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WWE: Clash Of Champions Results (9/15/19)

The Spectrum Center, in the house that Ric Flair built, Charlotte, North Carolina, held this past Sunday’s annual “Clash Of The Champions” PPV on 9/15/19.

Titles changed hands and quality matches set the stage for future rematches and new and exciting feuds.

Drew Gulak retained the Cruiserweight Title in a triple threat match against Lince Dorado and Humberto Carillo. They seemed to have finally split-up the dreaded “Lucha House Party” stable and all the man are seemingly better as a result of such. Gulak took it from both challengers, ultimately coming away with the victory after sneakily stealing a pin of Dorado right out from under Carrillo.

AJ Styles ended the pre-show in dominant fashion, retaining the US Title against Cedric Alexander after executing a Phenomenal Forearm and then a Styles Clash. Styles needed a decisive win, but this looked like an utter burial of the rising Alexander. We’ll follow this one along. A needed win for Styles nevertheless keeps the US Strap around his waist.

Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler opened the show against Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman and new tag team champions were crowned after a Glorious DDT on the Universal Champ was the end of this one. Strowman was making a comeback for his team, but Roode dumped Strowman after Strowman inadvertently pushed Roode into Rollins in the corner. That misstep spelled for the end for this short title reign.

Bayley defeated Charlotte Flair in enough time to brew a cup of coffee. Bayley exposed the ring post and threw Flair into it for a very quick victory in Charlotte’s hometown. This was a strange ending, but Bayley looked strong, utilizing heel tactics to her advantage.

The Revival recapture tag team gold, this time after taking out Big E. and Xavier Woods. Dash and Dawson worked over the bad knees of Xavier Woods and Dawson applied an inverted figure four for the submission. They are the new Smackdown tag team champions.

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross retained the Women’s tag team titles against “Fire and Desire”, ending this ridiculous story in short order. Cross made the hot tag and she bested Rose for the victory after hitting her neckbreaker. This whole “Nikki was ugly” story line wasn’t good for anybody and this was over quick, fast and in a hurry.

“The Artist” retained the IC Title as Shinsuke Nakamura, with the aide of Sami Zayn, overcame the Miz after a well timed distraction from Zayn. Miz had nailed a Skull Crushing Finale, but the ref was tied up and that allowed Nakamura to hit a knee strike to the back of the head before hitting his dreaded Kinshasa for the victory.

Sasha Banks won the battle, but not the war against “The Man” as Becky Lynch introduced a metal folding chair into the fold, cracking it down across the back of “The Boss”. These two fought all over the arena, literally. We saw some unique spots, including a bottle of mustard finding its employ at the hands of Lynch and “The Man” had finally had enough of Banks. This, as we’d find out the next night, wasn’t over, and these two will do battle once again at “Hell In A Cell”.

Kofi Kingston overcame his demons and being referred to as “stupid” for missing a spot years ago. A very personal rivalry comes to an end after a counter led to Trouble In Paradise and Orton ate the pin fall. Kingston retained and has been on an incredible roll that may very well be derailed shortly, perhaps as early as the first Smackdown on Fox as we’d come to find out. Tonight however, he remained champion after a grueling battle with “The Viper”.

Rowan defeated Roman Reigns in what many would consider an upset after utilizing his Iron Claw slam. Reigns and Rowan were back and forth until they went to the entryway ramp and Reigns took over. He fired off two superman punches and when he set up for a spear, he was met with a crushing boot thanks to a returning Luke Harper! The fans went ballistic as they’d been clamoring for it for weeks. Old friends have reunited and it was enough to allow Rowan to hit his finish and pull off a stunning upset over the “Big Dog”.

Seth Rollins burned it down against Braun Strowman in the main event. He was able to retain the Universal Title after literally pulling out all the stops including four Blackout stomps and a pedigree for the victory over the “Monster Among Men”. Strowman cannot get over the hump and he can’t get gold around his waist. Tonight was no different, but it wasn’t Strowman nor Rollins that had the last laugh. As Rollins celebrated atop the ramp, he soon fell victim to “The Fiend”, as Bray Wyatt hit a Sister Abigail and then applied the menacing mandible claw, rendering Rollins useless. We have our next main event as well as an incredible visual to end the show.

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