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Titles are vacated in time for Money In The Bank

Tonight on Smackdow Live, the SDL men’s women’s contestants for MITB are reveled. Champions vacate the titles, Roman Reigns takes control of his new yard, and WWE Champion Kofi issues a challenge. 

Kofi issues a challenge. Becky vs Bayley. Champions vacate titles.

Kingston accepts all contenders.

Again, the WWE recap Kofi Kingston’s journey in becoming the WWE Champion. Michael Cole then tells Kofi that there is a big target on his back, starting with Kevin Owens. Kingston acknowledges that and states if K.O wanted a shot all he had to was ask. Kofi then issues a match for the title at MITB. Owens then enters, accepts and talks down to Kofi stating he isn’t ready to be champion. Xavier Woods flies in and attacks KO, but Owens hits a Super Kick to floor Woods.

Becky Lynch vs Bayley. Lynch wins via Dis-Arm-Her.

For the 1st time ever on SDL, two former friends face off. As the match starts, Lynch is complete control. Even when Bayley is getting shots in, Lynch quickly turns the momentum in her favor. During the picture-in-picture break the fighting plane sort of evened out, with the two exchanging multiple pin fall attempts. Back from the break, Bayley is slight control with a number of elbow bashes on Becky’s chest. However, Lynch again regains control with a top rope dropkick. At the end, Bayley hits a big suplex and goes for an elbow drop. Lynch raises her knees to counter and locks in the Dis-Arm-Her for the submission. Shortly afterwards, Charlotte Flair attack both ladies and stands tall.


Legendary Champions can not go on.

The SDL Tag Team Champions, The Hardy Boyz arrive and Jeff is on crutches. The Jeff Hardy tells the audience why he is on crutches, it is due the newest WWE monster, Lars Sullivan. After a video package showing Lars decimating The Hardyz, Jeff let its be known that he will need surgery and will be out for a long time. The Hardyz vacate the titles and Lars arrives to make another statement. Lars tears through the Hardyz, but R-Truth arrives to help. Truth swings a steel chair at Lars, but Sullivan punches it out of his hand. Then the Freak lands a running power bomb on R-Truth.

The Sky Pirates in action. Roman Reigns claims a new yard. Men’s and Women’s Smackdown MITB contenders announced.

Kari Sane/Asuka vs Jobber. Kari wins via Insane Elbow.

The IIconics do their yapping at ringside while the superb team of Kari/Asuka destroys two local talents. It’s worth noting that one of the talents looked pretty good at seemingly standing at 6’6. But the Pirate Princess and the Empress of Tomorrow are just too much. Kari/Asuka land a nice looking Code Breaker to sit down dropkick combo. This sets up for the Pirate Princess, Kari to hit her beautiful Insane Elbow for the pin fall.

Roman Reigns vs B-Team, with special referee enforcer Elias. Roman wins via Spear pin fall.

Roman arrives to state this is his newest yard and Vince just happen to be collateral damage. Roman stated he would’ve punched anyone, it just happen to be Vince. Shane enters and the two exchange banter, with Shane announcing that Roman will be in a handicap match vs The B-Team and Elias as a referee enforcer.

The B-Team take control over the match, using distraction on Reigns to keep momentum. This works well in to the break and afterwards. Bo Dallas keeps Roman down with a chin lock, but Roman fights out and takes out Bo with big shots. Roman then gets Axel and Dallas in a Samoan Drop/DDT combo. Reigns hits Bo with a Superman Punch and lands one on Axel, but Elias pulls out the ref. The heels work over Roman again with Axel hitting his father’s Perfectplex, but only for an Elias two count. Elias then goes for his guitar, but Reigns lands a Superman Punch and rolls out of a pin fall from Axel to hit a Spear and win.

Men’s and Women’s MITB contenders announced.

This actually happen somewhat throughout the show, then all at once. So let’s just condense the announcement. The SDL men’s contenders are, Ali, Finn Balor, Andrade, and Randy Orton. The women contenders are, Bayley, Ember Moon, Carmella, and Mandy Rose. Sonya DeVille actually had a chance to participate, but gave up her slot for her friend Rose.

Tag Team filler. The K.O Show, with an angry outcome.

Finn Balor/Ali vs Randy Orton/Andrade. Ali wins via 450 splash.

What could’ve been a classic match, turned in to a filler match that was interrupted by commercials. Ali and Orton start off, Ali takes it to Orton and lands shots on Andrade. Ali then attempts a Spring board, but Orton pushes him off and Ali slams his head on the apron. After the break, Orton hits his powerslam and gets a two count, Ali hits a dropkick to get separation. Both Finn and Andrade get a hot tag, with Finn being the one to go through his signature moves. Despite Zelina Vega interfering, Orton is sent outside. Allowing Balor and Ali teaming up on Andrade and Ali hitting the 450 Splash for the win. Randy Orton then hits Balor with a RKO, from out of nowhere..

The KO Show doesn’t go as Owens planned.

After being attacked by Xavier Woods and taking Woods out, Owens invites Xavier to his show. Instead of the real Woods arriving, Owens pulls out an action figure of Woods and even an injured Big E figure. Kofi Kingston has had enough and runs down the ramp to attack Owens. Kofi seemed to have fire in his eyes as he viciously attack KO, showing the anger he had for Owens words. A desperate Owens then rakes the eyes of the WWE champ and escapes through the crowd. Kingston then mocks Owens as the show ends.

Another story driven show.

Not much action in what is used to be WWE’s action packed show. MITB announcements had to be made, and plots had to be dropped. However, I feel this show really fell flat with a projected tag team classic was a filler match, Kari/Asuka had local talent to work with, and the MITB contenders being meh. SDL even had two establish performers Becky Lynch and Bayley in a below average match. I hope things pick up soon.

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