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Week in pro wrestling 1/13/20 Factions and a Bash

This week in pro wrestling, a new member to Seth Rollin’s faction, the return of Bash at the beach! A legend returns after 20yrs! Who was the last lady standing in NXT’s women’s Royal Rumble? Timesplitters reunite and a DIY reunion? 

Find out all you need to know right here!


Building The Broken leads to Strong Stable Presence On Raw

The 1/13/20 edition of Monday Night Raw came to us this week from the Rupp Arena In Lexington, KY as words are exchanged between “The Viper” Randy Orton and AJ Styles as they continue their program

Building Momentum

Drew McIntyre intercedes and he seems to be continuing towards a face turn of sorts, or at the very least, a tweener. This leads to a triple threat match which Drew wins after he dumps Orton from the ring following an RKO on Styles. This was a very smart move after a grueling match as McIntyre has been building great momentum heading into the Royal Rumble match.

After a backstage promo from Seth Rollins, now dubbed “The Messiah Of Monday Night”, and the Aop, we see Ricochet get back on track with a needed win over Mojo Rawley following his signature 630 splash. This was also needed as the high flyer and former US Champ remains incredibly popular.

Charlotte Flair submits Sarah Logan in record time with the figure eight and then she dumps her over the top rope, showing strength heading into the Rumble match where she too will be a favorite.

Brock Lesnar is led to the ring by his “Advocate” Paul Heyman, and the Universal Champion, assures us his dominance via the words of Heyman. This leads to hilarity as 24/7 Champion, R-Truth, comes out to declare for the Rumble, thinking that it’s Paul Heyman, not Lesnar, in the Rumble. When he finds out that it’s Lesnar, he “undeclares” for the event and then gets a clothesline and F5 for his troubles. We truly don’t deserve R-Truth. He even cracked up Lesnar during the segment.

R-Truth would lose his 24/7 title to Mojo Rawley after the break, as Rawley capitalized on the work Lesnar had done.


Lana and “Bob” Lashley come out to generate heat as Lashley would go on to beat Rusev once again in the next match following a spear. Rusev was distracted as Liv Morgan and Lana had a run-in on the outside. Lana would throw a drink in Morgan’s face and a brawl would ensue, leading to the distraction. We’d find out that next week, it’ll be a mixed tag match with Lana and Lashley against Morgan and Rusev. The faces should get a needed win there.

The world tag team champions, The Viking Raiders, made short work of the Singh Brothers who answered an open challenge. It was nothing short of domination.

Jerry “The King” Lawler oversees the contract signing between Becky Lynch and Asuka. This was fantastic. The segment ended after pen was put to paper and Asuka spit the green mist in Lynch’s face, blinding the Women’s champion. Lynch cut a great promo after the match. I know this looks to be a quick blow-off match, but they’ve both built great interest in this feud. Expect this to be a quality match at the Rumble.

US Champion, Andrade, accompanied with Zelina Vega, as well as Rey Mysterio, cut fantastic promos against one another with Vega calling Rey a criminal for his passionate assault last week. They hype their ladder match next week and that’s sure to impress as these two have tremendous chemistry with one another.

Breaking Spirits

Aleister Black and Buddy Murphy tore the roof off the arena once again. Similar to Rey and Andrade, these two could wrestle every night and give you something new. Black looked as if he might lose on two or three occasions and the crowd was thoroughly into this. Black sealed the deal at the end of the match with not one, but two Black Mass kicks and he left Buddy Murphy dejected and broken at ringside. Murphy sat there, unsure of himself for the next two segments. More to come on that.

Erick Rowan bested a local talent once again with an Iron Claw slam, but the story during the match was Charly Caruso looking to interview Buddy Murphy, who declined to issue a statement, sitting there broken and battered.

Building The Broken

Having said that, it was Buddy Murphy who shockingly decided the main event. The faces worked over the heels early and there was a spot where Kevin Owens ran up a skateboard style ramp that was atop the ramp, highlighting the Rumble match. He hit a cannonball senton and then Joe did a senton of his own, taking out the opposition and themselves in the process.

The Big Show was handling Seth Rollins in the ring before tossing him to the outside. Rollins reached out to Buddy Murphy, imploring the young star to “help him’. Big Show looked to issue a chokeslam, free of charge, but Murphy would hit a low blow as AoP recovered atop the ramp, and they powerbombed Show before a stomp and a three count ended his night. Murphy has his hand raised along with the three other men and we have formed a very intriguing stable.

I know the fans were very excited by this and as with this week, it should make for great television in the weeks to come. Murphy should find himself in a title picture sooner, rather then later. Excellent television again this week by the Monday Night crew.





AEW Dynamite:

The return of Bash at the Beach! Who will face SCU for the AEW TAg Team Championship? Cody finally responds to MJF’s stipulations. Jon Moxley injured! A legend returns to action after 20 years away from the ring. Will Darby Allin be able to pull off a big win against Pac? Let’s find out, because this is Dynamite!

Bash at the Beach returns. Four way tag team bout. Cody answers MJF’s stipulations.

The Bash at the Beach is back!

This was a welcomed sight for old WCW fans. The complete gimmick was on display. AEW had sands, surfboards, a model posing as a Baywatch type lifeguard and commentators dressed in Hawaiian shirts, except JR. Come on JR! Get with the program! A little insight on how AEW got Bash at the Beach, since WWE bought WCW. Apparently the copyrights to Bash expired and WWE didn’t seem to care.

Enter Cody Rhodes.. Cody then gains the copyrights and also filed for a few more in the process. Such as “Prince of Wrestling”,”Battlebowl”, “Bunkhouse Stampede”,”The Match Beyond”, and “Dusty Rhodes”. Bunkhouse was created by his late and legendary father Dusty Rhodes and “The Match Beyond” was the original name for “WarGames”. Which now is used by WWE owned NXT. That Cody sure has his father’s business savvy.

Kenny Omega/Adam Hangman Page vs Proud and Powerful(Santana/Ortiz) vs The Young Bucks vs Best Friends (Chuck Taylor/Trent) w/ Orange Cassidy. Omega/Page win via Buckshot Lariat/V-Trigger combo pin fall.

Another red hot opener! This what you would expect when get a group of guys that know how to come up with creative spots. While the action was non stop and breathtaking at times, the real reason to watch was the ongoing story with Adam Page. The Elite took dominance early on, as Omega and The Young Bucks teaming up. Leading for Page to get frustrated, yes they are friends, but they are opponents in this match. Trent ended the team up’s momentum with a Tornado DDT and Best Friends took over.

The went back and forth so all the teams had a chance to shine a bit. Kenny and Adam even showed they were working on some new tag moves. A bright spot was, all the teams attempted a Tower Of Doom Superplex. But with only Best Friends succeeded with the help of Cassidy and his hands in his pockets, of course. Things picked up with a Superkick Party by Matt Jackson, only to pull back when he almost clocked Page. The Hangman then blinds tag himself in from Nick Jackson and is sent outside.

This leads to Kenny Omega and Page to hit a Buckshot Lariat/V-Trigger combo for the win. Now the juicy part begins.. The Young Bucks were angry at Page for stealing the win as the had total control. Kenny became the peace keeper and smooth things over or did he? While Matt and Nick eventually calmed down and accepted Omega/Page’s win, Hangman sly demeanor showed that he doesn’t trust his old pals. The four men reluctantly celebrate and Page storms off to get a beer from the crowd.

Adam is drunk.. again.

Backstage, a drunk Adam page interrupts SCU’s interview. Again, Kenny had to play peace keeper. SCU accepted Omega’s apology, but still was angry at Page. The whole turning angle for Page is so intriguing. This week, he turned to wanting to win no matter if he is facing his pals and getiing drunker and drunker each week. It’s like seeing a man drown his sorrows, becoming a raging alcoholic and on the cusp of losing all his friends. Great story arc AEW, great story arc.

Cody gives his answer.

Cody the current king of passionate promos, had just a regular promo. It is not a knock on Cody, it was a damn good promo. It is just he has set the bar so high. Cody ran down the list of stipulations. 1) Cody can not touch MJF until Revolution, 2) must beat Wardlow in a Steel Cage and 3) THe Elite member must allow MJF whip him in the middle of the ring on AEW Dynamite.The American Nightmare accepted.

However Cody had to say a few things, Cody states that he doesn’t need to touch MJF because he lives rent free in MJF’s mind. Whoot! The Dashing one is surprised about the Wardlow requset. Because when people see what Wardlow can do in the ring, It will be MJF carrying Wardlow’s bags, keep em coming Cody! Next, Cody says that MJF’s ego has been boosted greatly by all the old school vets on social media on being a classic heel. However, Cody simply just states that MJF is not “Old School” and MJF is just lazy. Finally in the line of the night.. The Grandson of a plumber states, just like every who has gone against the Rhodes Family have realize. This is not MJF story, MJF is merely just a chapter in Cody’s. Boom! Stay you Cody.. stay you.

Women’s tag team action. A young god vs a seasoned insane vet. A legend returns!

Brandi Rhodes/Mel with Luther vs Kris Statlander/Hikura Shida. Statlander wins via Big Bang Theory pin fall.

What an average and confusing match. The blatant disregard to tag team rules is back on display. Next, how can The Nightmare Collective be considered a threat as they lost their debut? Lastly, why build up Mel as a huge threat, in the ring and on commentary, then have her eat the pin fall clean? Anyways, Mel did most of the work for the Collective as Brandi was just there to do a few moves and bark orders. Shida and Kris took some lumps, but then Statlander counters a fall away slam with the Big Bang Theory for the win. Yikes, this needs work.

Jon Moxley vs Sammy Guevara. Moxley wins via Rear Naked Choke Hold submission.

What a great match! Sadly, the crowd was totally oblivious to it. Maybe it was because the energy was sapped out of them from the ladies match and not in a good way. The action was fierce with a struggle to gain momentum. Sammy even kicked out of the Paradigm Shift and hit a Spanish Fly on Moxley. The ending of the match had Moxely locking in the Rear Naked Choke Hold for the win.

After the win, Jericho’s music hits, then the lights went out. When they get back on, The Inner Circle is in the ring and they jump Moxley. Jon fights to the best he can, but is severely out numbered. The Inner Circle then hold Moxley down as Jericho grabs a spike from off his jacket. Then Le Champion proceeds to jab the spike into Moxley’s eye, blinding Jon in one eye. Wow..

MJF/Butcher/Blade vs QT Marshall/Dustin Rhodes/Diamond Dallas Page. MJF wins via roll up pin fall.

Yeah, you saw that right, DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE is wrestling! After being retired for 20 yrs, the master of the Diamond Cutter arrives to fight. What we get, is what you would expect from a team of a youngster, a vet near the end of career, and a retired legend. Meaning, poor QT took all the bumps, as Blade, Butcher and MJF worked him over. Dustin gets in and plays his hits list, then it happened.

DDP gets the hot tag and everyone gets a Diamond Cutter as the crowd explodes! The action then gets fast paced. Butcher saves MFJ from a pin, Dustin wipes out Butcher, QT takes out Blade. Lastly, DDP JUMPS FROM THE TOP TURNBUCKLE TO THE OUTSIDE TAKING OUT EVERYONE!! Amazing, this guy is 63 yrs old! However, the awe of it all had MJF take advantage and rolls up QT for the quick pin fall.

Main event time! How was the show?

Pac vs Darby Allin. Pac wins via Black Arrow pin fall.

I think I’m starting to sound like a Darby Allin mark, but I am fine with that. Allin has such a charismatic, underdog character that it is hard not to root for the guy. Booking Darby with the likes of Cody Rhodes, Chris Jericho and now Pac has done great things for this kid. Not only does he get exposure, but the popularity of his opponents gets more eyes on the guy.

The match had the added potential reward, since Moxely was injured the winner of this match may face Le Champion for the title. Pac took control early on as he overpowered Allin. After the break, we see Darby regain control with a Coffin Drop to the outside, a Stunner and a Sunset Flip Powerbomb. Action throughout the match as Darby goes for a Springboard Coffin Drop. However, Pac is ready this time and catches him in mid air to hit a German Suplex. The Bastard then eventually hits the Black Arrow for the win.

Pac claims to be the number one contender.

Standing tall, Pac lays claim to the number one contender for the AEW title. However, Snake Plissken.. I mean Jon Moxley has something to say about that. Moxley fights his way from the ambulance and makes his way to the stage. Sporting a eye patch (there’s my Snake Plissken reference) and now blood on his face. Jon tells Pac he isn’t the number one contender and if he wants it, Pac will have to fight a one eyed Moxley for it. Next week on Dynamite, in which is the same week as Chris Jericho’s Rock N Wrestling Rager cruise. Not sure how much of the cruise will be shown on Dynamite and how much will be in an arena.


While this was a better show then last week, it still was average considering AEW usually hitting the strides. The Nightmare Collective really need to go or have a reboot. Tag team rules have to be followed to be believable. Also, my recent gripe is AEW loves to push a new signing and get eyes on them whether the worker seems to be ready or not.

I almost dread the recently announced second AEW weekly show. Does AEW have enough talent in ring to fill out two shows? Yeah, of course! However, does AEW have enough writers and bookers to make entertaining? We shall see.-David G


This week was about continuing to set up the multiple live events taking place over the next two months. Sometimes, this resulted in sloppier than usual booking from team NXT.

Undisputed Era vs Everyone

Keith Lee, #1 contender to the North American Title, kicked off the show with some promo time. He was cut short by all 4 members of Undisputed Era who traded both words and blows with the big man. Tomasso Ciampa eventually came to Lee’s aid, but not before UE injured his ankle with a steel chair. Cathy Kelly waited outside the trainers’ room for updates on the severity of that injury.

A bit later in the night, it was Ciampa’s turn to take to the mic. When the Era also attacked him, it was former partner Johnny Gargano who made the save. This tease of a DIY reunion prompted Mustache Mountain to tweet out a challenge for Worlds Collide. Later, outside of the arena, Gargano and Ciampa accepted that challenge “for old times’ sake.” A brawl soon broke out nearby in which Keith Lee made it clear that he won’t be stopped from taking his shot at the N. A. Title next week.

The Dusty Classic: Round 1

First up in tournament action this week was the random tandem of Matt Riddle and Pete Dunne taking on former UK Tag Champions Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster (also known as South Wales SubCulture). This tournament and WWE as whole have a long history of pairing up singles stars who have nothing else going on at the time and pushing them hard at the expense of more established teams.

Can not stop the Bro-serweights

The popular “Bro-serweights” seem to be this year’s version of Balor/Samoa Joe or Ricochet/Aleister Black. That’s not to take anything away from the genuinely fantastic match this was, but it’s a shame SWSC couldn’t have gone further in the tournament. Riddle and Dunne picked up a solid victory in their first match together and move on next week to face Imperium in the semifinals.

The Final match of round one.

The final match of round 1 saw inaugural UK Tag Champs the Grizzled Young Veterans taking on Kushida and guest star Alex Shelley (a tandem once known outside of WWE as the Time Splitters). This match, while not bad, was not quite as good as the other round 1 match of the night. The Time Splitter reunion should have been a bigger deal, but instead merely served as a stepping stone for GYV to overcome. Post match, Shelley and Kushida attempted to show sportsmanship to their opponents, but “Liverpool’s #1” instead took the opportunity to make it clear to those unfamiliar with their UK work that they are 100% heels to the core.


Overall, the booking of the tag tournament this year seems uncharacteristically sloppy. It’s full of great teams putting on great matches, but the results are leaving no room for suspense. I have no problem with the NXT vs NXT UK theme of the tournament, especially if the plan is for the finals to take place at Worlds Collide. However, not only does that make it obvious that one team from each brand will make it to the finals, at this point we already know which teams those will be.

You see, they’re also advertising Undisputed Era vs Imperium as the main attraction for Worlds Collide. That means, presumably, the tag teams representing those factions need to lose in the semifinals next week. Worse yet, they might be planning some sort of interference in those matches, thus taking away some of the glory from the 2 teams that do move on the Dusty Cup (the Bro-serweights and Grizzled Young Veterans, obviously).

Cruiserweight Action

A new addition to the Worlds Collide car is a 4 way match for the NXT Cruiserweight title. Champion Angel Garza will defend against one other member of the NXT roster and two members of the NXT UK roster. Tonight with Garza on commentary a triple threat match between Tyler Breeze, Lio Rush, and Isaiah Swerve Scott determined which man would be representing NXT in that match.

As one would expect from a match involving both Swerve and Rush, there were fun highspots aplenty. Meanwhile, Breeze held his own and made the most of the fact that his tag partner is back on the shelf (we can only assume that prior to Fandango needing surgery Breezango would have had one of the prime spots in the Dusty Classic). Commentary may not be a great spot for Garza until his English improves a bit. There was a clear and awkward language that was a struggle for everyone at the table. Presumably the Garza and Rush rivalry will resume after Worlds Collide, so Swerve pinned Breeze for the victory here.

Women’s #1 Contender Battle Royal

Participants: Candica LeRae, Mia Yim, Bianca Belair, Kacy Catanzaro, Mercedes Martinez, Io Shirai, Tegan Nox, Shayna Baszler, MJ Jenkins, Jesse Kamea, Catalina, Kayden Carter, Indi Hartwell, Santana Garrett, Vanessa Borne, Deonna Purrazzo, Shotzi Blackheart, and Xia Li

They did an excellent job of using this match not only to set up the next #1 contender, but also to start (or in one case continue) other feuds. With a roster that’s THIS stacked with talent, it’s important that they have stuff for those not currently in title contention to do. Below are some highlights:

Chelsea Green and her manager Robert Stone appeared earlier in the show declaring that she would not be participating in the match. We’ll have to wait and see how that story unfolds.

Retired wrestler returns!

American Ninja Warrior star Kacy Catanzaro, who had been rumored to no longer be with the company, made her 1st appearance in months. Not only that, but I’m giving her the Kofi Kingston award for creative elimination avoidance. She flipped over the top rope onto Kayden Carter’s back and then flipped back safely into the ring to keep fighting a bit longer.

Though I’ve not yet counted to verify, former 2 time champ Shayna Baszler seemed to have the most eliminations of the match. I can’t help but think that this was part of setting her up for her rumored victory at the Royal Rumble.

Deonna Purrazzo didn’t take too kindly to her elimination by Shotzi Blackheart and proceeded to pull her under the ropes for a little tussle.

New signings make point.

The newly signed Mercedes Martinez had a nice little mini match trading blows with Baszler. A one on one match between them would be fantastic in the coming weeks.

Tegan Nox finally made her return following the beating she suffered at Wargames. Nox made it to what we thought was the final 4 and looked poised to go all the way until the woman responsible for that beating ran in and caused her elimination. I’m not sure why Dakota Kai wasn’t actually in the match, but we know those two have plenty of unfinished business to settle in the coming months.

Shotzi Blackheart, who had apparently been playing possum outside since her beef with Purrazzo, snuck in and dumped Baszler. Unfortunately for her, Shotzi herself was immediately dumped by Belair.

The final two of Belair and Shirai had a fantastic mini match to conclude the proceedings with Belair coming out on top and earning her shot at the winner of the title match between Ripley and Storm and Worlds Collide.

Next week:

North American Title Match: Roderick Strong© vs Keith Lee

Dusty Classic SemiFinals: Imperium vs The Bro-serweights and Undisputed Era vs Grizzled Young Veterans ~Jason M.

Friday Night SmackDown:

Friday Night SmackDown featured revenge for Daniel Bryan and a Team Hell No reunion? Royal Rumble matches have been placed. John Morrison returns to action in a WWE ring! Will Otis drive a wedge in between Fire and Desire? Let’s get dive on to Smack Down and find put the answers!

Team Hell No reunites! The Prince of Parkour returns! A short tag team clinic.

The reunion.. sort of.

The Devil’s favorite demon and Mayor of Knoxville, Tennessee Kane opens the show. Big Red Machine states that he will enter the Royal Rumble this year. Then Bray interrupts with the Firefly Fun House. Wyatt goes on about how he will never forget Kane and lights cut out. Kane is waiting for a fight outside, but The Fiend appears from the ring behind him. Not fazed, Kane asked “What took you so long?”.

Daniel Bryan then attacks The Fiend and sends the newest demon packing back to his hole. Bryan wanting more, but The Fiend disappears with a cloud of smoke. Not to let it be a waste, The American Dragon rips a handful of dreads from The Fiend. Team Hell No celebrates as The Fiends is sent packing.

Backstage, Bryan is interviewed and challenges The Fiend, not Bray.. to a Strap Match at Royal Rumble. Wow!! These two maniacs will be tied together and fight to the end. SIGN ME UP!!

John Morrison vs Big E. Morrison wins via Starship Pain pin fall.

A great way to introduce new WWE fans and older ones to The Sultan Of Sexy, John Morrison. Morrison has actually got better at his craft then when he was in WWE before. Check out Lucha Underground and Impact Wrestling to see, especially Lucha Underground. So finally we get a full on Morrison match and was… pretty good. John displayed the moves that he never used in this past WWE career, but he perfected in the indies.

Morrison with The Miz took control of Big E with Kofi quickly. Hitting quick and hard strikes, even dropping Big E on his head outside the ring. After the break, Big E displays his strength Suplexing John like a rag doll. After a Miz interference and Morrison gloating, Big E attempts to capitalize. However, the Prince of Parkour planned for it and hits a Starship Pain on Big E for the win.

This made Morrison look like a god. Not only Miz won last week with his assistance, but he took out the power of New Day almost by himself. Of course we will get the rubber matches with New Day vs Miz/John. However, Morrison just needs to be a singles star.. with a title.

The Usos vs The Revival. The Usos win via Uso Splash pin fall.

Anytime you would tell me that these two teams will face off, you can count on my interest. Two of the best tag teams on the world today squared off. High flying vs fists, not flips. It was a teaser of a clinic. I say that because the teams would have benefited from a longer match. But what we got. was sweet. The Usos took quick control, but The Revival slowed the match down a bit.

The most surprising thing was that Revival kept the quick pace up. It may have cost them, as The Usos are more equipped for that style and The Usos pick up the win. A teaser of what could’ve been, hopefully a longer program will happen, I can’t imagine what these four men can come up with a 30min match.

Lacey sets her sights. The Monster wants a title. Will Otis spit Fire and Desire?

Lacey Evans vs Bayley. Evans wins via Women’s Right pin fall/

Backstage Evans took out Sasha Banks in a brawl. Tonight’s match was scheduled for Evans vs Banks, but The Boss could not fight. So Bayley took her place, this was an alright match. I was really hoping Evans to break out against Bayley, but in turn we got a standard match. It wasn’t bad, just standard. Lacey ends up hitting the Women’s Right for the win and possibly becoming the number one contender for Bayley’s title.

Promos to build.

Shorty G cuts a promo on how Sheamus is inscure. So we get Shemaus attacking him and and we will get a Shorty G vs Sheamus fight in sometime. Most likely for the Royal Rumble pre show.

Elias comes out for a promo to address that he needs the fans. The Drifter was the crowd chant “Walk With Elias!”, then Sami Zayn interrupts. Zayn goes on his usual rants abot the fans and how Nakanura does nit back down from any fights. With the crowd behind Elias, Sami sends Cesaro to squash the Drifter. The Monster’s music hits and Braun runs down to the ring and takes out everyone. This was absolutely below average, why? Because it made Sami more important then Shin, a champ and Cesaro, a consistent worker. If Braun gets his first title from this, I hope he defends it properly.

Alexa Bliss vs Sonya DeVille. Bliss wins via roll up pin fall.

Ok, this is getting a tad over played. How are you going to make Alexa Bliss one the most decorated WWE women’s wrestler, but now use her as story fodder? That is what happened, with Heavy Machinery at ring side. Otis save Mandy from a bump and that some how distracts Sonya for a roll up win by Alexa, yup that spilt up is happening soon or WWE will break Otis and the fans hearts.

Main event.

Roman Reigns vs Bobby Roode in a Tables match. Roman wins via Spear through Roode and a table.

This just should’ve been a six man tag match. Because Baron, Ziggler and The Usos interfered. It was just a on par table match wit early on teases of who was going through a table. When Roman was in control, Baron and Dolph came out to overwhelm the Big Dog. Ten the Usos even it out. Leading to Roman to hit a Spear on Bobby and deciding the stipulation for their Royal Rumble match. The Big Dog states that it will be a “Falls Count Anywhere” match!


This was a solid SmackDown. There was some monments that we could do without and/or better displayed. However, it was good enough to push the Royal Rumble story line. However, it was not good enough for me to tune in next week as a casual fan.-David G


News of the Week

  • Elias has signed a new multi-year contract.
  • Veteran wrestler and former Mae young Classic competitor has signed on as part of the latest PC class. She already made her NXT debut in this week’s battle royal match.
  • NBC has ordered a new show based on Dwayne Johnson’s rocky (no pun intended) youth. It will reportedly be called “Young Rock.”
  • Speaking of Johnson, his father, Hall of famer Rocky Johnson passed away this week at the age of 75.
  • In local news, it appears that Dave Batista will be the Grand Marshall for this year’s Gasparilla Parade.

Current PPV Cards:

NXT and NXT UK Worlds Collide: January 25

  • Undisputed Era vs Imperium
  • NXT Women’s Championship: Rhea Ripley© vs Toni Storm
  • Finn Balor vs Ilja Dragunov
  • DIY vs Mustache Mountain
  • Cruiserweight Title Fatal 4 Way: Angel Garza© vs Isaiah “Swerve” Scott vs UK vs UK

WWE Royal Rumble: January 26

  • Universal Title Match: “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt© vs Daniel Bryan
  • Raw Women’s Title Match: Becky Lynch© vs Asuka
  • Roman Reigns vs King Corbin
  • Women’s Royal Rumble: Charlotte Flair, Alexa Bliss, Nikki Cross, Sarah Logan
  • Men’s Royal Rumble: Brock Lesnar (#1), Roman Reigns, AJ Styles, Erick Rowan, Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio, Ricochet, Drew McIntyre, Elias, King Corbin, Dolph Ziggler, Otis, Tucker, Rusev, Lashley, Aleister Black, Buddy Murphy

NXT TakeOver: Portland: February 16

  • Finn Balor vs Johnny Gargano

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