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WrestleMania’s aftermath starts here

Less than 24 hours WrestleMania was concluded, we witness the aftermath. A unifying title match, titles defended, and surprise arrivals. Dean Ambrose’s last match in WWE, the classy lady goes rogue, and t he Undead arrive. Find out what went down on our recap of the aftermath of WrestleMania on Raw, right here!

Beast Slayer arrives, and the fan favorite. Rematch for Raw tag team titles. A long awaited arrival.

The Architect starts the show off… with a challenge.

The newly anointed Beast Slayer starts the show after Mania off. Seth Freakin’ Rollins and new Universal Champion states that after winning the Universal title, he heard that Brock and Heyman are in Las Vegas. Rollins, tells the rowdy crowd that they can stay there. Seth states to the crowd that not only he is the Universal Champion, but a fighting champion. The New Day and WWE Champion, Kofi Kingston arrive. New Day tells the crowd that they couldn’t wait for SmackDown Live to celebrate Kofi’s win. After New Day’s shenanigans, Kofi offers a challenge to Seth. A match… a match to unify the two titles. The Beast Slayer agrees and we have a main event!

Raw Tag Team Champions, Zack Ryder and Curtis Hawkins vs The Revival. Zack Ryder/Curtis Hawkins win via roll up pin fall.

In a rematch for the tag titles, the two teams start off with an exchange of holds and Hawkins gains momentum. Alas, it is short lived by the Revivals penchant of tag moves. After the break, the Revival is shown on a run. It was quickly ended when Curt hot tags Zack in. Ryder takes it the former champions, however the Revival puts Ryder in his place. The Revival hit a Back Stretcher Knee Drop combo. Hawkins with twerked leg attempts an interference, but his pain is too much or is it? Curt blind tags in, breaks up a pin fall on Zack, and steals a win from the Revival again.

Baron Corbin gloats too soon. A surprise arrival.

Corbin is introduced with all of his accolades, including being “Brooklyn’s favorite son”. Corbin plays off the crowd splendidly, being the heel and lashing out on the crowd as “Dirty New Yorkers”. Baron states that he deserves a gold medal for retiring Kurt Angle. Then, Kurt Angle arrives. The Olympic hero that Corbin was the better man last night, that his career is over, Baron is just starting, and wishes him luck. Bad luck, as Kurt hits the AngleSlam into the Anklelock. Just as Angle was about to celebrate, WWE’s newest monster arrives. Lars Sullivan! Sullivan makes a beeline to the ring and plants Angle and hits a top rope diving headbutt. A new beast has arrived and he is not shy.

The host of WrestleMania contends. The Man arrives. Ricochet and Aleister Black enter as NXT talent for the last time.

Alexa Bliss vs Bayley. Bliss wins via DDT pin fall.

The host of WrestleMania arrives and made a  social media challenge to Sasha Banks and Bayley. The Hugger accepts the challenge and the match starts with Bliss mocking Bayley. The former tag team champion quickly attacks Bliss, however Bliss catches Bayley with a hard right hand. Now the Goddess is control, landing hard shots to Baley. The hugger turns things around with a sunset flip power bomb on Bliss. After kicking out, Bliss lands a hard DDT on Bayley for the pin fall.

Beck Two Belts arrives and some class.

The first ever double WWE Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch enters to much fanfare. THe Man cuts a fantastic promo, in stating that she doesn’t have the resume as Flair and Rousey, but she won. Becoming the first ever WWE women’s double champion, invoking “Becky Two Belts” chant. Later on she calls Rousey a “weirdo” and the “the McMahon’s will give Flair a tag team championship to keep her happy”. The Man attempts to exit on a high note, but the Classy Southern Lady, Lacey Evans arrives. This time Evans isn’ going to just turn around and walk out. Lacey eyes Becky’s titles and throws a hard right hand to Lynch. A brawl ensues with Evans barely escaping the Dis-Arm-Her. Leading to maybe a future feud, finally Lacey Evans will fight!

Ricochet/Aleister Black vs Bobby Roode/Chad Gable. Ricochet/Black win via inverted Code Breaker for pin fall.

In what may be the last tag team match Ricochet and Aleister Black may have, they take on a newly focus Roode/Gable. Black and Chad start off trading move sets and ends up with Black hitting his sit down pose. In a match that was probably the highlight match of Raw, the crowd was dead. To put it quickly, it was a good match with Black hitting a Meteora on Gable and Ricochet hitting a off the ring post Moonsault on Roode. Gable and Roode regain control with a neck breaker/moonsault combo, but Black breaks up the count. After a some chaos, Ricochet hits what looks to be an inverted Code Breaker for the pin fall. Afterwards Roode attacks Ricochet and then the Glorious Duo walk out.

Dean Ambrose final match in WWE. Sami Zayn arrives! A legend makes a statement.

Dean Ambrose vs Bobby Lashley. No conclusion.

Dean arrives for his final match in WWE vs Bobby Lashley. The ever vocal Lio Rush has trouble talking trash and stays silent. However, The Almighty One, Bobby Lashley has some choice words. Bobby tells Dean “Don’t worry, after you leave, I’ll take care of your wife”. Speaking about Raw announcer, Rene Young. This enrages Dean and a street brawl ensues. This time the Lunatic’s rage gets the better of him and Lashley capitalizes. The Almighty One slams Ambrose through the announcers table, the same one Dean’s wife is sitting at. Um, farewell, Dean?

Sami Zayn challenges everything.

Sami Zayn arrives to a much wanted return and states that he will accept any fighter. The newly crowned Intercontinental Champion, Finn Balor accepts the fight. The two start off feeling each other out, as they have combat history between the two. The match quickly progresses with Finn attempting a Coupe De Grace, but Zayn counters with a roll up. Balor kicks out and finally hits the Coupe De Grace for the pin fall. What followed after the match was a speech form Zayn like no other.

Sami stated that he thought he needed this fight to bring him back, but he now realizes what is going on. Zayn states that there is toxicity in the air, not from the McMahons, not in the locke room, but from the fans. Sami tells the crowd that they are whats wrong with the business, thinking that they know what is best. Wow. Sami not only went full heel, but invoked what fans have complained about. That Vince McMahon, Kevin Dunne thinks they know what the fans want, and it was a brilliant story angle.

Ladies and Gentlemen, a Legend.

Elias arrives to make up his WrestleMania interruption. Stating that Dr of Thuganomics, John Cena didn’t even rap. So Elias decides to prove that he can “rap” too and it invokes a legend. An undead legend, that’s right The Undertaker!! The Deadman enters the ring after his theatrical intro and just puts away Elias. Taker hits a big boot, chokeslam, and the Tombstone piledriver. The newly ripped looking Deadman will always be immortal.

Unifying the WWE Championships match ends on a flat note.

Kofi Kingston vs Seth Rollins for the unified titles started off just as a teaser. After the two battled to a stalemate, The Bar arrive and attack the duo. This lead an enrage Rollins to say to Kofi, “Another time” and now a tag team match will ensue. The Bar attack and deliver hardslams to Seth and Kofi. However, the baby faces fight back and deliver a Trouble in Paridise to Curb Stomp combo for the win. In any other show and/or build up, this would be a decent match. Yet when WWE bills this as unifying the titles, we the fans feel short changed. Oh, well here is to hopefully a long build story that climaxes at WrestleMania 36 in The Scrum Sports hometown, Tampa Florida.

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