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Week in pro wrestling 12/09/19: TLC go home shows

This week in pro wrestling, are the TLC go home shows for WWE. Seth Rollins has completed his heel turn! Lana and Rusev divorce. Will MJF accept Cody’s proposal and will Jon Moxley accept Le Champion’s? A new number one contender for NXT’s Championship! New champion for an NXT title! Can the Miz keep his family safe? Roman Reigns gets revenge! Let’s dive in!

Monday Night Raw:

Turn first before they turn on you, such was the theme for this week’s edition of Monday Night Raw.

The Bon Secours Wellness Arena was home to this week’s episode of the broadcast, live from Greenville, SC on 12/9/19.

Jerry “The King” Lawler hosted a rather entertaining divorce proceeding which featured Lana at her annoying best and Rusev, a man seemingly happy to be free as exhibited by his duck t-shirt he had on underneath a sports coat. Lana plans to marry Bobby Lashley after the divorce is final and when all was said and done, we seem to have laid the foundation for a “Tables Match” this weekend at TLC between Rusev and Lashley.

Kevin Owens is looking for retribution on AoP for their assault last week and he runs into Rey Mysterio, who hands him an equalizer in the form of a lead pipe.

Matt Hardy is annihilated by Drew McIntyre who defeats him following a Claymore Kick. Before the match, Drew said some words about Hardy’s past and his family which followed up Hardy, but to no avail. We need the see the return of “Broken” Matt, sooner, rather than later.

Becky Lynch is preparing for a handicap match against The Kabuki Warriors. Charlotte Flair offers assistance, but “The Man” will go it alone.

He Went That Way

Mojo Rawley has a bit of a laugh at the expense of Kevin Owens, who asks him if he’s seen the AoP. Rawley directs him in both directions and Owens slaps the taste of his mouth.

Batista is to be inducted into the 2020 Hall Of Fame, along with the nWo. I agree with CM Punk’s statement, it needs to be everybody. What the heck did Scott “Flash” Norton ever do wrong? He was one of my favorites.

The Viking Raiders issue an open challenge which leads to a match with the Street Profits. Both teams have plenty of offense, but it’s way too short and the Raiders win after the Viking Experience on Montez Ford. I believe this is the first pin fall loss by the Profits on Raw. They are so entertaining and great hands in the ring. They need to be treated better than this.

Seth Rollins comes to the ring to a chorus of boos and he calls out AoP. He states that they have unfinished business and this leads to Kevin Owens coming out with pipe in hand. He says that Rollins knows when they’ll arrive and Seth denies it. At that point, AoP arrive in a van backstage and Rollins says it’s just coincidence. Owens runs him down and Rollins leaves, saying he can’t win.

Sami Zayn makes a cameo on Raw and he comes out to defend the honor of Mojo Rawley, who flanks him, while Owens is still in the ring. Zayn takes up Mojo’s cause and it ends badley. Rawley eats a stunner and then gets nailed with the pipe and Owens takes his own leave, still hunting for the AoP.

Lightning Quick

Akira Tozawa is the next victim for Aleister Black. Everyone knew how this match would end, but this was executed so perfectly. Tozawa has a quick offensive flurry, but Black counters a suicide dive attempt with a knee strike and then he hits the Black Mass. The finish was so perfectly timed that the crowd ate it up. He and Buddy Murphy need to be given time to have a quality performance this weekend.

Humberto Carrillo and Andrade have a match after a run-in backstage with Humberto and Zelina Vega.

This was another fantastic contest, and Humberto scores the upset victory after he puts on the brakes after almost hitting Vega, he sidesteps and Andrade runs her down. A victory roll leads to a Carrillo victory and as he celebrates, a shouting match ensues between Vega and Andrade. I hope the fed isn’t dumb enough to split these two up, they are perfect on screen together and Andrade needs a title in his future, he deserves it.

Rey Mysterio promotes his title defense against AJ Styles in the main event tonight. Mysterio has been excellent on the mic as of late.

Buddy Murphy makes short work of Zack Ryder with Murphy’s Law, getting another impressive victory as he readies for the match with Aleister Black at TLC.

The Reveal

Kevin Owens finally happens upon the van that pulled up with AoP. He frantically attacks the doors with his lead pipe and he throws open the back door where he sees a hooded figure with his back to him.

AoP strikes and Owens is viciously assaulted, including a spot where Akem and Razar slam his head in the door. The figure pulls back his hood and reveals himself to be Seth Rollins in a very “It’s Me Austin!” higher power reveal. Rollins hits the Blackout Stomp and then he hits the ring and cuts his best promo of the year.

Seriously, go watch this, it’s from the heart and probably was him venting a great deal of the frustration he’s been experiencing this year including being booked in a no-win situation against a red-hot Fiend which led to the fans turning on him. The AoP stands at his side and they leave together, having formed another impressive trio on Raw.

Kevin Owen is loaded into an ambulance and stretchered out after the brutal assault.

All Out War

Becky Lynch wins a handicap match against the Women’s tag team champions, but she loses the war. Lynch had the Disarmher applied to Kairi Sane, but Asuka pulls her partner out of harm’s way and she assaults Lynch with a steel chair. A table is then set up and Lynch is placed on it where Sane nails one of the most impressive Insane elbows we’ve seen to date.

Lynch is iced up backstage after a break where Charlotte comes to check on her and then she is assaulted by the champs in the hallway. Sane and Asuka have fared very well recently. Good for them.

Erick Rowan squashes an enhancement talent who carries the pet cage atop the ramp and tries to win via countout. Smart, but he fails. He eats three iron claw slams for his efforts, ballgame.

Charlotte and Lynch are challenged by Sane and Asuka to a TLC match for their titles at the PPV. Uh, yes please!

Rey Mysterio successfully defends his US Title against AJ Styles after another exciting bout between the two as “The Viper” Randy Orton slithers into the ring, coiled and ready to strike, except he doesn’t.

The distraction allows Mysterio hit hit a rollup for the count as Orton grins and exits, backing up the ramp before waving to Styles to further their feud as the show goes off the air.

TLC is setting up a fine card but we don’t have any major title matches set. They need to change that format quickly. Having said that, another impressive outing this week for Monday Night Raw.-Joel M.

AEW Dynamite:

AEW Dynamite an insane Street Fight between the Young Bucks and Santana and Ortiz. Jon Moxley receives a proposition. The Blade and Butcher first in ring action! Will MJF accept Cody’s invitational? Hot new debut for AEW Dynamite. Is Adam Hangman Page showing frustration that may lead him to turn heel? Find out all you need to know, because this is Dynamite!

An invitation. Butcher and Blade in ring debut. MJF accepts Cody’s proposal.

Jon Moxley vs Alex Reynolds. Moxley wins via Paradigm Shift pin fall.

If you blinked you missed the match, it was that quick. Moxley just squashes Alex and when Reynolds’ partner John Silver attempts to help, Silver is flattened. But wait, there’s more! Chris Jericho and The Inner Circle arrive. Jon surveys the environment and concludes he can not escape, but Jericho just wants to talk.

Le Champion goes on about the history the two have. From a cheeky nod to Mitch the plant in WWE to how Jon asked for advice from Chris. Jericho then extends an invitation to Moxley to join The Inner Circle and tells him to think it over the holidays. I really liked the story progression in this, which you will see is a theme for tonight’s show. Will Jon join The Inner Circle? Nah.. the faction would be too strong! However, I do see Jon joining them only to turn on the Inner Circle ala’ Randy Orton.

The Butcher/The Blade vs Cody/QT Marshall. The Butcher and Blade win via Cutter Lariat combo pin fall.

A pretty solid match! Cody using his stardom to put over everyone in the ring. Cody starts off hot with a big powerslam and near fall. As the match wore on, the heel team of Butcher/Blade took over. QT Marshall looked good in this match with an Enzuigiri and a set of high flying moves. Cody must have been training with Fenix because he did this fluid turnbuckle climb into a Cutter, props Cody. The Blade/Butcher’s manager, The Bunny got into it as well raking the eyes of Cody. Allowing the Blade/Butcher hit a Cutter/Lariat combo on QT for the win.

Like I said before, this match was solid. Allowing The Blade/Butcher get some credit and QT getting some crowd love. After the match, Darby Allin came down to extend his hand in friendship to Cody. In which, could set up a new mentor/student relationship.

Oh, that MJF

Maxwell Jacob Friedman, you are so damn good on the mic. MJF comes out and cuts a very good promo, not the best one yet in AEW, but very good. Cody’s former BFF calls out a stage handler form laughing at Cody’s joke last week and hits a Double Cross on the guy. To be fair it was a lot better than the last one. MJF goes on about how Cody is the fake one and one of the only thing real is his lisp. Ouch. Maxwell goes on to accept the match against Cody, but with stipulations. Those stipulations will be revealed on January 1st, 2020.

While I said that this wasn’t the best promo in AEW, it is only a matter of time for MJF. It’s not that he isn’t capable now to do it, he is. However, this wasn’t just it and he will have numerous attempts later down the line. Maxwell Jacob Friedman, is a perfect heel.

Dark Order recruits. Big Swole debuts on Dynamite! Adam Hangman Page heel turn?

Join them.

Another fantastic vignette for the Dark Order. This time Alex Reynolds is sitting in his hotel room watching a hotel commercial. All of the sudden it turns in to a Dark Order recruitment. Alex is confused but the commercial asks if he is tired of losing and join them. Alex’s partner John Silver asks who he is talking to. This was actually great, it has The Dark Order recruiting talented workers that are frustrated and have been losing. When it becomes a numbers game, The Dark Order may amass an army.

Big Swole vs Emi Sakura. Swole wins via  Dirty Dancing pin fall.

Recently acquired Big Swole debuts on Dynamite against the veteran Emi Sakura. I honestly thought Swole was going to squash Emi, I have been conditioned that way from other promotions. While Swole got the win, it wasn’t a squash and that is refreshing. Swole and Emi had the crowd at one point in their corner. Both ladies showcase big charisma along with big moves.

Some may say since Emi is a veteran of 24 years, this match may have been underwhelming. I found that it did it’s job, make the newcomer look strong without laying down. Emi hit a triple rolling Surfboard Stretcher, in my eyes a very difficult maneuver. Swole closes up the match with vicious Clothesline and the Dirty Dancing, which is like a twisting Rip Cord Lariat for the win. Nice move there Swole, I see you.

Kenny Omega/Adam Hangman Page vs Kip Sabian/Shawn Spears. Hangman wins via Buckshot Lariat pin fall.

Terry Blanchard explains that he is looking for a partner for Spears and found Kip. The Elite, umm… almost Elite because Page withdrew himself from the group due to losing, gain control. With big chops and hits, but the heels of Spears and Kip regain control. Now isolating Adam, the heels seem to be in full control. A hot tag to Omega launches a flurry of offense from the Cleaner. Just as Kenny was going to dive outside, Kips manager Penelope Ford intersects. Spears hits a Backstabber and springboard kick for two.

On the outside, Page still recovering is hit by a  nice Hurricanrana by Penelope. Kenny digs deep and hits V-Trigger on Kip. Before Omega can capitalize on the momentum, the lights cut out. When back on, atop of the ramp is Joey Janela. The Bad Boy kidnapped Terry Blanchard and tuants Shawn Spears. The Chairman, rushes to the ramp to save his mentor and Joey and Shawn go at it. Why there was no disqualification, I have no idea.

Back in the ring, Omega hits another V-Trigger on Kip and was about to end the match. However, Page blind tags in and lands the Buckshot Lariat for the win.  This sets up the commentary to say Omega did everything to win the match and Kenny giving shrugged look. This was great o further a story line and create a new one. It furthered the feud between Janela and Spears, while introducing a possible heel turn for Page.

Dinosaur vs a God. Brandi has a say. The main event!

Luchasaurus vs Sammy Guevara. Luchasaurus wins via Tombstone Flap Jack pin fall.

This was entertaining, not the best display of in ring work, but it’s a dinosaur vs a god!! I love pro wrestling. Both guys took to their gimmicks and applied here. Sammy being the speedy and cocky wrestler vs a the overlooked smart, yet powerful Luchasaurus. Take the gimmicks away and you have the classic power vs speed match. Which did it needed to do, making both look good. At hte end of a good match of speed vs power, Luchasaurus hits a big Roundhouse kick and follows up with a Tombstone Flap Jack for the win.

Jericho was on commentary for the match and Le Champion is too great with a mic in front of him. Not only Jericho displayed his hatred towards Jurassic Express, but gave praise to Luchasaurus. It’s the small things like that and make a new star become invincible. Afterwards Chris and Jake Hagar attack Luchasaurus. Only to have Jungle Boy make the save! Jungle Boy lands a Headscissors roll up and Marko Stunt made a three count! Not official, but damn gratifying.

Stop me if you heard this before.

Brandi Rhodes has a vignette about joining The Nightmare Collective and tells Kris Statlander the offer still stands. Then Mrs Nightmare goes and shoots from the hip and calls out AEW women talent. Brandi tells the current AEW Women’s Champion that she is too small (Umm, Is Vince writing this?). Then calls Britt Baker a groupie for talking about her boyfriend and NXT champion Adam Cole. At the end, she reveals the “fan” who joined last week.

Yet Brandi’s latest reveal was kept a secret for now. This would’ve been good if The Dark Order wasn’t doing it already. Add on that this doesn’t seem to gel with Brandi as a character, makes this a unnecessary promo.

The Young Bucks vs Santana/Ortiz in a Texas Street Fight for number one contender for the AEW Tag Team titles. Young Bucks win via Indie Driver through steel chairs for pin fall.

BAH GAWD MAN!! These men have families! If good ol’ JR said that, it would have been almost a perfect match. Before the teams and the match could “start” The Inner circle attacked Nick and Matt Jackson. With a little help from Brandon Culter, The Young Bucks regain momentum and puts Ortiz through a table from diving off of the ramp entrance! That’s the appetizer folks. Finally the fight gets to the ring and the match becomes a spot fiesta, in a great way.

From the loaded socks (a sock with filled with hard objects) used from the Proud and Powerful, to steel chairs used by both to Kendo sticks! This was like a Paul Heyman’s wet dream. Later on after the heels took control and was beating down Nick with the loaded socks. Until Nick’s brother makes the save with a Dallas Cowboy helmet on! This had a great pop from the Dallas crowd and protected Matt from the loaded sock. There was so many spots in this fight that I can’t even write them out.

In the closing minutes, Nick hits a Bulldog on Ortiz through two steel chairs. Then The Young Bucks hit a double Super Kick on Ortiz. After another steel chair assisted Super Kick from Nick, The Young Bucks hit the Indie Driver on Ortiz through steel chairs for the win. Now The Young Bucks will face off against SCU for the AEW Tag Team titles!


After taking in the show and having sometime to think about it. This may have been one of AEW’s best Dynamite shows! Why? Well, not by having an all out action show. It was the balance they had this week, something that was lacking since the beginning. Was the first Dynamite shows stupidly action packed?! Hell yeah! However, character building, a story for EVERY talent that graces the TV was not available.

This show did not waste ANYBODY’s time on TV, even a jobbers time on TV had a story line. What happened was that greater story arcs emerged. Who would’ve thought a team of John Silver and Alex Reynolds, who has lost every match so far, be integrated in a bigger story line? Same goes for Spears and Janela, I almost forgotten about their feud until tonight. Pac and Omega? Yup covered. The subtle tease of Adam Hangman Page turning on his Elite pals? Again, covered.

While I can go on and on about the show, one thing absolutely stood out to me. AEW heard some of the fan’s gripes and are slowly fixing them. It will be done within a month’s time, but I see progression in the fixes. Somethings other promos fail to do.-David G



“Madre Mia!”

The show kicked off with Lio Rush defending the Cruiserweight Title against Angel Garza. Garza’s mind games have clearly gotten into the champ’s head, and Rush attacks before formal intros are finished. The match is a fantastic display of smooth cruiserweight action with the added element of a story that actually has both men fired up and passionate. Garza wins with a submission version of his Wing Clipper finisher.

As a bonus, during post-match commercials Garza plucked his girlfriend from the front row and proposed to her in the middle of the ring. She said yes.

Grimes Games

Footage is shown of Cameron Grimes attacking Kushida at the PC earlier in the week. Raul Mendoza wants revenge on Grimes for being removed from a match with Kushida last week. In the ring Mendoza gets things off to a quick start, and Grimes never gets much chance to turn things around due to the distraction of Kushida outside the ring. Mendoza seizes upon the distraction for a fairly quick win, and Kushida further mocks Grimes by stealing his hat.


We get another preview of the upcoming Worlds Collide event. This week “Kiwi Buzzsaw” Travis Banks is visiting from UK for a match with Jaxon Ryker. It’s a fairly standard dominant big man vs tenacious underdog style of match. In this case, the underdog picked up the win.

Grudge Struggle

Mia Yim was looking for revenge against the woman who took her out of WarGames, Dakota Kai. This should have been an intense clash, but it didn’t have quite the same energy as their fight from last week. There even seemed to be some miscommunication at times. Kai got the win after sending Mia’s face into the metal portion of the turnbuckle. Yim didn’t take the loss lying down though and continued the fight after. The exclamation point was both women crashing from the tech booth into a pair of tables.

McDreamy & McSteamy

Breezango came out as medical doctors this week for their match against the Singh Brothers. There was unfortunately not great chemistry between the two teams and timing seemed off. The docs picked up the victory even if they weren’t quite as entertaining as usual.

reBuilding Belair

Bianca Belair hasn’t had a much too do that wasn’t part of a team lately, so this was a nice way to start reestablishing her star position. Kayden Carter, though not yet well established, is a quality opponent. Bianca kicked things off by tossing her jacket in Carter’s face, and never let off the gas until she had the win.

#1 Contender

Finn balor, Tomasso Ciampa and Keith Lee brought us a 3 way main event with #1 contender status on the line. All 3 men have been jockeying for that position for weeks now, and all three would be worthy of the title show. Cole watched the match from the perch above the announcers.

It was a typical triple threat full of chaos and creativity. All three men were extremely motivated to win, but in the end it is Balor who will face Cole next week for the belt.

Next Week

NXT Title Match: Adam Cole© vs Finn Balor

NXT Women’s Title Match: Shayna Baszler© vs Rhea Ripley


Non Title

The show kicked off with a decent match between UK Women’s champion Kay Lee Ray and Isla Dawn. Even though Dawn didn’t stand much of a chance to win, she was still allowed to look good prior to defeat. The real fun started after the match though when Piper Niven came out to confront Ray but Toni Storm ran past her to attack first. Sid Scala settled the bickering by announcing that KLR will defend her belt against both Niven and Storm in a triple threat at TakeOver.


Trent Seven was set to face newcomer Michael May, but Eddie Dennis yanked May out of the ring before the match got started. After doing his damage, Dennis tossed May back into the ring and strolled away satisfied.

Ridge Holland got to make a second impression in a squash match against Jack Starz. He’s got a great look, and the name is strong improvement over his real name Luke Menzies, but he’s just too stiff. He might have worked 30 years ago, but these days fans expect big men to still be able to move like men much smaller.

Tag Chaos

At last week’s summit between Joe Coffey and Walter, one of the terms they settled on was that Aichner and Barthel would get this opportunity at the tag titles currently held by Joe’s brother Mark and Wolfgang. It was a strong, brutally stiff match exactly as you would expect from two of the top teams in the division. At one point the ref even had to pause the match so Mark Coffey could be evaluated by medical to see if he was fit to continue.

Just when it seemed they might just fight forever (or kill each other in the process), the Grizzled Young Veterans arrived and tried to steal the title belts from ringside. They were stopped by Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster, but from there all hell broke loose. Johnny Saint hit the scene to get things under control, and Scala took possession of the belts. They announced that the next time they would be seen is hanging over the ring at TakeOver for a 4-way ladder match. ~Jason M.


Friday Night SmackDown:

On the final “Go Home Show” for WWE’s TLC PPV, we get an angry Roman Reigns. The Miz’s house is invaded by The Fiend! Will this final “Go Home Show” for TLC be golden or forgotten? Let’s dive in and find out! 

It’s a New Day. Battle of the Goddesses. Tag Team favorites vs Tag Team Gold.

The opening and a new start.

King Corbin and Dolph Ziggler atart off the show, sorry Bobby Roode and your wellness suspension. Corbin does what Corbin does, ignite heel heat. However, the mention of a “new day” brings forth The New Day! Back in forth banter ensues, with the mention of Kofi’s seconds of losing the title. Kofi brushes the insult off and calls himself The People’s Champion (yeah, he really did).

I can get behind Kofi being the People’s Champion, but not how Kofi brushed off a loss of the title in mere seconds to Brock Lesnar. Corbin again shows his mic skills, but Kofi ignited the crowd in proclaiming himself as the People’s Champion. Hey WWE, run with that and the fans would live it!

Nikki Cross/Alexa Bliss vs Fire and Desire. Cross wins via Neckbreaker  pin fall.

Sigh, what a waste of TV time. I say this only because Croos/Bliss have neaten Fire And Desire many time and clean. So what is the reason for this match? Is it a warm up for the injured but healed Bliss? Does it change the landscape of SDL’s women’s divion? Yes. Alexa needs some jobber matches and Cross needs a push. However, both Sonya DeVille and Mandy Rose need a push too! Not being a jobber team. Cross get the Neckbreaker in the end for the win.

The Revival vs Shorty G/Mustafa Ali. The Revival win via Shatter Machine pin fall.

This was an energetic and entertaining match, but a little too predictable and quick. The Revival take it to Chad Gable and ground him quickly. Ali gets the hot tag and explodes on the heels with his high flying move set. After the commercial break, Shorty G is in charge hitting a German Suplex. Ali is tagged in in and goes nuts, hitting a 450 Splash. However, it was not enough as Ali goes to springboard off the second turnbuckle only to get caught in the Shatter Machine. 1-2-3, The Revival wins.

Bayley hates people laughing at her. The Fiend invades The Miz’s house. The big boys take a hit.

Bayley vs Dana Brooks. Bayley wins via Knee Drop Face Plant pin fall.

Ok, I made up that Finisher’s name, but this what we have to work off of since there’s no name for it. After a backstage song by Elias taking shots at Bayley to Bayley and Dana laughing, we get this match. Kind of confusing, but fits the pro wrestling world.

In the ring Dana actually looked real good! Hitting moves that Dana wouldn’t get to do in the past, it must be a push for flirting with Dave Bautista on twitter. Anyways, Dana got to hit a Back Hand Spring Elbow outside the ring and a Top Turnbuckle Sunset Flip Powerbomb on Bayley. Hpwever, Bayley goes super heel and hits that Knee Drop Face Plant thingy for the win.

I like the fact Bayley now will fight for something as small as laughing at a joke. The Knee Drop thingy needs a cool name. Because it looks like a great finisher for heel Bayley. Dana looked very good in this match, hopefully she gets the chance to further shine in the future.

Miz has a lot to worry about.

An interview by Renee Young in the Miz’s house goes sideways. Shortly into the interview, Maryse screams for The A-Lister. The Miz and Mrs look upon a tablet that has a video stream into their youngest child, Madison’ bedroom. What they see is a static feed of Bray Wyatt and The Firefly Fun House puppets in Madison’s crib. Miz and Mrs run up to Madison’s bedroom and Miz tells Myaryse to go in ahead. Even when being a babyface, The Miz portrays heel like emotions. Madison is safe, but a Fiend like doll is left with her. Great segement, The Fiend feels more unstoppable. The Miz while a babyface, still has a hold of his heel tactics. I am looking forward for this match at TLC.

Shinsuke Nakamura/Cesaro vs Heavy Machinery. Shin wins via Kinshasha pin fall.

In a fight that began from a WWE secret Santa skit, we got a good but perplexing match. The obvious heels of Shin/Cesaro take on fan favorite and hometown boys Heavy Machinery. The great thing was the INSANE pop Otis got from the crowd, it may be the biggest one I’ve heard for Otis yet. This was your classic heel vs face match. Poor Tucker was the sacrificial lamb and took 90% of the beatings. As soon as Otis was hot tagged in , he took it to the heels. However, Zayn provided a distraction allowing Shin to hit the Kinshasa for the win. After hearing the crowd for many weeks/months.. just put the Tag Team Titles on Heavy Machinery. The fans would love to see Otis gyrate with the title on his waist.

A singles match turn tag match turn Roman Reigns destroying.

Kofi Kingston vs Baron Corbin. No winner

Kofi and Baron do their thing. Kofi fights back and Corbin is an absolute heel. After Dolph Ziggler is kicked out for interfering. The Showoff attacks New Day, ending the match. a fired up Big E announces that this is now a tag team match. This was announced with five minutes left in the show.. yeah. So it is now a tag team match, New Day vs Corbin/Ziggler.. with five minutes left.

The match is quick, with Corbin/Dolph chaining up Kofi like they did to Roman last week. Just before they can get the it going, The Big Dog’s music hits. Roman destroys the security Baron hred for the night and makes a bee-line to Corbin. Despite Corbins security and friends like The Revival, nothing will stop Reigns. The chaos ends with slamming Ziggler through a table and standing tall.-David G


Look, this wasn’t an awful show, just a show that seemed lacking. Sd WWE’s last show for the TLC PPV, things could’ve gone crazy. Alas, WWE stays safe and we will find out the consequences during TLC. Nt the worst SamckDown.. nor the best. -David G



-John Morrison made his 1st WWE appearance since resigning with the company by appearing on The Bump this week. Most of his time there was spent reminiscing about his previous WWE run and catching up on some of his accomplishments in the 8 years since he left. John has also been working out at the PC this week in preparation for his return to the WWE ring.

-Luke Harper, Sin Cara, the Ascension were all released from their WWE contracts to start the week. There are rumors more cuts may be on the way, but no one really knows who or when. All 4 of this week’s releases are subject to standard non-compete clauses before they can sign elsewhere.

-Robert Roode and Primo Colon were both given 30 day suspensions this week for Wellness Policy violations. While Colon hasn’t been seen on WWE TV in forever, Roode has been tagging with Dolph Ziggler. Rumors suggest the pair was originally supposed to be New Day’s opponents at TLC this Sunday but that changed due to Roode’s suspension.

-The headliners for the 2020 Hall of Fame class were announced this week. Having officially retired from the ring earlier this year, movie star Batista will be the top solo star inducted this year. The next faction entering the Hall will be the NWO. Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Sean Waltman (aka Sixx/X-Pac) will be the 4 men inducted as part of the stable (making all four men 2-time inductees).

Current PPV Cards:

WWE TLC: December 15

  • TLC Match: Roman Reigns vs King Corbin
  • Women’s Tag Title TLC Match: Kabuki Warriors© vs Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair
  • Tables Match: Rusev vs Lashley
  • Smackdown Tag Title Ladder Match: New Day© vs The Revival
  • Non-Title Match: Bray Wyatt© vs Miz
  • Aleister Black vs Buddy Murphy
  • Raw Tag Titles: Viking Raiders© vs TBD (open challenge)
  • Bayley vs Lacey Evans for the SD Women’s Title could be a late addition

NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool 2: January 12

  • UK Title Match: Walter© vs Joe Coffey
  • UK Women’s Title: Kay Lee Ray© vs Piper Niven vs Toni Storm
  • UK Tag Titles: 4 Way Ladder Match: Gallus© vs Imperium vs Grizzled Young Veterans vs Andrews & Webster

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