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Week in pro wrestling 12/2/19: TLC matches announced?

This week in pro wrestling, Are the TLC matches annouced? Seth Rollins wants to apologize. Le Champion has a Lexicon and a new match planned. Cody Rhodes is the King of promos! Former NXT star returns with an altered gimmick. Shayna Baszler plans ahead. The Fiend wants a new family. Let’s dive in to this week’s recaps!



Monday Night Raw:

After a surprise attack from the AoP at the end of last week’s show, is Seth Rollins truly apologetic or was it all lip service?

The Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, TN was host to the December 2nd edition of the longest weekly episodic television show in history.

The AoP arrives at the arena as Charly Caruso tries to get a word with them about what occurred last week. They speak in their native tongues and Caruso apologizes for not understanding and they inform her that she looks lovely.

Seth Rollins hits the ring in street clothes and he apologizes to the entire Raw locker room and the fans for what he said last week. Kevin Owens is out and he smells BS. He asks if Rollins was behind the attack from the AoP last week and he insists that he wasn’t. The AoP hit the entrance and they challenge Rollins and Owens to a tag match tonight. Owens doesn’t want to walk into a trap and he challenges Rollins right now. Rollins leaves by heading up the ramp and the AoP part like the red sea to allow his exit.

Early Exit

After a break, a dejected Owens is waiting in the ring with an open challenge and “Bob” Lashley comes out with Lana at his side. After some jawing, we have a match between the two after Owens calls Lana repulsive.

It’s a short bout as interference from the AoP leads to a disqualification victory for Owens and we have another beak after AoP drag Owens up the ramp to the back.

Lana and Lashley are still in the ring after the break and they are surrounded by hired detectives and security to stop Rusev from attacking. He eventually succeeds as the security steps aside and he works over Lashley. A shouting match ensues after Rusev makes his escape and this leads to both Lashley and Lana getting cuffed and arrested for all their troubles. As they are led from the arena, we see R-Truth and the Street Profits watching on.

Drew McIntyre defeats Akira Tozawa via pinfall following the Claymore Kick.

Tozawa has a cup of coffee with some offense early in the match, but this truly becomes a feature for McIntyre as he makes short work of Tozawa, hitting the Claymore out of nowhere for the three count.

McIntyre proceeds to call out Randy Orton after the match, saying while most of the locker room likes to be cryptic, he likes to handle his business. He says that Orton is only feared on twitter and social media these days. They come face to face as McIntyre says he’s the most feared man on Raw these days.

This leads to the OC coming out and AJ Styles specifically trashing Orton for ruining his life. Humberto Carrillo, Ricochet, and new United States Champion, Rey Mysterio, eventually join the fray and this leads to a six man tag being booked later tonight. McIntyre had made his exit, declaring that this had “nothing to do with him”.

Black Mass spells the end of the evening for Tony Nese, who is quickly disposed of following a series of rapid fire knee strikes and several well placed kicks.

Buddy Murphy plans to expose Aleister Black as a hothead, stating that he himself, is cool, calm and collected and Black takes himself way too seriously.

Andrade hands Eric Young an early Holiday gift in the form of a loss following his signature Hammerlock DDT. Young controls the match early on, even going so far as to hit his patented elbow off the second rope, but it’s to no avail after Andrade gathers another him to continue his upward trajectory.

Busch League

We actually witness a segment that sees Nascar great Kyle Busch being shown at ringside as R-Truth moves throughout the arena trying to hide from the talent. This actually leads to Kyle Busch rolling up Truth to secure the title for himself.

We’d find out later that R-Truth would retrieve the title after catching Busch with a rollup in the parking lot himself.

Seth Rollins is leaving the arena and he is questioned about why he didn’t help Kevin Owens earlier while he was being attacked by AoP. He gets frustrated saying that Owens didn’t want his help and he says that everyone wants to be a critic, but not everyone has the guts to be a leader.

Erick Rowan secures a pin fall victory over No Way Jose following the Iron Claw slam. He is still walking around with the pet cage and we still haven’t the foggiest what’s inside of it.

The Kabuki Warriors continue to impress as they best Charlotte Flair in a handicap match. This was a very competitive match as you’d expect from those involved and the sound booking of Asuka and Sane continues.

Flair gave an honest account of herself and it looked as if she was going to submit Asuka, having her trapped in the figure eight. Kairi Sane however took to the skies and it was the Pirate Princess who would secure the victory after a hard fought match.

The raid continues after the break as the world tag team champions best two enhancement talents following the Viking Experience. It looks as if they are headed to a program at TLC with Gallows and Anderson.

Coiled and Ready To Strike

The main event provided us with plenty of action as one would expect from the talent involved.

The OC had control of the match, working over Carrillo for a fair portion of the match until Mysterio made the hot tag and started cleaning house. Ricochet was tagged in and begins his aerial assault, much to the delight of the crowd.

He has Styles is position for a top rope hurricanrana, but it’s the former US Champion who takes advantage of the situation, hitting his dreaded Styles Clash on Ricochet for the three count.

As the OC clebrate a hard fought victory in the ring, it’s “The Viper” Randy Orton who slithers into the ring, striking his pinpoint accuracy as he jams up AJ Styles with the RKO. Orton poses atop the turnbuckle to end this week’s edition of Raw.

AEW Dynamite:

After a middle of the ground outing last week, can Dynamite rebound? The Bad Boy Janela faces off against Jon Moxley in a sanctioned match! Cody proves he is the best at promos today. Brandi Rhodes explains her recent actions. The Elite vs Inner Circle six man tag action. Tag team stars face off in solo competition. This is Dynamite!

Fantastic opening six man tag match. Solo stars on the rise? Cody the Promo God.

The Elite: Young Bucks/Dustin Rhodes vs The Inner Circle: Sammy Guevara/Santana and Ortiz. Young Bucks win via Indie Driver/Senton combo for pin fall.

What a banger of an opening! Something that now almost expected from AEW Dynamite. Continuing the feud between The Elite and The Inner Circle, features in what I like to call their Sargent In Arms members. This is also the return of Dustin since Inner Circle broke his arm. Dustin had a Young Bucks themed attire, it’s the small things that makes him a legend.

The Elite took control shortly after Inner Circle started off, which led to a hot tag to Dustin. The elder Rhodes then swiftly went through his playbook of moves, Powerslams, dropping uppercuts, etc. However, Dustin calls a timeout to catch his breath, being the eldest in the ring. Again, it’s the small things and Dustin is a legend in storytelling.

The closing minutes Sammy hits a big 630 splash on Rhodes, only for a two count. Then the Spanish God streams himself on his phone atop of the turnbuckle before attempting a Shooting Star Press. I give Sammy credit for creativity, but not the Shooting Star as he is met with a double Super Kick from the Young Bucks. The brother, Nick and Matt then hits a Indie/Meltzer Driver and Senton combo! HOLY BISCUITS!! What a finisher to a fast and energetic opener!

Fenix from Lucha Bros vs Trent from Best Friends. Fenix wins via Blackfire Driver pin fall.

Another week in showcasing two tag team members in solo action and I am not complaining at all. These two were solo competitors before joining their respective teams and it’s time for AEW to show that. This was a more slower paced match, if you can believe that. The match wasn’t a dead stop of a match, it just didn’t have the crazed spot fest as the opening match.

If you know Fenix, then you can expect his brilliant offense and Trent proves why he can be over in the past few weeks. The two put on an excellent match displaying polar opposites in offense. After Trent grounded Fenix, The high flyer sent Trent in to the railings outside. While bouncing off the railings, Trent unloads a huge Spear onto Fenix. A Tornado DDT is delivered by Trent and was answered up with a Powerbomb by Fenix.

After a two count, Fenix displays his uncanny agility with the running the tope rope and hitting a knee on Trent. Not to be outdone, Trent hits a massive Lariat turning Fenix inside out. Alas, a Senton attempt by Trent was his undoing. Fenix capitalizes on a missed Senton by Trent and hits a beautiful Blackfire Bomb, a spinning Muscle Buster type driver.

Trent Snaps.

After the win, Trent is upset but willing to show good sportsmanship and extends his hand. Fenix refuses and it sets off Trent, attacking Fenix and his Best Friends team mates couldn’t hold him back. This could go many ways, a one off, a split in Best Friends, a rematch at a PPV, etc.. and I’m digging every second of it.

All hail the King of promos.

Cody comes out to address his bad fortunes in the past few weeks. Cody states that the scar on his face reminds him of being a failure in not winning the AEW title. All the people he would reach out to for help, were preoccupied. The American Nightmare states that his elder brother, Dustin has enter in a blood feud with the Young Bucks against Santana/Ortiz. Brandi, Cody’s wife is running around cutting hair off defenseless members of the women’s division. Lastly, Cody’s best friend, MJF squarely kicks him in the balls.

Rhodes then addresses The Blade, Butcher, and Bunny on their attack last week. Caliing them out by their indie ring names and let’s them and us that Cody knows of them. If they wanted a fight, all they had to do was ask said Cody. Cody understand why they didn’t, it was because the pompous circumstances of pro wrestling and even calls out his extravagant intro for good measure.

Lastly, Cody demands a match with MJF. Cody states that he deserves a match, because Cody was one that believed in MJF when no one wanted him. From being to short or hood rich and his scarf is a fake. Even calling MJF a bush league NWO version of Chris Jericho. OUCH! Cody, then sweetens the deal with offering his Ford Black Ops truck, Louis Vuitton red bottom shoes, and $50,000 cold hard cash. Cody goes to prove the cash is real and hands out a $100 bill to a kid at ringside. “Name your price! Let’s do this!” Cody said.

Story progression and winking nods.

I usually don’t cover a promo in depth like this, but this promo did great things. The promo gave some credence to the Blade and Butcher by acknowledging them. After last weeks horrendous debut, this was greatly needed. Also, the promo gave wink wink to what’s is going on with his brother and wife, since they are on different path’s than Cody. Lastly, it sends the betrayal from MJF in to overdrive. All those points make Cody a blessing to watch when he is cutting a promo.

Nyla Rose return to dominate. Le Champion’s Lexicon. Stratlander faces Shida!

Nyla Rose vs The Librarian Leva Bates. Rose wins via Beast Bomb pin fall.

This was over in a blink, jumping knee, Chokeslams to Leva and Peter Avalon, Beast Bomb, done. After the win, Nyla hit another Beast Bomb on Leva and was going for another until Shanna makes a save. I say save, meaning Shanna got a Powerslam for her efforts. Rose sets up a table, but Powerbomb ref Rick Knox in it instead, then Shanna for good measure.

This reinstated that Rose is a monster of a wrestler and Shanna needs a way to find a way to beat this beast. With the feud starting at a meet and greet last week, this story has meat for the fans to sink their teeth in to.

Don’t call it a list.

Le Champion arrives in ring to state he is contractually obligated to have one more match in 2019. Jericho said he has compiled a…. as the fans clamor for “The List” to return, Chris said “It’s not 2016!” and debut his Lexicon of LChampion or LLC for short. I’m not sure if that is how LLC works, but it’s hilarious none the less. The list.. umm, Lexicon compiles names he will not give a match to from Cody (because Cody can’t) to Kenny Omega, Kenny from South Park, Jon, John, Moxely, etc.

Jurassic Express arrives and Luchasaurus growls into the mic. Luchasaurus states, “Do you think this is how I talk?” and Jericho shrugs his shoulders yes. Jericho tells Luchasaurus that doesn’t want to fight a dinosaur or a kid, referring to Marko Stunt. Now it falls on the shoulders of Jungle Boy. December 18th will be Le Champion vs Jungle Boy.

Great segment, Chris Jericho is comedic genius at times and Luchasaurus displayed his intelligence with his Master’s Degree in history and the comedic gold “Dinosaurs have been marginalized for 16 million years” line. The future match should give Jungle Boy an opportunity to shine and wager Jericho will make him look golden. Now about that dinosaur having a Master’s degree.

Kris Statlander vs Hikaru Shida. Statlander wins via Big Bang Theory pin fall.

This was a slightly confusing match, only for the outcome. The bout had Kris looking like a boss, but at the expense of the AEW’s number one ranked wrestler, Shida. Honestly, this was all Kris Statlander, even when Hikaru mounted some offense. After a Shida Knee Strike, Statlander hits he Big Bag Theory, a cradle like Tombstone for the win. Why would AEW have their number one contender for the AEW Women’s title lose so clean is beyond me, especially to a newcomer.

Brandi Rhodes explains herself, sorta.

After the match, Brandi Rhodes along with Awesome Kong make way to the ring. Brandi tries to recruit Kris Statlander to her new faction, The Nightmare Collective. Umm, yeah, so the Voodoo Queen angle is dead? Kris Statlander declines the invite, but an over zealous fan at ringside wants to be all in. Brandi and Kong accepts her request and cuts a strand of her hair off. WTF? Really, a fan from the crowd is accepted? It looks like The Nightmare Collective is an off-shoot of The Dark Order at this point.

Veteran grappler faces off against the one who injured him. Main event! The Bad Boy Joey Janela vs Jon Moxley!

Pentagon Jr vs SCU’s Christopher Daniels. Pentagon Jr wins via Package Powerdiver pin fall.

I really wanted to rate this match a Dave Meltzer 20 stars, but alas my expectations may have been too high. This battle is an indie scene dream match, now on broadcast TV! Christopher Daniels and Pentagon Jr did deliver a match, just what seemed to be a a wrong booked match. Don’t get me wrong it was entertaining, just seemed rushed or there was no plan for it. Daniels and Pentagon seemed to be on different pages, a rare feat considering the talent these two have.

Back and forth control was the theme of the match without the big pops. There was even a questionable botch in a lariat, but we may never know as it was passed off as past injuries. Fenix eventually ran down to the ring to interfere, it was all that Pentagon needed. Pentagon Jr hits a low blow and follows up with the Package Powerdriver for the win. The outcome may continue the feud between SCU and Lucha Bros. We will see.

Jon Moxley vs Joey The Bad Boy Janela. Moxley wins via Paradigm Shift pin fall.

Well now, Joey Janela can wrestle an honest to goodness match! For those who know or do not know Janela, he has made his name in extreme matches. So it is refreshing to see Joey wrestle an traditional match. I have seen him do it before and was great at it, but most have not. Honestly, it was great to see an extreme wrestler face off against a lover of pro wrestling violence and have a true wrestling match.

Jon Moxley was in control for most of the match, with his size playing a big factor in the bout. At one point Jon invited chops from Joey like they were free candy. However, Janela was like a gnat, never giving up and placing his shots. Even if they didn’t seem to truly hurt Moxey. In the closing minutes, The Bad Boy shined.

Janela hit a beautiful yet dangerous German Snap Suplex, with Jon folding his head on the bottom turnbuckle. Then the Bad Boy takes to the air!! Diving from the top turnbuckle to Jon on the outside and both breaking the timekeeper’s table! Joey then lands an Elbow Drop from the top turnbuckle.. TWO COUNT!

Not enough..

Joey has given all he has to Moxley and Jon kicks out. Joey now frustrated climbs to the turnbuckle and Moxley meets him. The duo fight until Moxley hits a Paradigm Shift from the top turnbuckle and has Janela’s head bounce off the turnbuckle! Jon Moxley again hits another Paradigm Shift to put away the Bad Boy for good. Janela proves that he can incorporate his extreme style with a traditional match and I can’t wait to see more!

Just as Moxley was relishing in the win, The Pain Maker, Chris Jericho’s music hits. It is Jericho’s turn in the mental warfare, as he mimics Moxley’s stare down from the bleachers from last week. Please let this happen, I and people will throw money at this bout!


What a turn about from last week! The ratings showed that NXT won the war for the past two weeks and there has been decline in viewership. I say BAH! Yes, NXT displays a fantastic show every Wednesday, so does AEW (except last week). However, what I took away from tonight was AEW is quick to learn from sub par shows and cranks it back up the next week.

Hopefully, AEW will start the new year with a bigger bang and brings more of WWE’s attention. This will only result a great time for the winners. The winners, being us fans. Can AEW keep up with  NXT and the attention the NXT wrestlers garner from Wargames and Survivor Series? I don’t care really, I watch both of them and love it.– David G


Beast of Belfast

Killian Dain was in the ring to kick off the show this week. He was originally scheduled to face Damian Priest, but with Priest injured Dain called out anyone else willing to fight. Pete Dunne was the man who answered the call. The match was pretty much a continuation of the hard-hitting action we’ve seen throughout this feud.

The finish was quite interesting. Dain was climbing the corner, and Dunne hopped on his back to lock in a sleeper hold. He succeeded in putting the big man to sleep, but in doing so they both fell backwards onto the mat. With Dain landing on top, the ref counted a pinfall win for the Irishman.

Dark Dakota

Dakota Kai cut a spirited heel promo backstage in which she confessed to being the person who took down Mia Yim before Wargames. When she came out later for her scheduled match with Rhea Ripley she once again carried Tegan Nox’s knee brace as a trophy. Black and white footage of her attack on Nox also played as her entrance video.

Ripley stopped on stage and congratulated Kai on her Wargames setup. Tonight, however, Ripley and her friends had a setup for Kai. Mia Yim then charged the ring to seek her revenge on the woman who sent her to the hospital the night of Wargames. They brawled their way out of the arena, and a match between them was later announced for next week’s show.

Meanwhile, Ripley found herself at the mercy of an attack from Baszler and the Horsewomen. Rhea and Shayna will once again meet with the title on the line on the December 18 show.

Lee Steps Up

With Bobby Fish still suffering from unclear due to last week’s concussion, only ¾ of Undisputed Era was on hand this week. Cole called out Finn Balor to explain last week’s Pele Kick, but instead Keith Lee answered the call. Lee is unsure which title belt he’s most interested in pursuing first, and of course a brawl ensues with Ciampa assisting Lee.

This set up a main event 3 on 3 match between UE and the team of Ciampa, Lee & Dijakovic. More of the same great action we’ve come to expect from this group of stars over the past month or so, including the inevitable interference from Balor. The finish sees Lee pinning Cole and joining the chase for Goldie.

Regal came out after the match and announced a 3 way #1 contender match for next week between Ciampa, Lee & Balor. The winner will face Cole for the NXT Title on Dec 18th.

Li Also Steps Up

Xia Li, who has seen her star slowly rising recently, had some strong words for Shayna Baszler ahead of their match. In the match, Baszler did an exceptional job of allowing Li to look really good while also maintaining her own dominant status. Li is clearly green still, but could really be something special if she continues growing and receiving opportunities like this with top stars.

Wrestling Genius

Kassius Ohno returned from NXT UK looking to preview the upcoming Worlds Collide special with a match against an NXT superstar. The man who answered the challenge was Ohno’s former rival Matt Riddle. Riddle once again came out on top.

The Forgotten Sons picked up a squash victory over a pair of wrestlers from Evolve.

The Time Splitter Returns

Early in the show a package ran showing Kushida spending time with his family during the 2 months he was recovering from a broken wrist. He’s back tonight and scheduled to face Raul Mendoza. Cameron Grimes takes out Mendoza and inserts himself into the match instead. It was an excellent match, and given everything that recently went down with the former Jordan Myles I’m guessing Team NXT probably wishes Grimes had won the Breakout Tournament earlier this year. This could actually be a decent little feud should they choose to go that route.

Next Week

There’s a strong show lined up for next week featuring Cruiserweight Champion Lio Rush vs Angel Garza, Mia Yim vs Dakota Kai, and the #1 contender triple threat between Balor, Lee & Ciampa. The Following week we get two huge title matches when Baszler defends against Ripley and Cole defends against the winner of the triple threat.-Jason M


Storm Season

Toni Storm kicked off the show with a match against Killer Kelly. Kelly looked strong, but the former champion still made quick work of her with a Storm Zero. After the match Toni grabbed a mic, but Kay Lee Ray attacked before she could actually say anything. Piper Niven makes the save, but Storm clearly doesn’t appreciate the assistance. The two are later seen arguing in a hallway.

New Meat

The Hunt took the ring for a tag match against a new team called The Outliers. The new team consists of Riddick Moss, last seen developing a solo gimmick at house shows, and Dorian Mak, the man formerly known as Dan Matha. The Outliers basically seem like a rehash of Moss’ former pairing with Tino Sabbatelli. That tandem ended when both men went down with injuries. Although they had a clear size and strength advantage, Moss and Mak spent more time trash talking than they did actually wrestling. They could have won multiple times, but their overconfidence cost them in the end. I’m glad a talented and fun team like the Hunt was not sacrificed in favor of the boring meatheads.

Devlin Inside

The Irish Ace took on promising newcomer A-Kid in a match that seemed a bit off early on. Something about the timing just wasn’t clicking at first, but they eventually found their way to a decent match. The Kid seemed to frustrate the Ace at times, and Devlin responded by injuring the young man’s knee. Tyler Bate came out to encourage A-Kid from the ramp, but that may have worked against the newcomer by firing up Devlin to be more vicious enroute to his eventual victory.

Triple Threat

After weeks of crossing paths in matches with unclear endings, Travis Banks, Ligero, and Joseph Conners met in one big triple threat. Banks and Ligero started by trying to dispose of their common enemy before turning their attention to one another. It was an even match that any man could have won at any moment, but in the end it was Conners who pinned Banks.

Faction Negotiations

Rather than a match, the main event slot saw Johnny Saint and Sid Scala standing by a table ready to mediate negotiations between Gallus’ Joe Coffey and Imperium’s Walter. Joe wants a UK Title match. In exchange, Walter wants Joe’s partners to put their tag titles on the line AND for Ilja Dragunov to face Alexander Wolfe. Joe agrees to the tag match, but argues that he can’t speak for Ilja. Ilja comes out and speaks for himself saying “make the match.”

Next week Gallus’ Mark Coffey and Wolfgang will defend the UK Tag Titles against Imperium’s Bartel and Aichner. At some future date, Dragunov will face Wolfe in a No DQ Match. Finally, at Takeover Blackpool, Walter will defend the UK title against Joe Coffey.-Jason M

Friday Night SmackDown:

SmackDown featured Bray Wyatt wanting a new family and TLC complications. Alexa Bliss back in action! A Fatal 4-Way Elimination match to face New day at TLC. The Big Dog stakes his claim to his yard. Let’s dive in right now!

Miz TV leaves The Fiend wanting more. The Goddess is back! Drake Maverick beatdown.

Miz TV.

SmackDown opens up with the A-Lister and Miz TV. After a video package with The Fiend tearing apart Daniel Bryan and his hair, The Miz states that no one can find Daniel. Miz then praises Bryan and admits that even though he really never liked him, he does care about Bryan. Cue the Firefly Fun House, Bray states that he doesn’t want to know about Daniel, because The Fiend isn;t done with him yet. Wyatt asks if Miz wants to play with The Fiend at TLC instead.

Ramblin Rabbit attempts to stop Miz from accepting. Bray states that he had a family before, but wants a new one. Wyatt then holds a picture of The Miz’s familyand asks “Does Miz want to play now?”. The A-Lister, shooked runs off backstage as Wyatt waves goodbye.

Pretty good set-up. It was rumored that Miz was The Fiend’s original opponent for TLC and it looks like it’s going to happen. It’s amazing how Bray and Miz can string along a quick build that can make the crowd invested.

Alexa Bliss (with Nikki Cross) vs Mandy Rose (with Sonya DeVille). Alexa wins via Twisted Bliss pin fall.

This match was you would expect from a return of a very popular wrestler, that is Bliss. The two went at it at a fairly quick pace. Alexa throws down Rose, Mandy doges Alexa’s Baseball Slide. Rose hits a Knee Strike, Bliss locks in an Armbar, etc. What was the shock move of the match was Rose rips Alexa’s eye lashes out! WHAAAT?! Now this is getting personal. With Bliss in control, DeVille decides to interfere but Nikki ends it quickly. Allowing Alexa Bliss to hit the Twisted Bliss for the win.

This was an ok match, expect the eye lash rip to appear in future video packages. Bliss needed this win after being out for awhile and Rose can take losses, but still be valuable on TV. AKA “Eye Candy”, but it’s Sonya DeVille who takes the hit every week. DeVille should be a star like the way Shayna Baszler is. Sonya and Shayna are both bad ass ladies, but only one is portrayed as such (Baszler).

Drake Maverick enter’s a Rusev/Lashley type program.

Wow, this is something else. This segment fully combined the twitter flirtation between Dana Brookes and Dave Batista, A song from Elias that insinuated that The Drifter is in a relationship with Drake’s wife and a beating. This was almost like an absurd Spanish Novella. Drake hits on Dana again, asks what Batista has he doesn’t, Elias answers with a song.

Later on, Drake is in ring and calls out Elias. The Drifter beats Maverick down and Dana throws him back in for the Drift Away. Yup, confusing storytelling.. only to have a cheap pop. This was kind of funny, but it makes me recall that Vince loves this type of stories. Hence the Rusev/Lashley feud. Yuck.

Winner gets a tag team title match at TLC! Lacey Evans hits the Women’s Right. Big Dog claims his yard, again.

Tag Team Fatal 4-way. Heavy Machinery vs The Revival vs Mustafa Ali/Shorty G vs Lucha House Party. The Revival wins and will face New Day at TLC.

This was the match of the night. Whether it was because it was the longest and/or it was the only match that made a solid confirmation for TLC. There was so much talent in the ring that it could only steal the night away. However, it was the final two teams that solidify the burglary.

Heavy Machinery eliminates Luch House Party to no surprise. The Revival made sure that the powerhouse team of Heavy Machinery stayed at distance and eliminates Heavy Machinery. Now down to Mustafa Ali/Shorty G vsThe Revival.

The duo of Ali/Shorty G was awesome, they stung together exciting moves and probably stole the hearts of the fans. Alas, it is the born from birth tag team, The Revival that will face off against New Day. This was accomplished by The Revival’s Shatter Machine. Honestly. if WWE puts this match on the Network and/or Youtube.. watch it. This match was fantastic!

The Women’s Right and awkwardness.

Lacey Evans continues her baby face transformation, yet it felt more forced this week. Please WWE.. LET IT HAPPEN ORGANICALLY!! What we got was a squash match between Lacy and local talent Haley Jones. Then afterwards Sasha Banks and Bayley attack Evans after much trash talk from Banks. During the promo, Evans seemed to be forced to tell the world that she is a Marine. Most know this and it was one of the reason Evans was supported, but stop shoveling it down our throats WWE. This an alright build for TLC.

Roman Reigns vs Dolph Ziggler. Roman wins via Spear pin fall

What? Dolph Ziggler is still around? At this point, Ziggler is becoming a Randy Orton knock off.. The Mid Card Apex Predator. This went the way everyone expected. Ziggler using quick strikes, Roman using his power. After a few two counts, King Corbin music hits. After a good match between Ziggler and Reigns, Corbin interferes. The newest King is rewarded with a Superman Punch from Roman. The Big Dog then hits a Spear on Dolph for the win.

Expected? Yes. Was it a good match for Roman and Dolph? Hell, yeah.. even with the Corbin placement. Expect to see a Corbin vs Roman match at TLC.-David G.



Current PPV Cards:

WWE TLC: December 15

No matches have been announced officially on TV, but these 3 have been advertised elsewhere…

Tables Match: Roman Reigns vs King Corbin

Women’s Tag Title TLC Match: Kabuki Warriors vs Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair

Rusev vs Lashley

NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool 2: January 12

UK Title Match: Walter© vs Joe Coffey


  • Chris DeJoseph, former WWE writer and co-creator of Lucha Underground has left MLW and rejoined WWE.
  • John Morrison aka Johnny Mundo (Lucha Underground), Johnny Impact (Impact Wrestling) has return to the WWE.
  • Charlotte Flair has filed trademarks for the names “Ashley Flair and Queen of Wrestling”. Andrade, Charlotte’s boyfriend has filed for “La Sombra and El Idolo”. This has nothing in the two leaving WWE, it is just the two filing for trademarks.
  • Luke Harper has also filed for trademarks on the name “Brodie Lee”. In which this case points to Harper leaving the WWE after his extended contract is to end.

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