and will accumulate the points your team was attempting to get.

Save the best for last

The most interesting rule that the XFL has implemented is the double forward pass.

A rule that quite possible benefits the Tampa Bay Vipers more than any other team in the league. Imagine an offense where you have to worry about Aaron Murray AND Quinton Flowers throwing. Or Flowers taking it and running. I cannot wait to see what this team does with this potential advantage.

Reminder, the season starts the week following the Super Bowl. The first home game for the Vipers is week three, Feb. 22 at 2 p.m. at Raymond James Stadium. They will be hosting the Houston Roughnecks.



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