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The Week In Wrestling (8/29/19) NXT UK Takeover preview!

The King Of The Ring continues. Will  fan favorites advance? Does Roman Reigns find out the answers he wants, can the Boss explain herself? A full NXT UK preview for NXT UK Takeover. 


The King Of The Ring tournament continued on Monday Night Raw this week, live from the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, LA on 8/26/19.

King of the ring matches. The Boss breaks the 4th wall. The Monster gets a shot.

King of the ring results.

We saw Baron Corbin defeat The Miz with relative ease following the End Of Days after escaping a finisher attempt. A chorus of boos rained down on the “favorite song” as he proclaimed that we would call him “King Corbin” when all was said and done. He will face Cedric Alexander in the next round of action.

Ricochet and Drew McIntyre tore the house down and easily held the spot down as the match of the night. It was the former US Champ who emerged victorious after hitting his patented 630 splash on the “Scottish Psychopath”, moving on to face Samoa Joe in the next round of competition.

Sasha Banks confirms rumors.

Sasha Banks cut a tremendous heel promo. In which, she confirmed every rumor that was said about her after WrestleMania. After the 4th wall break, Sasha eventually had a singles match against Natalya, who she tapped out with the Banks Statement, as she looks to move towards her title opportunity against “The Man” Becky Lynch in short order.

Seth Rollins and “The Man” were not in attendance this week, but there was a backstage segment that informed us that it would be Braun Strowman challenging for the Universal Title and they will also defend the world’s tag team titles as well on the same show.

Unexplained Tag Team. High flying and uppercuts. Upsetting end for Raw.

Who is a Tag Team?

Speaking of which, Bobby Roode and Dolph Ziggler emerged from a tag team turmoil match as the number one contender’s to the tag team titles after outlasting Heavy Machinery, The B-Team, Lucha House Party, Hawkins and Ryder, The Viking Raiders and Gallows and Anderson, the latter of whom were disqualified as they brawled outside the ring, protecting both their spots.

Roode and Ziggler have a real opportunity to come away with the titles as one makeshift team competes against another, but this unique pairing can help both men reestablish themselves as threats.

Go Go uppercuts!

Cedric Alexander defeated Cesaro in a classic match-up. Alexander continues to look strong as he moves on in the King Of The Ring tournament, competing against Baron Corbin next week, as was mentioned earlier.

Ladies squash match. Horrible ending for Raw.

Bayley also defeated Nikki Cross in a non-title match with an elbow off the top rope. Bayley and Charlotte will certainly clash again, and as great as Bayley is, she really needs a feud that we can sink our teeth into as she hasn’t really “dazzled” as champion because she hasn’t been given that fearsome opponent that “The Queen” is.

AJ Styles defeated Braun Strowman via DQ in the main event to retain the US Title. The OC used the ole’ Eddie Guerrero spot where Strowman was caught with a steel chair in hand and that led to his undoing. While this was hilarious, it again shows that WWE creative thinks Braun is a big stupid monster. Strowman has many talents and it seems that creative has forgotten about them. The monster gets his revenge by flattening all of the OC after the match to end the show standing tall.- Joel Reser

SmackDown Live:

Will Roman Reigns apologize for accusing Erik Rowan? King of the Ring’s tournament continues! One of Lacey Evan’s top matches, Big E vs Randy Orton spectacular, and The Miz makes a challenge and gets an answer.

The Viper mind games backfire. Fantastic match that shouldn’t happen. The Miz calls out Shinsuke and Sami.

The Viper miscalculated.

The show started off with Kofi cutting a promo yet again that he deserves to be champ. Orton interrupts from backstage with his “stupid” catchphrase. Then Randy states that he recived a “fan letter” and it asks to stop hurting Kofi, from his son. The Viper then states that he is staying in the same hotel as Kofi’s family and that he should take a visit. This enrages Kingston, as he makes a bee-line backstage and attack Randy. With the Viper hitting a Hanging DDT from a table on Kofi.

Again, Randy Orton does not disappoint with his promos and it seems that he is just there to help Kofi justify his title reign. Kofi has defiantly earned his title, but it seems that creative needs a tad more justification. A+ for Orton, B+ for storyline.

Buddy Murphy vs Ali. King of the Ring  tournament. Ali wins via 450 pin fall.

Let me tell you this, both men put on a fantastic show. Now Buddy Murphy has been in THREE great matches in a row, yet lost this one. WHY?! I get it, Ali needed a push since it was planned that he was going to get one before he was injured. But at the cost of SDL’s fastest rising star? It’s like WWE is treating Buddy Murphy like he was injured. If you want to to see SDL’s match of the night, watch this one and again it features Buddy Murphy. WWE’s worst kept secret.

The A-Lister gets owned.

Miz comes out and challenges Shinsuke at Clash of the Champions and calls out Sami Zayn for being a leech. Zayn comes out and calls Miz “King of Soft Style”, in which got a chuckle out of me. Then Nakamura attacks Miz with hard strikes. Leading to a match at Clash of the Champions. This was just too text book. Even with Sami’s rebuttal, it kind of feel flat an I wouldn’t be surprised if this match was on the pre show.

Strong match from Lacey Evans. Big E is not nice when angry. New Champion!

Bayley vs Lacey Evans. Bayley winds via Elbow Drop pin fall.

In a match that I would’ve wrote off and forgotten about, turned in to a promising outcome. Yes, the Hugger won like she should have. However, The Lady of WWE showed some promise. Lacey was seemed to be granted another push. This time instead of walking the ramp and being in a title match. Evans actually seem to earn it in the ring. Unlike what most may say, I thought this was a better outing for Lacey. Displaying nice agility on the turnbuckle and selling Bayley’s moveset, I am becoming a believer in Evans long term push. She is great on the mic, has a heel look, and now is displaying her potential in the ring. Oh yeah, Bayley won…

Randy Orton vs Big E. Orton wins via assisted RKO.

We have been teased with a Big E heel turn for months and this match shows how evil he can get. The muscle of New Day just ripped in to Orton for most of the match. The two took turn slamming each other in to the reinforced announcer’s table and it never broke. Eventually The Revival interfered and Orton hit his RKO. But that’s not all.. the thrown together stable, in which I am loving, hit a triple RKO Flapjack. Yup, loving this stable.

Former tag team members fight. Will Roman Reigns apologize and horrible ending.

Chad Gable vs Shelton Benjamin King of the Ring match. Gable wins via roll up pin fall.

Sigh.. in one hand I am glad that these two are getting TV time, in the other.. this is a waste. The whole premise of the feud was built around Gable’s height. So what does WWE do to great and promising talent? They book “Shorty G” (not kidding, WWE trademarked that name for Gable) to win over Shelton. Who was one half of the “World’s Greatest Tag Team” and managed by Kurt Angle. Just rubbish, but WWE will top itself next!

Roman’s story hits a new low.

Roman shows a video that Rowan causes the attempted murder of the Big Dog. But just as Rowan was about to say “I did it for”.. Bryan slaps the taste out of his mouth. Daniel did this multiple times as he shouts that he hates liars. The segment transitions in to the ring and Roman doesn’t care anymore and Spears Bryan. What a let down, I am hoping that this has better legs in the future as Daniel is giving it his all for the story.


Again SDL is failing. I am not too surprised considering that NXT will be on the USA network soon It is disheartening though because it seems like SDL is becoming the third rate WWE show. In which public access TV has better storylines. I may be wrong, but only time will tell.-David G

205 Live/NXT:

205 Live:

The often overlooked promo continues to show that they, along with NXT, have the best wrestling in WWE. There’s story, there’s drama, but mostly there’s wrestling… And it’s good!

Starting off backstage with a classic setup, Humberto Carrillo and Oney Lorcan both wanting to fight Drew Gulak. General Manager Drake Maverick says Carrillo vs Lorcan will face each other tonight to determine who faces Gulak.

Ariya Daivari versus Kalisto, Ariya Daivari wins by pinfall

Excellent wrestling and storytelling throughout, also a great mix of styles with Daivari keeping Kalisto in holds for about a third of the match. Well paced overall and a great way to start the show. Daivari hits a hammerlock lariat for the win.

Move of the match – Kalisto’s 450 Splash, beautifully executed!

Post match, Metalik and Dorado and run in to attack Daivari. Daivari evades their attacks and leaves the ring confidently, which was a great way of protecting not only his character and Lucha House Party. Neither side looked weak in the altercation which is exactly what they needed.

The Singh Brothers have a great promo, discussing how they will be going Inside the Bollywood Actor’s Studio, and their ambitions for tag-team greatness. Short and sweet, kept me wanting more!

Humberto Carrillo versus Oney Lorcan

After watching Kalisto and Daivari, this was almost a snooze. Maybe this is what HHH is wanting but it looks too much like a Raw warm up match. Slower paced and felt like each one was just getting a trade of moves. Carrillo has some great moves but it takes more than that to have a great match. Both Lorcan and Carrillo are taller for Cruiserweights which means they have less speed and dexterity, just from a physics standpoint, so they have to make up for it with charisma.

Better finish.

Ten minutes into the match, starting with Carrillo’s powerbomb, we finally see something better. The match now feels like the two are vying for that contender position. Great pop from Lorcan’s swanton bomd from the turnbuckle to the outside.
Carrillo thwarts a superplex, shoves Lorcan to the mat, and hits a corkscrew moonsault, pinning Lorcan for the win and becoming the new number one contender

Move of the match – Diving Swanton from Lorcan to the outside. Great way to show your determination and Carrillo looks strong in kicking out from this.

During Carrillo’s celebration, Drew Gulak interrupts from the Titantron to congratulate Carrillo. Excellent promo with Gulak promising that he is not the same teacher he was to Carrillo, promising pain and punishment, ending with “If change is the rule, I am the law.” Good promo even if the rule/law correlation isn’t a strong correlation. Decent ending and sets up next week’s match well!– Patrick S


Fullsail Unviersity brought us this week’s NXT on 8/28/19 with plenty of the standard action you’ve grown to know and love, as well as newly crowned champions.

Io and Candice are not done.

Io Shirai bested Cami Fields in the opening bout and the transformation of this character heel continues to amaze as Shirai bested the newcomer via submission with a Koji Clutch. When NXT heads to television, Shirai is going to be a major talent o keep eyes on, she is fantastic.

Candice Lerae rushed the ring after the bout and stopped Shirai from utilizing a kendo stick to assault her opponent, their story will continue.

Match of the night!

Dominik Dijakovic and Keith Lee continued their story from their double count out finish a short time back and this one took your breath away. Lee hit an insane top rope Spanish Fly, which literally sent the crowd and us at home into an uproar and he seemed to have the win at hand. Dominik had other plans as a “Feast Your Eyes” spelled a quick end for Lee after this one showcased what these talents can and will do on weekly television. The way both these men moved in a the ring was just astounding.

Champ on notice. Future feud.

Shayna Bazler, the NXT champion, has been put on notice. The incredible Rhea Ripley, of NXT: UK fame, made her presence felt by making her NXT debut or re-debut official, basically laying claim to a future title shot against Bazler. She sent the Horsewomen into retreat mode and this one will be something that all will enjoy witnessing at a future PPV!

Pete Dunne had a video package which set the stage for a future NXT North American Title singles match with the Velveteen Dream. Wow, we continue to develop some amazing rivalries this evening.

The Undisputed Era is one step closer to holding all the NXT gold.

New tag team champions were crowned in our main event as The Undisputed Era dethroned The Street Profits for the tag team titles in a quality main event match. Fish and O’Reilly finally were able to best the charismatic Ford and Dawkins after a grueling match.

Ford missed a frog splash with some poor timing and that led to his demise as the High/Low saw the end of the Profits run and the reemergence of the Era. Fish and O’Reilly join the world champion, Adam Cole, in holding much of the NXT gold.

A tremendous outing from the brand again this evening as as reference earlier, their weekly television should be incredible if left in the right hands. -Joel Reser


This is the final show before TakeOver Cardiff, so I’ll be peppering in my thoughts on Saturday’s card between the matches presented on regular UK weekly TV this Wednesday. TakeOver matches will be denoted with an asterisk.

Two weeks ago Ilja Dragunov suffered his first UK loss at the hands of Kassius Ohno. This week he kicked off the show fired up to get his momentum on track in a match against Tyson T Bone. T Bone has primarily been working in a tag team so it was interesting to see him used this way and without his partner in his corner. Tyson put up a decent fight, but this was Dragunov’s story. Victory puts him back on track to build towards greater opportunities.

*UK Women’s Title: Toni Storm© vs Kay Lee Ray

Toni Storm was clearly destined to be a centerpiece star for this brand from day one. They threw a clever twist at us by putting the belt on Rhea Ripley first and making Toni chase the title, and that rivalry worked exquisitely. Unfortunately, none of the champ’s rivalries since has really met the same standard…  until now.

Kay Lee Ray came to NXT UK with a strong reputation built around the world, and she earned this title opportunity by winning a battle royal at the Download Festival. Since becoming #1 contender Ray has tapped into her shared pre-NXT history with Storm to make this feud personal. She has fired up her opponent with mind games that have most definitely gotten under the champion’s skin. Will this give the challenger and advantage in Cardiff, or will the champion find motivation in taking down a bully?


I love Toni Storm, but she’s been a little boring since wrapping up her original feud with Ripley. In fact, she’s often been a nonfactor lately as other women’s stories have taken the spotlight (Ripley vs Niven and the rise of the underdog hero Xia Brookside). Perhaps it’s time to put the belt on another strong heel and let Storm (and others) go on the chase again. KLR becomes the 3rd woman to hold the NXT UK Women’s Title this weekend.

Back to the regular show.

The cocky Joseph Conners was looking to spoil the debut match of newcomer Oliver Carter. Carter is from Ghana and plenty of references were made on commentary to fellow Ghanaian and current WWE champion Kofi Kingston. Kingston might be an inspiration for Carter, but the rookie has a long way to go before earning any comparisons. I’m not immediately impressed by what I saw in this first match, and clearly the powers that be recognize that he may need more time to fully develop too. The veteran Conners not only dominated most of the match but also picked up the victory this week.

*Noam Dar vs Travis Banks.

These two men have had ill will for one another pretty much since day one of NXT UK. Dar took some time away from the brand, but now he’s back and more cocky than ever. He claimed that his contract guaranteed him a match at TakeOver and the “Kiwi Buzzsaw” was more than willing to step up and provide the “Scottish Supernova” with an opponent.


Given the history between them and the talent both men possess this certainly has the potential to be a show stealing match. Either man could win, and the outcome will likely be decided by whatever future plans they have in mind for them. With that in mind, I think I’ll give the edge to Dar this time as he seems to be in the midst of telling some kind of story at the moment.

*Last Man Standing: “Bomber” Dave Mastiff vs Joe Coffey

This battle of the big men has been brewing for a while now. We’ve even seen the Bomber teaming up with The Hunt for 3 on 3 action against the entire Gallus faction. While the rest of Gallus has moved on to pursue tag team gold though, Joe and Dave can’t seem to settle their beef. Their last one on one match ended in a double DQ, and that’s what brings us to this Last Man Standing stipulation.


This has the potential to be a really fun hoss fight.  Once again it’s a situation where the outcome likely depends upon future plans. I’ll give the slight edge here to Mastiff. Coffey can easily recover from the loss and big Dave could potentially provide a new foe for Walter should he retain his title (especially if he brings his friends Wild Boar and Primate to help even the odds against Imperium).

The main event this week saw “Irish Ace” Jordan Devlin taking on Kenny Williams. Devlin’s vicious and methodical pacing kept Williams’ speed in check for about the 1st half of the match. It was around that time that Williams got fired up and mounted a bit of a comeback, but Devlin wasn’t going down easy. The match evolved into a back and forth game of countered offenses that had the crowd eating out of their hands with every near fall. In the end it was the “Ace” who picked up the winning fall.

*In addition to the announced matches for TakeOver, Raw superstar Cesaro has made it know that he plan to be in attendance on Saturday. It’s not unheard of for main roster stars to get in on some previously unannounced in ring action at UK TakeOver events. Might the Swiss Superman be giving a rising European star some ring time this weekend? We’ll have to wait and see!

* UK Tag Titles: Grizzled Young Veterans© vs Gallus (Mark Coffey and Wolfgang) vs Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster

GYV are still the only men ever to hold these titles and no other team has yet seemed worthy of dethroning the proud Liverpudlians. The equally proud Scotsmen of Gallus have yet to get their first taste of any gold and are chomping at the bit. Meanwhile, the Welsh tandem of Andrews and Webster fought hard to earn this opportunity on their home turf.

Expect the champs to be vicious and aggressive while Gallus relies on its size and strength advantage and the underdog highfliers depend upon their speed to keep them in the mix. Overall there should be a little something for everyone in this match regardless of the wrestling style you most prefer.


I’m not sure I buy this as THE moment to dethrone the inaugural champions. It’ll be a fun match that makes all 3 teams look good, but in the end the Grizzled Young Veterans will retain.

*UK Title: Walter© vs Tyler Bate

Walter is the man who finally ended the seemingly never-ending title reign of Pete Dunne before surrounding himself with Imperium. That faction has been a thorn in the side of British Strong Style ever since, effectively neutralizing nearly every member of NXT UK’s founding trio of stars. Or at least they did until last week when Mustache Mountain finally got the upper hand and left the champ lying flat in the ring. Can the UK brand’s first champion become the first man to hold that title twice? They’ve certainly done everything possible to make us think so in the build up to this match.


“Big strong boy” Bate will put up a good fight, but it’s time now for Imperium to move on to some new foes or risk growing stale. I say the “Ring General” retains the title.

They closed the show this week with a quick Tag Title segment that saw all 3 teams from Saturday’s triple threat throwing hands in the ring. They were the only TakeOver competitors to appear live on the show though. Overall last week was a much better show for hyping what’s to come in Cardiff while this week felt like it was the scraps that didn’t make the cut for the big show. So if you missed NXT UK last week I would definitely recommend going back and watching that to get yourself hyped for this weekend.-Jason Moore

NXT UK: TakeOver Cardiff airs live on WWE Network Saturday August 31 at 2pm EST (7pm British time)

News and tidbits:

  • Kia Michelle Stevens, AKA Awesome Kong, Karma (in WWE) has been announced for AEW’s Casino Battle Royal. In which the winner will earn a spot for the 1st AEW Women’s title match.
  • Dustin Rhodes AKA Goldust in WWE, brother of Co-Executive of AEW Cody Rhodes, has signed a multi-year contract with AEW.
  • Jon Moxely, AKA Dean Ambrose in WWE has pulled out of AEW’sAll Out and now Starrcast III due to MRSA. Now Kenny Omega’s opponent will be PAC, WWE aka Neville
  • The Demon King Finn Balor married Veronica Rodriguez in a small intimate ceremony.
  • The same can be said about WWE’s Peyton Royce and AEW’s Shawn Spears, AKA Tye Dillinger. The couple married over the weekend.


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