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Who would still be standing after Tables, Ladders and Chairs?

Tables, Ladders and Chairs is the last pay-per-view for WWE in 2018 and was held at the SAP Center in San Jose. With Vince McMahon making his awaited return tomorrow on Monday Night Raw, everyone tuned in to see how would the night before shaped out

Kickoff Show match. Buddy Murphy wins against Cedric Alexander to retain the 205 Live Championship.

The Tables,Ladders and Chairs kickoff show started off with a 205 Live Championship match between Cedric Alexander vs. Buddy Murphy. Match started out with wrist locks and arm drags while fans started to get into the arena. Pretty good back and forth, with Murphy hitting a nice forearm to let the network show us a commercial for the pay-per-view we all are currently watching. Buddy Murphy would send Alexander face first into the bottom turnbuckle, setting up for Murphy’s Law for the pin and to retain.


Elias defeats Bobby Lashley (with Lio Rush) to end the pre-show matches.

The almighty Lashley interrupted Elias guitar performance to show everyone his butt pose and to wrap up the kickoff show with a ladder match. Match started off with Lashley getting hit outside the ring with a ladder. Elias then was setup the ladder to win but was interfered with by Lio Rush. Lio was then chased out of the ring in time to help Lashley recover. He then whipped Elias into the ladder setup in the turnbuckle. They went to another in-house commercial break but in the meantime, Elias was able to use the ladders to his advantage until Lashley hit a belly to belly suplex into a ladder. Crowd for the majority of this match was baseball silent. Elias hit a powerbomb on Lashley which Michael Cole as usual miscalled to give him enough time to grab the hanging guitar for the win. Very bizarre and rushed match to end the pres-how.

Post-match Lashley and Lio rushed attacked Elias including a frog splash by Lio and a guitar smash by Lashley to Elias. That all but guarantees that this feud will continue.

The Main Show

Mixed Match Challenge Final: Fabulous Truth def. Mahalicia via submission

The TLC pay-per-view started with a Mixed Match Challenge final to tie in the Facebook Watch promotion with Fabulous Truth (R-Truth and Carmella) taking on Mahalicia (Jinder Mahal and Alicia Fox). Jinder and R-Truth started the match with Jinder. R-Truth got off to a quick start and tagged in Carmella to go to a dance break.

After that nonsense was over, Alicia Fox got the upperhand with a Northern lights suplex for a near fall. There was plenty of goofiness in this and distraction in this including a spot where they gave time for Alicia Fox to put her hat on and yell over the quiet crowd “I’m the captain” for some reason. The finish of this of this was Carmella tagged in to apply the Code of Silence to Fox to win by submission and to make them both the #30 entrants for the upcoming Royal Rumble next month.

R-Truth in post-match stated they were going to WWE Headquarters in Stamford to celebrate. This show can only go up from here.

The Bar (Cesaro and Sheamus)  survive The New Day (Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston) and The Usos (Jimmy and Jey Uso) to retain.

Next up was a tag team match for the Smackdown tag team titles in a goofy format as The Bar took on the New Day and The Uso’s in which only two superstars could be in the ring at one time. Kofi and Sheamus started the match off. Kofi started up early.Choas ensued as he went for a two count with Jey Uso catching an European uppercut while attempting a suicide dive. The Bar took advantage in the early part on Woods while Graves was chastising David Otunga who was filling in for Byron Saxton on this pay-per-view.

It wasn’t until Sheamus was caught up on the ropes when Xavier Woods hit a dropkick to change the match. Jey tagged himself in off Kofi to finally let the Usos into the match. They came in dropping superkicks to everyone in sight.Once the kicks were done, Ceasro hit a blind tag on Jey Uso and sent him into the ring post. Cesaro put the Big Swing on Kofi nto a sharpshooter that was broken up by Woods. Kofi decided to take out the Uso’s and Cesaro on the outside with a dive off the top rope. The finish of this match came when Sheamus caught Woods with a Brouge kick for the pin to have the Bar retain as Smackdown tag team champions.

Braun Strowman squashes Baron Corbin to end his reign as Raw General Manager.

Braun Strowman took on Baron Corbin in a tables, ladders and chairs match where Braun came in with reinforcements  with Finn Balor, Bobby Roode, Chad Gable, Apollo Crews holding chairs on the outside. Heath Slater took off his ref shirt and attacked Corbin, It become a handicap match at this point. Corbin tried to escape but then Kurt Angle came out to attack and push back Corbin into the ring. They all hit their finishers on Corbin as Strowman walked in for the foot pin. Making as of this pay-per-view the end of Baron Corbin as Raw General Manager. With Vince coming back on Monday and Corbin even tweeted “A raise” over the weekend, this seemed pretty by the books.

Natalya vs Ruby, Finn vs. McIntyre, Mysterio vs Orton

Natalya gets her revenge against The Riott Squad.

Following Braun on this TLC pay-per-view, was a Women’s table match with Natalya taking on Ruby Riott. The Riott Squad came to the ring with table with a Fathead decal of Natalya’s late father Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart. Ruby took the early advantage of the match with kicks early. The 1st table that was smashed took Liv Morgan as victim as she was interfering on the outside. Natalya took advantage running Ruby into the barricades. She then sent Sarah Logan through a table with a scoop slam. Now with the match officially one-on-on, Ruby sent Natalya into the steel steps. Ruby began setting up the table she bought into the ring in the corner. Natayla then put Ruby into the Sharpshooter who was able to crawl and knock the table onto the head of Natalya.

There was faint chants of “Let’s Go Nattie!” during this match. The table began to be uncooperative while being reset. Natalya had a table with a decal with Ruby Riot on it to bring into the ring.Also she had time ti out on a jacket her dad wore as well. The finish of this match came when Ruby set up Natalya off the top rope but Natalya countered into a powerslam off through the table for the win.

Finn Balor defeats Drew McIntyre with some help. 

Next match up was Drew McIntyre took on Finn Balor in a normal match without tables, ladders or chairs. Mcintrye no-sold Balor chops to get the early jump in this match. Balor would be attacking the knee of McIntyre throughout the match. McIntyre then tossed Balor across the ring with a a belly to belly suplex. His strength was on display in this one toss the small Finn around with what seemed at will. Finn would pick up the pace and gain the upper-hand with a dive to the outside and a Slingblade. Plenty of back and forth with this one. There was also a run in by Dolph Ziggler but Drew caught with a kick to the face. He went to attack Dolph in the ring with a chair but Finn caught him with a dropkick, setting up the Coup de Grace for the pin.

Rey Mysterio survives Randy Orton in a chairs match.

A Chairs match followed up with Randy Orton taking on Rey Mysterio. Mysterio beat Orton to the chairs early and grabbed the upper hand with chair shots. Mysterio got the crowd back into the match with a baseball slide using the chair as a sled on top of Orton on the outside. Orton would get the advantage back in the match as he escaped a seated senton bomb. That gave Orton time to set Rey up for a face plant with the chair setup on the announce table. One of the cooler spots of the match was a steel chair setup on the lower ring in which Rey’s head bounced it off of. Orton set up 4 chairs in a row in the ring and proceeded to set up Rey for an RKO but he countered into a rollup for the win.

Rousey defeated Nia Jax to remain Raw Women’s Champ.

Nia Jax took on Ronda Rousey for the Raw Women’s Championship. Nia Jax countered an arm bar early into a power slam and was on the offensive early. Nia would be up but Ronda got back into the match with a crossbody landing off the top rope. While Renne Young was fumbling over cliche’s, Ronda was being countered by Jax with a Samoa Drop for a near fall. There was a great spot where Nia was going for another Samoa drop off the top rope that was countered by Rousey into a powerbomb for a near fall as well. Nia went for a facebreaker but Rousey countered, kissed Nia Jax’s arm and pointed at Tamina who was at ringside saying “this is for you” and locked on the armbar for the win.

Daniel Bryan defeats AJ Styles to retain the Smackdown Men’s title.

Dainel Bryan put his Samckdown championship on the line against AJ Styles in what was a very physical match up. Bryan from the onset seemed to be a step quicker than AJ and started early by targeting the ribs of Styles.Both inside the ring and outside. Styles equaled him later on in the match b hitting a springboard 450 splash onto his sore ribs. They both tried submission attempts midway thru this, including Bryan from the commentary team his Yes Lock to the Lebell Lock. Styles hit a Phenomenal Forearm late in the match off the barrier wall outside the ring, but his attempt to follow up with one inside of the ring missed. The match finished up with a roll up by AJ that Bryan countered into an inside cradle for the win.

A New Intercontinental Champ on Raw.

The Raw Intercontinental Championship was next on the line in a match with Dean Ambrose challenging Seth Rollins. The crowd somewhat started a “Burn It Down!” chant and that was quieted when Ambrose put Rollins face first into the announce table. The pace of this match slowed down with Ambrose putting Rollins into a stretcher hold and then a headlock. Ambrose seemed to control the pace of this match, even with spots of “Boring” smattering through the crowd. Turning point in the match came when they both were on the ropes and Seth’s knee gave out setting him up for a powerbomb. Turned into a bucklebomb instead. “this is boring” chants reared out again in this at this point but ihe match continued. Rollins went for a frog splash which was countered by Ambrose for a near fall. The crowd became stunned in silence as a berserk Seth Rollins by hitting a Dirty Deeds for the win and to become the new Intercontinental champion.

The Main Event Crowns a new Women’s champion.

The main event of TLC was a Triple Threat match for the Women’s Smackdown Championship between Asuka, Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch with tables, ladders and chairs in play. The crowd in San Jose was possibly at their loudest as Becky entered this contest. The match started with Asuka firing on Flair and Lynch with fists and back elbows flying. Lynch ten began taking control by whaling on Asuka. Flair then caught Lynch with a suplex.Flair set a table up in the corner of the ring and used Asuka’s face to embrace it. Asuka then was able to counter Flair’s spear and fling Lynch into the back of a ladder take advantage in the match. The onslaught continued as Asuka put Flair thru the table as she was climbing up the ladder to grab the belt. Flair went flying with a moonsault off the top rope to take out both Asuka and Lynch. Lynch then laid both women out with mutiple chair shots. Both were setup on the German announce table while Lynch jumped off a ladder landing on Flair as Asuka escaped. Asuka then tried to get to the ladder but was stopped in her tracks by first Lynch and then they both were taken out by Flair with kendo sticks. Flair laid out Auska with a spear into the barricades. Lynch and Flair both met up in the center of the ring and exchanged blows rolling them both out of the ring. Flair set up Lynch outside on a table and hit her with a moonsault thru it. Both Flair and Lynch were reaching for the title and then Ronda Rousey came out and knocked the ladder down, sending them flying as she stormed off. This left Asuka with a clear path to the belt and the new Women’s champion. Great match despite a pretty much predictable finish.

The card itself was pretty by the by the books but a decent pay-per-view. Main event stole the show without a question. Next up is the Royal Rumble on January 27th,2019.

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