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WWE: Backlash Results (6/14/20)

Was It The Greatest Wrestling Match Of All Time?

The WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL gave us this year’s edition of the Backlash PPV on 6/14/20.

Apollo Crews defeated Andrade via pin fall with a Sitout Tigerbomb to retain the US Title.

Crews and Andrade seemed to put the proverbial final pin in their feud as Crews once again defeats the now former US Champ.

The two Raw talents gave a great account of themselves as they continued their storied rivalry which picked up steam during the CoVid crisis.

Crews had the match put away with a standing moonsault at one point, but a distraction from Angel Garza at ringside took the referee’s attention away from the pin fall. Kevin Owens, who was on commentary, interceded, pulling Garza off the apron before issuing him a Stunner free of charge to continue their story.

This was enough to allow Crews to hit the Sitout Tigerbomb to secure the pin fall and retain the title as he moves on.

The US title match was the highlight of the pre-show before the main card began.

Bayley/Sasha Banks defeat The Iiconics and Nikki Cross/Alexa Bliss via pin fall to retain the Women’s Tag Team Titles.

Peyton Royce and Billie Kay had their moments, but the feud between the new and former champs was the story of the match.

The three teams had a solid opening bout which was well paced and packed with action.

The ending came after Bliss hit her signature Twisted Bliss finish on Peyton Royce and Sasha Banks capitalized on the opportunity, striking Bliss and stealing the cover herself.

Will the story between Bliss and Cross continue with the new champs? We shall see. Bayley will surely be defending the Smackdown Women’s title sooner, rather than later as well.

Sheamus defeated Jeff Hardy via pin fall after a Brogue Kick.

I think many people saw this result coming after Sheamus was embarrassed on Friday Night.

Hardy and Sheamus had adequate time to do business, and Jeff Hardy saw much of the offense after he mounted a comeback, but he couldn’t secure the pin fall after he hit the Swanton Bomb and Sheamus got a foot on the rope.

Sheamus would capitalize on this, mounting some offense before Jeff Hardy went for a high risk maneuver, running right into a Brogue Kick in the process. Sheamus covered, and that was the match.

Otis and Mandy Rose ran into The Miz and John Morrison backstage and Otis teased a potential cash-in at the end of the title match tonight. I doubt it.

Asuka and Nia Jax went to a no contest.

This was disappointing. After recent woes as it relates to Jax’s in-ring acumen, we are gonna have to suffer through her in the title picture until Extreme Rules at the very least.

Asuka was great, she always is. Jax actually started out very well, but then the wheels fell off the bus as per the norm. Jax wasn’t even able to execute a spot where Asuka applied an armlock using the ropes, they both spilled to the outside in a nasty botch.

Asuka still seized the opportunity to apply the armlock, but a lazy power move broke it up. The two continue to brawl on the outside, and once the ref began to count towards seven, I knew the end was coming and it did.

Asuka hit Jax with a hip attack off the apron after the bell and she left with the title as the champ retains in a count-out scenario. This was a dud sadly, and it could have been done better.

MVP is booking a championship celebration worthy of “The All Mighty” Bobby Lashley backstage, ordering twenty bottles of fine champion and such when Lana approaches. She tries to plead her case, and MVP states that she’s talking to the wrong guy, she needs to talk to her husband.

Braun Strowman defeats the Miz and John Morrison via pin fall in a handicap match after a running powerslam on Morrison to retain the Universal Title.

I’m not going to delve too deeply into this one as I seriously doubt that anybody expected this to end any differently.

Quite frankly, I think this was just a break in traffic before “The Fiend” re-enters the title picture and Strowman dealt with some early adversity before disposing of the Miz, and he would then scoop up Morrison to issue his signature powerslam for the finish. Strowman retained with ease.

AJ Styles is interviewed backstage about winning the US Title and he states that he is going to have a premiere celebration this coming Friday. He wants everyone in attendance, especially Daniel Bryan, because even as he respects him, he isn’t phenomenal.

Drew McIntyre defeats Bobby Lashley via pin fall with a Claymore Kick to retain the World Title.

I actually want to see this one continue. This was good and physical and these two beat the heck out of one another.

Lashley kept trying to get the full nelson applied, but McIntyre was able to evade on numerous occasions.

McIntyre was able to kick out of several power moves at one, really showing that he is a dominant world champion.

Lashley came back with some offense of his own and as expected, Lana came out and got on the apron, jawing with the ref. Lashley almost collided with her, but he put on the brakes. He turned into a Glasgow kiss from McIntyre, colliding with Lana after all and she spilled off the apron and was caught by MVP, knocking both down.

McIntyre would hit the Claymore for the pin fall, making his exit, looking into the camera saying that Lashley brought his “baggage” to the ring and it cost him.

After McIntyre made his exit, a disgusted MVP and Lashley left Lana seated on the entryway ramp, taking their leave without helping her up.

I thought I had eaten something strange as we were supposed to get a tag title match next, but we didn’t, to say the least.

A brawl had broken out backstage, and at one point, poor Braun Strowman’s windshield was smashed again by one of the Street Profits.

We then saw a sequence with a bowling ball and the four men fighting off a bunch of ninjas, yes, ninjas. Was this supposed to be a dream, or a major trip of some sort? We are eventually told that the title match would not happen.

Look, the segment was funny, but Vince McMahon had to be booking this again, it had his stains all over it.

We are then informed that the main event is up next and the “Greatest Wrestling Match Of All Time” would be enhanced with audio and new camera angles.

Randy Orton defeated Edge via pin fall with a punt kick.

Quite frankly, this was cool. They did add in some audio in a way that made you feel like you had twenty thousand fans in attendance.

The opening was fast and furious and you did have spots where they took their liberties with rest holds to regain stamina. Classic Orton if you will.

They did have a great camera angle where you followed a superplex from Orton as Edge was dropped in the ring. Very unique. NXT and developmental talent watched as ringside, doing their part to support the contest.

For a guy that hasn’t wrestled a pure wrestling match in nine years, Edge still had it. He was certainly winded at times, but they went long as it seemed like the PPV was going to end very early if it didn’t.

Edge would hit his Edge-cution, shooting the half and getting a near fall before a kickout. This was a classic wrestling match in every sense of the term. Best of all time? Come on now, be sensible. This was good though.

You really don’t get too many matches these days where you see two athletes channeling the late eighties and early nineties, but they did it here. I liked it as it developed.

Edge would head to the top rope, looking to score on a high risk maneuver, he would get another two count after a high cross body, but Orton would kick out.

Sadly, it was announced earlier that Edge had apparently torn his rotator cuff during the match and you could seemingly pinpoint the spot where it happened.

Veteran that he is, he toughed it out and they went through the match. It’s stated that it’ll be nine months before he can compete and hopefully they allow him that time, maybe allowing him to return to a time where we have a packed house to witness it after the crisis.

Edge would get several near falls after the match continued, hitting an Edge-o-matic and an Unprettier. Orton would score with the draping DDT and this really did remind you of the early years of these two, getting after it.

Orton pulled a page from the book of Austin, hitting the ole’ “Stunning” Steve stun-gun, allowing himself time to recover. Orton would then give us a sadistic grin, channeling the old Evolution days as he hit the Pedigree, Triple H’s finish, but he only got a two count!

Edge was about to be sent into the ropes, and Edge countered into a Rock Bottom for a two count! They are taking us on a tour through modern wrestling history. This is awesome indeed!

The “Rated R Superstar” would finally make a mistake and the “Viper” would strike, scoring his his signature RKO. Edge kicked out! One of the few truly protected finishes in the business and Edge barely escapes to continue.

Edge would then go on to hit a spear and he backs into the corner, scoring with another. Two count! Wow. This is truly action packed!

Edge would run to the ropes, and he comes off with a springboard attempt, RKO! Two count again! These two are leaving it all on the table.

Orton would then find himself in the head and arm choke and Orton appeared to “indirectly” score with a low blow. The ref allowed it to continue and Orton hits the punt kick! Yes! We haven’t seen that in years! Three count and Orton wins the match!

They zoom in on Edge and he looks dejected. Orton would then lean down and taunt Edge, telling him that he knew how this would end. Orton HAS to be the next challenger for Drew McIntyre after that outing.

Backlash as a whole? Forgettable. That match alone is worth watching as it was fantastic. This was a solid way to end the night to say the least.

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