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Will the reboot of the WWE Universe continue

Last night on WWE Monday Night Raw, Vince McMahon promised a change. While some forgotten stars got the spotlight, fans complained that it was the same old show. Was Smackdown Live different? Did the McMahons learn from WWE Raw on 12/17/18? Well, let’s see on our Smackdown Live recap in our Smackback recap.

The Man enters, so does The Queen, and The Empress.

The show starts off with  the continuation of “change”. No longer is there a Smackdown Live GM, sorry Paige. With that being said, The Man Becky Lynch walks out. Lynch states that she doesn’t care who is running the show, because The Man calls the shots. Becky said if it wasn’t for Ronda Rousey, a cosplaying Rowdy Pipper, she would’ve been champion.  Enter Charlotte Flair, and the Queen says that it was her title that Rousey costed. Now the Empress of Tomorrow enters. Shortly after, Vince McMahon enters to break up the bickering. Vince tells Flair and Lynch to get over it, and asks if Asuka is ready to defend her title. Naomi’s music hits and the match starts right now.

Asuka vs Naomi. Asuka wins via Asuka-Lock

Both women trade moves. Naomi utilizing her athletic ability and Asuka using her holds and strikes. After the trade off moves, a pinning transition between the two ensues. Naomi gains an upper hand over Asuka and hits a Russian Leg Sweep from the top turnbuckle. Afterwards, Naomi hits a Flying Body Press to Asuka outside the ring. Shortly after, Asuka regains control and lands hard strikes. Naomi fights back and hits a hard Hip Shot for a close pin. The Glow star attempt a spring board Moonsault. However, the Empress was ready and gets the Asuka Lock for the win.

An intervention. The Miz has a new partner. The Usos fight an old foe.

Samoa Joe wants to apologize to Jeff Hardy.

Jeff Hardy walks out to hear Samoa Joe’s apology. The Samoan Submission Machine, starts off not apologizing, but say this is an intervention. Considering how it is for ones like Jeff at this time of year. The Enigmatic One shuts Joe down. Stating every time Joe tries to remind him of his past demons, the more he wants to stay away from them. Jeff then hits Joe with a Twist Of Fate and walks out. This promo between the two was pretty good. Blending the real life struggles of Jeff Hardy and not making fun of it.

The Miz must prove himself.

After a pretty funny backstage segment between the Miz and Vince McMahon. The WWE owner schedules the Miz in a match to prove himself. The match is a Mixed Tag Team match with Mandy Rose, vs R-Truth and Carmella. The match started off with R-Truth beating down Miz. Shortly after, Carmella and R-Truth have a dance break. Thus allowing The Miz to hit the Skull Crushing Finale on R-Truth for the pin.

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Usos Vs The Good Brothers. Good Brothers win via disqualification.

The USos come out to a crowd pop. However, with the “Change” in WWE, The Good Brothers, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows challenge them. The Good Bros have not been seen on TV for four month, in which is a shame, considering they were a big part of the famous Bullet Club. The Usos state you better step up or be stepped on. A match begins.

After the break.

Karl is in charge of the match over Jimmy Uso. Taking it to him while keeping Jimmy in his corner. Luke gets the tag and continues the beating to Jimmy, hitting hard strikes. After Jimmy fighting his way out, taking shots, Jey and Karl get a hot tag. Jey lands a Samoan Drop on Anderson, Karl hits a jump kick to neck breaker to Jey. Anderson tags in Luke and go for a Boot of Doom, yet Jimmy grabs Karl’s leg. Luke attempts a double choke slam to the Usos yet is was countered. Shortly after a mass of back and forth, Jimmy is tagged in and goes Super Kick crazy on the Good Brothers. Then The Bar’s music hits. However, SAnitY attacks the Usos ending the match in disqualification. Then The Bar attack both teams.

Daniel Bryan/Andrade Cien Almas vs aj Styles/Mustafa Ali. Mustafa pins Bryan with 050.

Almas and AJ start off the match, Andrade quickly connect on AJ with hard knees. Styles tries to counter, but is met with a hard elbow. Eventually, Ali is tagged in and gets hits in. However, Daniel Bryan puts a stop to Ali’s offense with strikes. After a commercial break, Almas is control over Ali, hitting hard strikes and covering Mustafa is confidence. A two count ensues, leading for Bryan to be tagged in. The former Yes Movement leader attacks Ali and locks in the Dragon Sleeper.

Ali desperately reaches the bottom rope to break the hold. Almas is tagged in and attempts a Moonsault to back flip splash, only to be met by Ali’s knees. AJ and Brayn get a hot tag and attempt to destroy each other. After missing with the Phenomenal Forearm, AJ locks in the Calf Crusher on Bryan. Almas breaks it up and Mustafa repays him with a Hurricanranna. In the ring AJ and Bryan go toe to toe, Ali is tagged in and lands his 050 for the pin. In what to be Mustafa Ali’s biggest pin fall of his WWE career.


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