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Week in pro wrestling 12/16/19: Closing 2019 out

This week in pro wrestling, closing 2019 out. Seth Rollins solidifies his heel turn. Chris Jericho is cocky against Jungle Boy, Jake Perry. AEW tag team title match. Will the Queen Of Spades retain her NXT title against Rhea Ripley? Let’s find out and close out this year of pro wrestling.


Monday Night Raw:

“The Kingslayer” comes home on this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, but from this point forward, he isn’t coming alone.

The Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, IA housed this week’s edition of the broadcast on 12/16/19.

The former favorite favorite of Des Moines, now newly minted heel, Seth Rollins, opens the show talking about being a leader and while it isn’t always about being popular, it’s about progress.

He states that the AoP is on the right side of history, and 2020 will be the leader of the next generation. He then apologizes in advance what what he’s got to do tonight.

The OC defeated the Viking Raiders in a non-title contest after hitting the Magic Killer on Erik. This was a very competitive match and I’m very glad to see the OC getting treated with the proper respect. None of us are fans of fifty/fifty booking, but in this case, the OC won immediately after a double count-out at the PPV last night, so that’s somewhat different.

Obviously now they’re immediately at the top of the list for a title match and I’m sure we all expect the Raiders to retain the belts, but it’ll be a fine feud nevertheless.

Erick Rowan defeats another enhancement talent with the Iron Claw Slam. This reveal had better be worth it, or this rising star is dead in the water. I don’t even know if they know what’s under the blanket yet.

Andrade and Zelina Vega are backstage for an interview and they are taking Humberto Carrillo very seriously now.

I Want You To Ask Me

Not exactly the proper wording for the eighties hit, but boy, did we get a doozy of a segment next. Coming off a win over Rusev at the PPV, Bobby Lashley and Lana are all smiles. She was in full annoyance mode and the crowd ate it up, hook, line, and sinker.

Lana is over the moon for her new man and she pulls out a ring box as the crowd boos. She doesn’t propose to Lashley, she tells Lashley that she wants him to ask her to marry him. Lashley is annoyed by this and he doesn’t like when anyone tells him what to do, except her.

He drops to one knee and proposes and Lana says yes and that they will be the next big power couple in WWE history. The wedding will be on the final Raw of the year. This stuff is so corny, but I’m eating it up and enjoying every minute of it, I don’t know why.

Promise Keepers

They had a marvelous gauntlet match to determine the number one contender to Rey Mysterio and the US Title, but the problem is, they had no finish!

A lot of under utilized talent had a chance to shine in this match for a smattering of time, but to quickly recap, and you definitely need to go watch this one, R-Truth was rolled up by Akira Tozawa for the first fall, and of course, Truth was chased by jobbers after his 24/7 title, which wasn’t on the line in this one.

Tozawa and Ricochet had a solid match and it was Ricochet who came away with the win here after the Recoil. Ricochet then did business with the veteran Matt Hardy and they teased near falls on several occasions in this one. Ricochet went for a standing shooting star press, but Hardy moved. Counters continued, but it was Ricochet who struck pay dirt again with an inside cradle for the three count.

Ricochet is a major star and needs to be booked as such in my opinion. After a nice title run, he’s been treading water as of late. He did however swim fast and furious for a few minutes as he and Humberto Carrillo did business and had a great interaction. It came down to Carrillo hitting his signature moonsault for the victory and it would be Carrillo and Andrade in the final.

Rey Mysterio was watching all of this backstage on a monitor. Zelina Vega comes out and Andrade sneak attacks Carrillo from behind. He throws Humberto into the barricade and then he pulls up the padding, hitting the Hammerlock DDT on the exposed concrete floor. Carrillo sold the brutal attack, but after all that, the match was thrown out. Rey Mysterio runs down to check on the young talent, and he is eventually stretchered out.

Seth Rollins and the AoP are out and they back Mysterio down to the ring. Rollins is clutching a lead pipe and he says he’s just here to return this to Rey Mysterio since he let Kevin Owens borrow it last week.

Rollins declares himself a merciful leader and they go to leave, but Rollins strikes with the Blackout Stomp, and he’s in and out like a demon’s whisper. He challenges Mysterio for the US Title after the break for next week’s Raw. It’s later made official. That’ll be an excellent match.

Asuka defeats “The Virtuoso” Deonna Purrazzo with the Asuka Lock, submitting the NXT star on live TV. It was great to see Deonna on the show, and I don’t know if this was a one off or what. She gave “The Empress” what for early in the match, but this was all Asuka as they build towards a program with Becky Lynch at the Rumble that everyone can see coming.

Kairi Sane made her way out onto the entrance ramp with her tag team partner, but it was a brief cameo as she recovers from a concussion she received at the PPV.

Becky Lynch lays out that challenge backstage after the match and she says she hasn’t beaten Asuka, but that’s all about to change.

One Deadly Move

The main event saw two great veterans battling it out and it was “The Viper” Randy Orton coming away with a victory over AJ Styles after the dreaded RKO. This one was given some time and it went back and forth, but it was the RKO that sealed the deal after Styles went for the Phenomenal Forearm, but was baited once by Orton and then struck on the second attempt.

The OC hit the ring after the match and they attacked Orton, but the Viking Raiders cleared the ring to end the show. A six man tag before the holidays next week in the main event? I can get behind that, another solid Raw this week.

AEW Dynamite:

Live from Corpus Christie, Texas. AEW Dynamite provides some questions and answers. Who will walk out as AWE tag team champions? A rematch has been sanctioned, can Jungle Boy survive Le Champion? A number 1 contender’s match for the Women’s AEW title! Awesome Kong returns! Find out all you need to know, because this is Dynamite!

Friendships ending? A rematch from past. Awesome Kong returns to action.

Lucha Bros vs Kenny Omega/Adam Hangman Page. Lucha Bros win via Double Stomp/Package Powerdriver pin fall.

Another action packed start to Dynamite, which is the usual. Another thing that is the usual is the Lucha Bros ignoring classic tags for a tag team match. The only reason I say this is because it was rumored that this type of wrestling was addressed last week by Jericho. Alas, the Lucha Bros do not answer to anyone and continue the style to much of traditionalists dismay. What did the fans get? A fantastic match if you sustain belief in traditional tag team rules. That is not a bad thing, but can hamper the the original AEW mantra of being a real sports type environment.

The match was a tad long and it showed in the closing minutes. With a fighting Omega reaching out to Page, Pentagon Jr swipes the Hangman’s leg. Page gets the hot tag and unloads on the Bros. However, the Lucha Bros regain control of the match and deliver the Stomp to Package Powerdriver combo for the win. This ending lead to Page and Omega arguing and furthering the story line of Adam turning heel.

Great match, but someone should really put a stop from Lucha Bros ignoring a classic tag in/out. It really makes the main person in charge look weak, the Ref. If a referee can not control a match, then what are they good for? It’s the little things that AWE does so right, but fails at it when the Lucha Bros are having a tag match.

The Butcher/Blade vs Cody Rhodes/Darby Allin. Cody wins via Cosy Cutter pin fall.

This was a classic Heel vs Face team match, nothing to special. Of course the heels of Butcher and Blade beat down Cody, severing as the sacrificial lamb. Darby gets the hot tag but can not complete the overall win. Now Cody is tagged in and hits a Cross Rhodes (the real one) on the Blade. Only to have the count broken up by Bunny, the heel’s manager. Allin and Cody hit a Double Tope’ Dive and sets up Allin’s Coffin Drop on the Butcher. Cody finishes the match with a Cody Cutter for the pin fall.

The only reason Darby Allin teamed up with Cody is to have a rematch from the Fyter’s Fest draw they had earlier this year. If this is the way.. why couldn’t Rhodes and Allin lose? It is not like the duo needed this win, but Butcher/Blade REALLY needed it. Now, the trio of Butcher/Blade/Bunny seem like a jobber act in a crowded tag division for AEW. Nice set up for Allin vs Cody, but at the cost of Butcher/Blade/Bunny.

Awesome Kong vs Miranda Cruze. Kong wins via Double Wing Facebuster pin fall.

Yup, Kong is back!! The sad thing is, it was a total squash match. Kong quickly lands a Double Wing Facebuster for the pin over Cruz. Let’s take an observation look on this, we all know Kong is unstoppable. That being said, why do this and not further The Nightmare Collective story? The match had nothing to do for story line, It was just “Oh, look! we have a Kong!” approach. Boo this match.

Arise a new hero. Number one women’s contender match. The main event.

Jungle Boy Vs AEW’s World Champion Chris Jericho. A draw, after ten minutes.

Yup, you read that right.. it was a draw! How did it become this way? Le Champion Chris Jericho became cocky and said Jungle Boy would not last ten minutes in the ring with him. So it began, a ten minute match between Le Champion and the crowd favorite, Jake Perry the Jungle Boy. It has been a known fact that Jungle Boy did not want the attention of his name. That being “Perry”, as in the late Luke Perry. Jake wanted to make a name for himself without his father’s celebrity status and he did just that.

AEW commentators (and I guess brass) finally gave Jungle Boy’s name in the match. Along with Jake Perry’s sister, mother AND grandmother watching his biggest match at ringside. I am going to ignore that Jungle Boy is Luke Perry’s son and enjoy what Jake can bring to the ring. Boy oh boy does he bring it! Whatever the heel Le Champion brings, Jungle Boy counters it with pure heart. Leaving a fantastic story of being an underdog.

The match of matches.

After a squabble between Luchasaurus and Jake Hager, the two are booted from the match. Leaving Jericho against Jungle Boy. The Pain Maker has trouble gaining ground against his younger and quicker opponent. Yet, Jericho has his experience and Jungle Boy is learning on the fly. After a set of Tope Dives and Plancha’s by Jungle Boy, the Le Champion regains control. Jericho hits a Powerbomb to Lion Tamer (or Walls Of Jericho) onto the youngster. With 90 seconds left, Jungle Boy survives the submission hold!

Jericho is infuriated! Le Champion demands another five minutes to finish off Jungle Boy an seemingly gets it. Back into the ring, Jericho takes it to Jake Perry. However, the resilient Jungle Boy almost pins the AEW champ twice! Leading to Jericho to leave the match, to the dismay of the crowd at home and in the arena.

Le Champion is still the best… on the mic.

After the match, Jericho destroyed the surrounding area in anger. Le Champion then shouts towards Jungle Boy’s family at ringside. Jericho was not done yet, as the crowd chanted something that rhymes with “RassRoll”, Chris embraced it. After egging on the “RassRoll” chant, Tony Schiavone interviews Jericho on top of the ramp. Tony asks about Jungle Boy surviving the ten minutes. Chris states “that’s what I said!”, Tony said yes you did, and a childish Jericho retorts back “that’s not what I said!”. You are a god on the mic Chris Jericho!

Afterwards, Jericho is still inviting Jon Moxley to the Inner Circle. Le Champion again states on how he knows Moxley.. his wife (who is in WWE) and his mother. The Inventor of Inventors closes with wishing Jon Moxley a happy holidays and will have his answer in 2020.

Kris Statlander vs Dr Britt Baker D.M.D for number one contender for AEW’s Women’s Championship. Statlander wins via Big Bang pin fall.

The Dr attempts to lock in the Lockjaw immediately on everyone’s favorite alien. However, the sheer power of Statlander denies the hold. What followed was a standard power vs speed/technical match. It looks like the duo may needed more time to plan the match out, because they just seemed out of sync. After the tussle of power vs speed, Britt Baker finally cinches in the LockJaw. Alas, it was proven futile as Statlander powered through the hold again and hit the Big Bang for the win.

Afterwards, Tony Schiavone interviews Kris and receives the “boop” on the nose. That is Kris Stratlander’s character way of saying she likes you. Brandi Rhodes interrupts the segment and again tries to recruit Kris. Everyone’s Favorite Alien teased a “boop” to Brandi, but declined. Leading Awesome Kong and Melanie Cruise to attack Statlander. Sadie Gibbs comes out to check on Kris, this may lead to a team up between the two.

This was ok, the match did nothing but strap a rocket to Statlander’s back at the cost of Britt. Now Riho, who is on a Brock Lesnar type appearance seems to have another tough test. I’m not understanding why AEW is booking their highest paid (I’m assuming due to pyros used for entrances) to lose so often. The whole Brandi’s Nightmare Collective is just getting weaker and weaker every week.

SCU (Scorpio Sky/Frankie Kazarian) vs The Young Buck for the AEW Tag Team titles. SCU retain titles via SCU-Later pin fall.

This was a very good match, but without the time it needed. The Young Bucks were determined to be on top of the mountain yet again. SCU had other thoughts, wanting to retain the newfound glory. Both teams really had great chemistry in the ring. The move of the night happened with both Scorpio and Nick Jackson springboard up from the second rope. Then while on the top rope, the duo balanced each other out and Nick hit Super Hurricanrana on Sky! Frankie provide the muscle of the match and Matt Jackson sold his “injuries” from last week.

In the closing minutes, SCU had double Dragon Sleepers on the Bucks. Yet Matt slips out and hits a German Suplex on Frankie onto Scorpio breaking the other Dragon Sleeper. Frankie then hits a dangerously looking Tornado DDT on Matt on the edge of the ring. Allowing Scorpio and Frankie to it the SCU-Later to retain the titles.

But wait, there’s more..

After the match The Dark Order come out and state this is a recruitment, it’s an initiation. The Creepers surround the ring and attack both the Young Bucks and SCU. The numbers of The Creepers was massive, it was looking like an evil version of Pikmin. The Elite, Kenny Omega, Cody and Dustin Rhodes run out for the save. Yet the shear numbers of The Dark Order is too much and they fall. Could there be one more save, maybe from Adam Hangman Page? Nope, he never showed up. Alex Reynolds and John Silver have passed the initiation and are now in The Dark Order. The show closes with the evil Dark Order standing tall, just in time for the Holidays.


The show was solid, however new concerns arose from it. How many dominate factions does AEW think it needs? There is certainly a trend in building them in the program. In fact, THREE seemingly back to back segments was about recruiting. Jericho recruiting Moxley, Brandi to Statlander, and The Dark Order with Alex and John. I mean, is there enough talent AND screen time for all of this?

Also, what is it with the big names in AEW losing a lot? There is a reason people were curious about AEW’s debut, it had top indie names on the roster. Now they are regulated to put over lesser known talents. I get that Cody and pals want to do that and make stars of their own. The thing is, it may hurt their stock and the casual fans may start to think “why are these people so special?”. I am not saying that the top names need a “John Cena/Hulk Hogan” run and they beat everyone without breaking a sweat. Just remind the casual and new fans why they are the top talents in AEW.

The show was solid, I just was hoping for an all out assault on my wrestling senses for the last Dynamite of the year. A big super twist, a huge title change, a party, something! What we got was a solid show, that barely push any narrative forward. That’s all for Dynamite this year! I hope the next year will bring even more excitement to the program.-David G


NXT Title Match: Adam Cole© vs Finn Balor

It was 20ish minutes of mostly even back and forth that didn’t quite move into the next gear until near the end. Some ringside “fans” wound up under the barrier when the competitors crashed through it. Balor missed his first attempt at a Coup de gras and sold a leg injury while Cole hit a Last Shot for a near fall.

Eventually Balor landed his next Coup de Gras, but while he was setting up for the 1917 DDT he got distracted by a returning Johnny Gargano on the stage. With both Balor and the ref focused on Gargano, Cole hit a low blow followed by a bare knee Last Shot. That was good enough for the 3 count, and Cole took off while Johnny sought some revenge on Balor in the form of a steel chair.

Overall it felt like they were holding back from presenting the epic match these two are capable of giving us to allow for the larger story to follow. Hopefully someday Cole and Balor will meet again with a bit more story behind the match and deliver a true epic. For now, Balor has Gargano to deal with while Cole moves on to a different challenger (likely Ciampa).

Damian Priest vs Killian Dain

This match was supposed to happen last week, but Priest needed more time to recover from injuries suffered at TakeOver. Even here, the Archer of Infamy arrived with taped ribs that were a clear target for his foe. The big men pounded each other with brutal punches and kicks, but the rib injury prevented Priest from sustaining any lengthy offensive run.

Dain, on the other hand, was vicious in his assault and had the match in hand much of the time. Damian was tenacious though and fought his way back. He gained a fair amount of support from the fans along the way too. When all was said and done, Priest was able to hit The Reckoning for the win.

Cameron Grimes vs Kushida

Kushida arrived wearing the hat he stole from Grimes last week. That early show of superiority allowed him to mostly dominate the first half of the match, because Grimes was definitely happy. This pair has fantastic chemistry in the ring though, and that allows them to put on an impressive display of quick moves.

Back from commercial break Grimes has found his footing and evened things up significantly. A number of near falls peppered the second half until Grimes finally hit his “Cave In” move for the final count. These two rising stars have been impressive in both of their matches thus far and are currently tied at one win a piece. The eventual rubber match should be a show stealer.

Io Shirai vs Santana Garrett

Local favorite Garrett made the most of her opportunity here working with an established star. She held her own and looked great in defeat. Ultimately though, this was a showcase for Shirai to keep her fresh in the minds of fans so she can jump back into title contention when she’s needed.

Pete Dunne vs Travis Banks

This match was our weekly reminder that NXT will compete against NXT UK at the Worlds Collide event the night before the Royal Rumble. It’s interesting that this week’s NXT representative was actually a former UK Champion, but the history between the men allowed for a really fun match. There were plenty of near falls and Banks came close to winning two weeks in a row. The Bitter End was his undoing though, and the Bruiserweight was the victor.

NXT Women’s Title Match: Shayna Baszler© vs Rhea Ripley

This match was everything it was hyped to be as the culmination of a long journey for all involved. Baszler’s Horsewomen interfered early on, but Ripley fended them off pretty well. They eventually got caught and ejected by the referee.

At one point, Ripley had the match won and the champ pinned, but the ref had been knocked out and couldn’t make the 3 count. With her friends no longer available, Baszler introduced a chair that nearly got the job done, but amazingly Ripley kicked out of another pin attempt.

Even more amazing was Ripley surviving a lengthy stint in the Kirafuda clutch. She nearly passed out on more than one occasion. After failing to score a submission of her own, it was a Riptide from that 2nd turn buckle that finally allowed Rhea to pin the champ. A massive celebration ensued with a ring full of people from the locker room cheering on Ripley’s success. This was the culmination of months worth of quality, star-making story telling with Ripley. She came out of Survivor Series weekend with more momentum than almost anyone on any of the rosters, and here they capitalized on that to crown her as the first woman to hold both the NXT UK and the NXT Women’s Titles.

Friday Night SmackDown:

The final live WWE show before Christmas. Will we receive gifts or coal? Rivals find a common ground. A love story the fans want! All with a bunch of holiday cheer. Let’s dive into Friday Night SmackDown!

Rivals unite. Otis.. the real MVP! Money Mella faces off against The Fire.

The opening.

Daniel Bryan opens the show and cuts a promo about The Fiend Bray Wyatt changed him. However, The American Dragon states that he will change The Fiend as well. The Miz enters and goes on about protecting family and taking the one thing Bray has, his title. Lastly, King Corbin shows up insults the duo as bad fathers and Dolph Ziggler blindsides them. This all leading up to a match later tonight.

I like Corbin for what he is.. a heel. However, the weekly dose of Corbin that the WWE is giving us is too much. It’s like Corbin is the Roman Reigns of heels, just not as captivating. Less is more WWE, less is more.

The love story we thought would never start. Plus Heavy Machinery vs The Revival in a Miracle On 34th Street Fight. Heavy Machinery wins via Compactor pin fall.

Before the obligatory holiday themed bout, we get a backstage segement. It’s Heavy Machinery’s Tucker talking about Otis’s love for ham and his big heart. Mandy Rose then enters to say she drew Otis as a secret Santa. After what happened to Otis last week, Rose gifted Otis a new ham and a kiss on the cheek! Yes, please WWE make this happen!

The match between The Revival and Heavy Machinery was your standard holiday match. Faces get beaten down with the use of holiday props. Hot tags ensue, Otis comes off as God of crowd pop. Heavy Machinery wins with the Compactor. After the match the ham Rose gifted to Otis was damaged. Dozer apologies to Rose about the ham and Mandy says it’s ok and gives him a hug. Otis is about to lose it, however, as Rose pulls away from the hug she is covered in Otis’s sweat. Mandy then sighs and leaves. MAKE THIS HAPPEN WWE!

Quick match. Longer match. Back to quick matches.

Carmella vs Sonya DeVille. Carmela wins via Code Of Silence submission.

Eh, still trying to wonder why this happened. The match seemed so thrown together and out of place. Carmella and Sonya do not have any true feud story lines happening, just this match. The ending came in about 90 seconds into the match. The awful part was Sonya tapping out before the Code Of Silence was fully locked in. Horrible.

New Day vs Shinsuke/Cesaro. New Day wins via roll up pin fall.

Carmella parties with New Day after winning and the SmackDown Tag champs go on for a match. Look, these four guys are uber talented and they can string together a decent match without trying. This is one of those matches. New Day and Shin/Cesaro put on a good match with all the signature spots. The bad taste was that the most powerful move in modern pro wrestling was used to end the match. The dreaded Roll Up.. come on, these guys deserve a better ending.

Bayley vs Dana Brooks AND Sasha Banks vs Lacey Evans. Bayley wins via Headlock Driver for pin fall. Sasha and Lacey draw with double count out.

Sigh, again. After the high WWE gave me with Otis and Mandy Rose, it is hard to come back to short matches that have no consequences. Dana Brooks loses to Bayley and for what? Then Bayley and Sasha taunts Brooks only to be saved by new baby face Lacey Evans. Because Evans hates bullies, Yeah she forgot she was one.

Next up Sasha and Lacey fight only to be counted out. Banks then gets into it with a fan at ringside, however it is Lacey’s daughter. Evans then loses it and attacks Banks, with Dana pulling them apart. What is really going on here, everything about these two matches felt planned 20mins before the show started.

Main Event.

The Miz/Daniel Bryan vs King Corbin/Dolph Ziggler. The Miz wins via Figure Four submission.

Yeah you read that right, The Miz won with a Figure Four, something one his mentors usually doesn’t do, Ric Flair. This was pretty straightforward, heel beat up arguing face team mates. The faces turn the tide and pick up the win. Shortly before the show goes off air, WWE announced that next week there will be a Triple Threat Match for the number one contender for Bray’s title. Then a whole 3mins before the show should end, The Fiend’s lights out happens. That’s it, nothing.. I sat through commercials and was rewarded by local news. Umm, ok.


This was a sub par Smackdown, the only thing of significance was the Otis/Mandy Rose angle. Which made Otis trend on twitter throughout the show. Other than that, you can see everyone was on cruise control for the holidays. I can’t blame them, they have a hectic schedule. However, I do feel bad for the fans that bought a ticket and was presented this. Hopefully, WWE will start the new year off with a bang.-David G.


General WWE News

~All 3 members of New Day signed 5 year contract extensions. Reports are that they negotiated together as a trio. The Street Profits also signed new multi-year deals.

~Similar to the use of NXT roster member Deonna Purrazzo on Raw this week, next week’s pretaped holiday episode will feature an appearance by fellow NXT superstar Chelsea Green. These are not official roster changes, just one off special appearances to work as enhancement talent.

~Former creative writer Chris DeJoseph returned to the WWE fold recently. He previously worked for the company from 2004-2010. While away he had a successful run as executive producer of Lucha Underground as well as a short stint with MLW.

~NXT’s Dusty Classic tag tournament will be returning in the new year. They began advertising this week that the participating teams will be announced on the January 1 episode of NXT.

TLC Fallout

~Although WWE has yet to release any official statements on the matter, most viewers feel that Kairi Sane suffered a clear head injury during the main event of TLC. She was noticeably “off” during parts of the match as if she was out on her feet. Her partner Asuka and opponent Becky Lynch both took control of the match and protected Sane as best they could. After the show, Sane tweeted a simple thumbs up emoji to let fans know she was ok, and both Lynch and Charlotte Flair replied with tweets of their own calling her a warrior.

~In light of the situation with Sane, a lot of focus has been put on the lack of clear protocols for such situations. They’ve come a long way regarding how head injuries are handled after the fact, but there should also be greater care taken with how to handle them during matches. While the other competitors in the match deserve appreciation for how they stepped up to protect Sane when they noticed something was wrong, it should have been the match officials who stepped in and got her out of harm’s way. Hopefully this incident leads to new policies and protocols going forward.

~Vince McMahon and Triple H were reportedly not in attendance at the TLC event. They approved plans over the phone before the show started, but then Raw exec Paul Heyman and Smackdown exec Bruce Pritchard were in Gorilla for their show’s matches.

Other News

It’s possible that the man formerly known as Sin Cara could eventually face some legal difficulties after appearing at a AAA show using that name just days after being granted his release from WWE. Not only does WWE own the name Sin Cara, but it was believed that all of last week’s releases had to wait out 90 day no compete clauses before appearing for other companies. The man himself claims he is not beholden to such a clause and also announced that he will pay tribute to one of his heroes by going under the name Cinta de Oro moving forward.

Current PPV Cards:

NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool 2: January 12

  • UK Title Match: Walter© vs Joe Coffey
  • NXT UK Women’s Title: Kay Lee Ray© vs Piper Niven vs Toni Storm
  • UK Tag Titles: 4 Way Ladder Match: Gallus© vs Imperium vs Grizzled Young Veterans vs Andrews & Webster

NXT and NXT UK Worlds Collide: January 25

WWE Royal Rumble: January 26

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