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The Week In Wrestling (10/5/19) AEW takes on WWE

This week in wrestling feature an insane amount of content. Whether it was a season premiere of a WWE show, the first ever AEW live show on TNT, or build up to Hell In a Cell. A huge surprise on Friday Night SmackDown. This week a little something for every pro wrestling fan. With the marque match of NXT vs AEW Dynamite, who came out on top? Let’s dive in!


The Season Premiere of Monday Night Raw began from the Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix, AZ on 9/30/19.

Start of the season premiere. Brock bash, Brock smash. Banks vs Bliss.

A new stage and the welcome return of pyrotechnics was ushered in by the new Raw commentary team of Vic Joseph, Dio Madden and the returning Jerry “The King” Lawler.

Rey Mysterio was out to talk about his Universal Title match with Seth Rollins slated for later tonight. “The Beast” Brock Lesnar showed up and laid waste to everyone and everything. He beat the holy heck out of Mysterio, Mysterio’s son Dominic, as well as officials like Fit Finlay. It was quite the spectacle and truly showcased why Lesnar will always be box office. Dominic was stretchered out and we all question how Mysterio will fare in the match later after being decimated?

Sasha Banks snatched a victory from Alexa Bliss with a roll-up as “The Man” Becky Lynch provided a distraction throughout the entirety of the contest. She was on commentary and as soon as the bout was over, the Women’s champion went after Banks, who opted to escape tonight, whereas “The Man” informed her, that on Sunday, she won’t have that option inside Hell In A Cell. Storylines are progressing very well thus far tonight.

Electric announcement. Fun tag team match. Hulk vs Flair.

“The Brahma Bull” will be live on the premiere of Friday Night Smackdown. The legendary Dwayne Johnson makes an appearance and that will surely turn heads.

The tag team titles were on the line as Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler took on Heavy Machinery. Otis and Tucker looked very strong throughout the contest, but the unlikely champs struck again, seizing a victory after a Glorious DDT from Roode on Tucker and that was all she wrote as their reign continues.

MizTV presented Hulk Hogan, Jimmy Hart and Ric Flair, who entertained the fans before Miz announced that each legend would captain a team for Crown Jewel. It’ll be a five on five match and Seth Rollins and Rusev were announced for team Hogan and “The Viper” Randy Orton and “King” Corbin were announced for team Flair. That should be a great contest.

Why this tag team match? Classic Ceasro vs Ricochet match.

The Viking Raiders once again bested Gallows and Anderson, keeping their momentum rolling as Ivar came off the top onto Gallows with a big splash for the victory. Gallows and Anderson should start amassing wins soon as they need to keep their own momentum strong in the division.

Cesaro mocked the attack on Mysterio and Dominic earlier which led to Ricochet coming to one of his heroes aid and they did business in the ring. Ricochet came away with the victory and he used the West Coast Pop, which was beautifully executed, to seize the victory. This was a terrific bout as expected, especially with the short time allotted for it.

Death at the Firefly Fun House. Fantastic US Title match. Lacey stands tall.

“Firefly Fun House” was awesome and we saw the demise of Ramblin’ Rabbit again and a promise of “The Fiend” and his arrival later this evening.

AJ Styles and Cedric Alexander once again tore the roof off the joint with a quality US Title match. Styles came away with the victory after a Styles Clash. Alexander was so close and the crowd rallied behind him, and of course, Styles had his fans. Alexander is so close to breaking through, let’s just hope he gets another opportunity to do so.

The Street Profits hyped up Smackdown and the next bout, which saw Lacey Evans seemingly end her feud with Natalya very quickly with a rollup. After the match, Evans laid Nattie back out with a Women’s Right. Evans looked very strong here.

The Fiend attacks! Huge return!

Heyman blames Vince McMahon for what Lesnar did, allowing the box office beast to appear on Raw. Rusev is then asked about Lana, and he looks sad when questioned about it. He says he helped Rollins out and now our main event is he and Rollins for the Universal Title. Maria Kanellis appeared after and said Rusev isn’t the father of her baby, and then Sasha Banks snatched a mic from Charly Caruso and verbally assaulted Becky Lynch before their match Sunday once again.

A white limo pulled up backstage before the main event and boy, oh boy, did they end the show on a high note. Randy Orton and “King” Corbin watched the bout from atop the ramp and it ended in a no contest. “The Fiend” struck to end the show by applying the Mandible Claw to Seth Rollins, but that was only half the story.-Joel M

The return of the Almighty.

The “Almighty” Bobby Lashley returned to a massive pop and he looks to be in peak physical condition. He then signaled for another arrival and it was the returning Lana who proceeded to play tonsil hockey with him as Rusev looked on, fully emasculated. Wow, this one will develop and it will present a quality feud on Raw going forward. This was a great season premiere and another feather in the cap for Paul Heyman.

AEW Dynamite:

In the historic return of pro wrestling on TNT in nearly 19 years. Dynamite went on full attack mode against WWE’s NXT. Featuring an alternative to WWE, AEW focused on wins and losses records. The inaugural AEW Women’s Champion was also crowned. Did AEW stumble out the gate or did AEW knock it out of the park?

The start of something great. AEW’s rising heel. Hangman vs The Bastard.

Cody vs Sammy Guevara. Cody wins via roll up pin fall.

This who you make a first impression. The crowd went absolutely bonkers when Cody and his wife Brandi walked out. You can see that the Grandson of a plumber was emotional, after all the hard work leading to this show. Cody faced off against up comer Sammy. This was a fantastic match that had it all. From the high flying spots of Sammy’s Spanish Fly to the ring general tactics of Cody. It ended with Sammy misjudging a Shooting Star Press, Cody got the knees up, and rolled him up.

This made both men look great without a definitive pin fall. Cody put over a younger talent and still got a win, where wins and losses count in title shots. Sammy congratulates Cody only to have Chris Jericho attack Cody, setting up a bigger story. Bravo to the start of the show.

MJF vs Brandon Cutler. MJF wins via arm bar submission.

This man, Maxwell Jacob Friedman, MJF for short. Is a phenomenal heel, MJF had the crowd eating out of his hand. Brandon Culter did not benefit from any crowd love going against MJF, as he may be not as known as the other wrestlers. A short video package may have been nice to get the crowd up to speed. Everyone loves a good under dog story and his is one. Go watch TNT’s “Road to TNT” web series and it will make you root for the guy.

Sadly, after Cutler gain the upper hand on MJF and his heel tactics, Cutler tweeked his knee on the ropes in kayfabe fashion. However, MJF didn’t attack the knee, he just simply applied an armbar for the win. That was confusing for a show that promotes continuity, weird plot hole there.

Jay And Silent Bob arrive. SCU and Lucha Bros showdown.

The seemingly obligatory celebrity cameo was Jay and Silent Bob. They argued with Anjelico and Jack Evans, then Private Party came out to saved them albeit a little late. I am usually not in to celebrity appearances, but this actually felt like it stuck. Especially the social media tags. I’ll let this one pass.

SCU and Lucha Bros brawl.

Scorpio from SCU does an admirable impersonation of Barack Obama. He then announces that “experience will win this tournament” and that Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian will enter the tournament. Not to be out done the Lucha Bros makes their way in and tells everyone that they are the best Tag Team in the Universe.

Which led to a brawl, this was ok but again plot holes surfaces in a promotion that makes a point of continuity. Like were was all the refs, officials, and friends of Cody when he was getting beat down? Yes, I’m nitpicking here, sorry.

PAC vs Hangman Page. AWE’s inaugural women’s champion. The main event.

PAC (AKA Neville in WWE) vs Hangman Page. PAC wins via Brutalizer submission.

This match had classic PPV feels to it and it really didn’t disappoint. The beginning was slow and stiff, but the last half went to it’s anticipated status. High spots included PAC landing a series of spring board spots and Page hitting an impressive Moonsault. PAC hit a low blow and locked in the Brutalizer for the win.

Now this wasn’t a “total classic” I was expecting from these two, however it was enough. Both looked good when showcased, but there is that lingering Win/Loss record that Hangman is accruing. Will this continue and will be nothing but a mid carder?

 Riho vs Nyla Rose for the AEW Women’s Championship. Riho wins via Double Knees Strike Pin fall.

I am such a sucker for well played “David vs Goliath” matches and this no exception. Nyla totally brutalizes the much smaller Riho. However the ever Lionheart Riho, just didn’t back down. The over confidence of Nyla was her undoing. Allowing for Riho to stay in the fight, hit Nyla with THREE Double Knees, and become the first ever AEW Women’s Champion.

Nyla was not done, as she viciously attacked Riho during Michael Nakasawa’s interview. Threatening to Death Valley Riho on the ring apron, Kenny Omega runs in for the save. As Omega helped train Riho and is her good friend. Very interesting turn of events, before Nyla was championed as a focal point for the LBGTQ, now the openly transgender pro wrestler just turned heel. Add in one the biggest bay faces in AEW had to intervene and all makes for an interesting story.

Main Event. Kenny Omega/Young Buck vs Chris Jericho/ Santana and Ortiz (AKA LAX). Jericho wins via Judas Elbow pin fall. Plus more!

The main event was slightly confusing. In the beginning, it was your standard Six-Man tag match. However, just when the team of Young Bucks/Omega gain control. Jon Moxley (AKA Dean Ambrose) snuck in and attacked Omega. Leading to a brawl between the two oustside the ring and throughout the arena. Was there a disqualification called? Nope, the match continued like nothing ever happened.

The brawl between Moxely and Omega was fantastic. Kenny gaining the upper-hand and using a mop to make point of him being “The Cleaner”. Then Moxley regain control and hit a DIRTY DEEDS ON OMEGA THROUGH A GLASS TABLE!!! OH WOW OH!

The match continued on like nothing happened and Nick Jackson displayed his abilities of being a true wrecker of wreckers as he took out all three opponents. The heels finally regain control and Jericho hit a Judas Elbow for the win.


What happened next was an all out assault on the Bucks. Cody ran in for a save, but Sammy gave him the Attitude Era low blow. Leading for his older brother Dustin Rhodes (AKA Gold Dust) attempting another save. But the numbers were too great and the Jericho heels stand tall.


For being the very 1st live show on a big cable network, AEW did a great job. Focusing on talent in the ring. I, myself would like AEW stay truer to their words and the easily over looked plot holes can be rectified. If you promote your promotion about being “Sports orientated and how records mean something.”. Please make sure that the storylines match up. This was a very high 4.80 out 5.0 ratings for me. Can NXT top it? See below. –David G


It’s the first full night on USA AND the first night going up against AEW, so the NXT crew has a stacked show for us this week. They started with a nice video package narrated by Slipknot singer Corey Tayler (who should do more voice over work, because he was quite good). This led into a live intro from lead announcer Mauro Ranallo who promised us 30 commercial free minutes at the top of the show and limited commercials all night.

My only 2 complaints this week are summed up in that Ranallo intro, so let’s get them out of the way now. Yes, the 1st 30 minutes being commercial free were great, especially not having any interruptions during the NXT Title match. However the placement of commercials for the remainder of the show was terrible.

All of them were done picture in picture style in the middle of matches, and most of them seemed to last quite long considering we’d been promised “limited commercials.” Some matches, including some of the title matches, even included TWO of these ad breaks. I assume the goal was to prevent viewers from flipping over to the competition during traditional commercial breaks, but I definitely did not care for the way it took attention away from some great in ring action.

My other issue during this show was Ranallo’s announcing. Normally I am a big fan of his passion and his enthusiasm for the show. On this night though I think he may have been a little too EXTRA. He was constantly coming up with absurd metaphors that made varying degrees of sense. He’s a guy who keeps the energy at an 11 on any show he calls, but this night he may have actually been at a 13 or higher. It was a bit much.

Let’s move on to what was great about the show, which was ALL of the action in the ring!

NXT Title Match: Adam Cole (Bay Bay!)© vs Matt Riddle

It’s worth noting that, as always, the Full Sail crowd was absolutely fantastic. Cole was wearing a cast on his injured wrist, and it may or may not have played a role in the outcome of the match. This was an incredible, PPV caliber match full of back and forth momentum changes and numerous nearfalls. After several attempts, Cole was finally able to land his “Last Shot” knee strike for the victory. After the match some familiar music filled the arena… FINN BALOR IS BACK IN NXT!!! I definitely did not see that coming!

Velveteen Dream next appeared on stage lounging a new couch (Roderick Strong burned his previous one) and surrounded by a gaggle of ladies. He cut a promo that effectively introduced any new viewers to who he is while also making it clear that he wants a rematch with Strong for the North American Title,

Io Shirai vs Mia Yim

Even the filler matches this week are as good or better than the title matches. They won’t be able to keep this up every week, but it made this week feel almost like a Takeover. Shirai and Yim worked a quick pace and traded momentum often. The story they told was that Shirai is great, but that her arrogance sometimes opens the door for her equally great opponent. On this night however, it did not prevent her from winning with a moonsault off the top rope.

Johnny Gargano vs Shane Thorne

Thorne has really been shining since launching his singles run as the heel jealous of the opportunities given to other performers. He’s picked up several victories over some of the rookies who participated in the recent “Breakout Tournament.” This was his first crack at someone a bit higher up the card, and he proved he could hang. They displayed some great technical back and forth while maintaining an exciting pace. Johnny wrestling got the victory, but Shane Thorne looked great even in defeat.

NXT Women’s Title Match: Shayna Baszler© vs Candice LeRae

This was LeRae’s first title match in NXT, and she displayed all the heart and tenacity that her character represents. It took the champ 3 attempts at locking in her submission before it finally succeeded. The first time Baszler tried to lock in her Kirafuda Clutch, LeRae actually reversed it into a Kirafuda Clutch of her own! On the 2nd attempt, LeRae again countered, this time pinning Baszler shoulders to the matt for a near fall. On the 3rd attempt, Shayna finally got it locked in so well that despite her best efforts to escape, Candice had no choice but to tap.

Pete Dunne vs Danny Burch

This was a great UK style match that provided something just a little bit different from the rest of the show. It was indeed the epitome of British Strong Style. Of course, though Burch may be one the best underrated wrestlers in the company, there was never any doubt the Bruiserweight would prevail in the end. Post match the former UK Champ was attacked by Damian Priest. It will be great to finally see what Priest has to offer in a real feud with a top talent.

NXT Tag Title Match: Undisputed Era (Fish & O’Reilly) vs Street Profits

The Profits were escorted to the ring by recording artist Wale who hyped the crowd on their behalf. This was another solid match, and it actually took the show into overtime. It wasn’t until UE’s Roderick Strong made his way to the ring and interfered to help his cohorts that the tide truly turned in their favor. One would assume that this loss removes the Street Profits from the NXT title scene for now, but does it send them full time to the main roster? We’ll just have to wait and see for an answer to that question.

When Adam Cole made his way to the stage to celebrate with the UE, he was greeting by another returning former champion. TOMASSO CIAMPA IS BACK! There are a number of directions to go after the two big returns on this show, and all of them are exciting.-Jason M.


Lio Rush faces Drew Gulak for the Cruiserweight Title

Kushida vs UK Champion Walter ~Jason Moore


Piper Niven vs Isla Dawn

This wasn’t a bad showing for either woman, but in general it seems as though Dawn has been on a downward trajectory in her last few appearances and that didn’t change here. Meanwhile, Niven is regaining her momentum on the way to a potential rubber match with her rival Rhea Ripley. A 3rd match with Ripley will have to wait though, because first Niven has to deal with Jinny and Jazzy Gabert. They attacked Piper backstage later in this show, and GM Johnny Saint announced after that Piper and Jazzy will meet in the ring next week

Alexander Wolfe vs Saxon Huxley

Ilja Dragunov was originally supposed to be Huxley’s opponent, but he revealed backstage that he was not medically cleared. Wolfe showed up to have a rather interesting exchange with the young Russian. It’s unclear if this was pointing towards a future match between them or an offer for Dragunov to join the ranks of Imperium. Regardless, Wolfe would fill in for tonight’s match.

Huxley started out well enough, but eventually Wolfe used some less than honorable tricks to take control. From that point on, Wolfe used a deliberate and cerebral pace to wear down his opponent on the way to a decisive victory.

Mike Bird vs Jack Starz

This match never actually happened. With Bird waiting in the ring, Gallus members Wolfgang and Mark Coffey dragged Starz’ lifeless body onto the stage. After taunting the man they claim trained the current UK Tag Champions, they went on the attack. The champs tried to run out and save Bird, but Joe Coffey ran out right behind them and they fell in a 3 on 2 beat down from Gallus.

Tegan Nox vs UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray

This was KLR’s first match since winning the title, and she showed exactly why she’s at the top of the division. The champ targeted Nox’s surgically repaired knees throughout the match. To her credit, the “girl with the shiniest wizard” showed heart and tenacity, working through the pain to put on a commendable effort. Alas, a mistimed kick resulted in hitting one of the ring posts with her knee. That was the opening Ray needed to finally finish things. ~Jason Moore


Normally I would do a separate article breaking down everything you need to know about this week’s WWE PPV. However, it seems that with all of the TV premiere week hullabaloo that they’ve only announced THREE matches at the time of this writing (prior to the Smackdown on Fox premiere).  Clearly there are some situations that are dependent upon Friday night’s match outcomes (WWE Title). I can see adding 2, maybe 3 matches as part of that broadcast on Friday, but you would think there would be more than 3 already announced. I’ll do my best to break down those three for now, and we’ll go into the rest of the weekend waiting to be surprised.

Universal Title Cell Match: Seth Rollins© vs Bray Wyatt

Wyatt’s revamped character has been handled masterfully thus far. In fact, the only misstep might be putting him in the title picture so quickly. They easily could have built and stretched his chase to the top far longer than they have. That said, there may also be some value in striking while the iron is hot. Taking all of that into consideration, Seth is almost a non-factor here. Wyatt MUST win or they once again waste every bit of momentum he’s built the last few months. They can’t afford to do that with Wyatt again or he’ll likely be unsalvageable. Dropping the Universal Title also frees up Rollins to move over to Smackdown in next week’s draft as has been rumored for weeks now.

Prediction: The Fiend is your new Universal Champion

Raw Women’s Title Cell Match: Becky Lynch© vs Sasha Banks

Much like the Universal match, here we have a superstar who returned from an extended absence with renewed energy. Banks is now in situation shockingly similar to Wyatt in that she almost NEEDS this win. It will be a shame to see The Man without a title, but much like her fiancé above she would also be free for the long rumored move to Friday nights. She won’t be without gold for long.

Prediction: Sasha Banks is the new Raw Women’s Champion

Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan vs Erik Rowan & Luke Harper

This has been a long a twisted story that’s been taken in unexpected and often nonsensical directions. I enjoy the heck out of Harper & Rowan (especially Harper), but the money here is getting back to Reigns & Bryan. There’s still more story to be told here, and we only get there if they win. The former Bludgeon Brothers are best served by returning to the tag division. Imagine a program between them and the Viking Raiders.

Prediction: Reigns and Bryan win

What else?

WWE Title Match: obviously there WILL be a WWE title match added to the show, but they can’t announce it without spoiling the match that’s taking place between Kingston and Lesnar on Smackdown. My best guess is that no matter who wins Friday, the same two men have a rematch on Sunday.

IC Title Match: I’m not sure who the challenger will be, but they can easily add a title defense for Nakamura on Friday’s show. I’d say the same for Styles’ US Title, but you’d think they would have announced that match back on Monday’s Raw broadcast.

Tag Title Matches: defenses of any or all of the various tag titles would be easy to add at any point.

Smackdown women’s Title Match: It would be easy to add a title defense for Bayley against either Charlotte or Carmella

That still seems like a light card compared to most recent WWE PPVs, but maybe they’re finally learning that quality is more important than quantity… <laugh break> … more realistically we’re about to get a thrown together shown that makes no sense to anyone not named Vincent Kennedy McMahon. ~Jason Moore


With the last live show on Friday Night SmackDown and the go home show for HIC, not mch has changed. In fact HIC is more of a mystery PPV than anything. This could be that this was a HUGE week for Pro Wrestling, and/or WWE wants to keep PPV’s more a secret now and not let their rivalries have blueprint. Either way, almost any predictions may be “subject to change”.

Friday Night SmackDown

The historic first WWE show On FOX, lead to many things. An intro from my personal favorite wrestler, Stone Cold Steve Austin and a spot with The Most Electrifying Wrestler The Rock. Plus, a WWE Heavyweight Championship match. A Heavyweight Boxing Champion getting into the mix. Plus many more surprises. Let’s dive in!

A legend and a McMahon start the “New Era”. The Man, The King, and The Rock. Four Horsewomen duke it out.

The start.

After a stunning intro form the legendary Stone Cold Steve Austin the show starts. Stephanie McMahon walks out with her father Vince to a huge pop. The crowd sung along to Vince’s theme and it seemed to humble him. Steph then announces that this is the start of the “New Age” and Vince using his signature growl says “WELCOME TO FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN!”. This was followed by an intro that is accustomed to a NFL game. Say what you want about Vince, but his growl and voice is ingrained into my mind that is synonymous to pro wrestling.

The Man and The Rock.

Becky Lynch makes her way to the ring after the video intro. Lynch talks a bit, KING Baron Corbin enters, The Rock finishes. This was actually better than I anticipated. Not only Corbin keeps embracing his “Heel King” gimmick. But Lynch looked good as a face and The Rock looked like he can still destroy anyone he wanted to. Rock laid a Rock like promo on Corbin, then the duo of Lynch and Rock laid some smacketh down.

It ended with the MOST ELECTRIFYING MOVE IN SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT. The People’s Elbow on to Baron Corbin. This was a fun and great way to start SmackDown. Bringing back the man who the show was actually named after, Corbin hitting his stride as a top heel, and The Rock not missing a step.

Becky Lynch/Charlotte Flair vs Sasha Banks/Bayley. Flair wins via Figure Eight submission.

In a showcase of what these ladies can do with each other in the ring, this became a greatest hits match. The only purpose I can think of why this match happened is to build hype for Hell In a Cell. Yet, to keep Sasha looking strong when she faces off against Lynch. This was still a great match allowing the ladies run with it.

New Firefly Fun House! Champ vs Champ. The Ladder Match.

A warning to Seth Rollins.

A new FireFly Fun House showcased a reintroduction of the Firefly cast. Just in case a mix of newer audience members and old time fans didn’t quiet get the Fun House. Man, Bray is just THE HOTTEST thing in Pro Wrestling right now. Ramblin’ Rabbit pays the price again with being a Set Rollins fan. Bray has Rabbit to portray what will happen to Seth in HIC vs Vulture. Well, Vulture kills Rabbit… like for the 50th time.

However, Bray laughs manically this time around and warns that this is what The Fiend will do to Seth at HIC. Honestly, just when I want to have a negative comment about the Fun House and the way The Fiend is getting pushed. Bray Wyatt just reiterates on why he is an over looked genius and proves me wrong. Let him in!!

Seth Rollins vs Shinsuke Nakamura. No Contest.

In the champ vs champ match, Seth Rollins attempts to focus after the Firefly Fun House. However Nakamura took advantage to Seth’s preoccupied mind set. Rollins eventually regains control and stes up a Curb Stomp. Then it happens… the lights cut out, the familiar screeching of violins, and The Fiend attacks Rollins. To be fair this time Rollins and Shin were both equally frightened, but Seth was again the victim of the Mandible Claw. Again the genius of Bray Wyatt is immeasurable.

Kevin Owens vs Shane McMahon in a Ladder Match, Career vs Career. Kevin Owens retrieves the briefcase.

Another “Greatest Hits” match, but oh so rewarding. We got the Shane Elbow drop through the announcer’s table, KO’s Frog Splash on Shane through a ladder and much more! What finally was the focal point was that Owens grabbed the briefcase and Shane was (best Vince McMahon voice) FIIIRRREEDD!!! This was a long time coming. However the build up neutered one the hottest acts in WWE. Only to give this happy ending. Was it enough? In my opinion, no, however still a great match.

Two surprise “debuts”. Eight -Man Tag match. Big Dog and Planet’s Champion unite. Sad, sad ending.

Eight-Man tag Team Match. Braun Strowman/The Miz/Heavy Machinery vs Randy Orton/AJ Styles/Dolph Ziggler/Bobby Roode. Strowman wins via Running Powerslam. Plus a Celebrity

Let’s cut to the chase on this. This was nothing but a celebrity cameo. I’ll get to that in a bit, but first RAW’s tag team champs, the US champ, and a guy who just wrestled for the WWE Heavyweight Championship all became fodder for this cameo. Let that sink in.. all that talent.. to put over a cross promotion athlete. After Braun’s team won, but accidentally knocking over WBC World Heavyweight Champion, Tyson Fury. With the fact Braun did a little trash talking to the boxing champ, Tyson Fur lept over the barricades to confront Strowman.

Only to be stop by a amount of security that I haven’t seen since a HHH intro. Now, I get what FOX/WWE is trying to do, but stop sacrificing top talent for a one off. Oh, yeah more on that later.

Roman Reigns vs Erick Rowan in a Lumberjack Match. Roman wins via Spear pin fall.

This was actually a good match. Erick gets tossed outside, but fights off every face lumberjack. Roman gets outside and is attacked by every heel lumberjack. Reading this is not impressive, but seeing was above par. Daniel Bryan was on commentary as well, making this match better.

Eventually Luke Harper makes his way to the ring to help out his partner. However, Daniel Bryan came in for the save as well and Roman hits the Spear for the win. Afterwards, Bryan extends his hand in solidarity for the upcoming tag match at HIC.

Roman accepts and shakes his hand. This has “last run”for Daniel Bryan written all over it. The American Dragon fought his way back to the ring, but it seems that he is ready to settle down soon. Turning back to a face is the only way Bryan should go out…. unless he did plan the attacks on Roman after all.

Huge debut! WWE Heavyweight Championship match. Sad, sad ending.

Brock Lesnar vs Kofi Kingston. Lesnar wins via F-5 pin fall.

Sigh where do I begin? Let’s see.. Kofi an under rated talent that has been jobbed out for a decade. Yet through organically winning the hearts of the majority of pro wrestling fans, has a so- so title run. Enter cross athlete a ticket seller Brock Lesnar as his latest opponent.

Look we all get it. FOX wanted more a “sports orientated” show and what better wat than to show off former UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar. As soon as the match starts, Kofi leaps in the air to take out Brock. The Beast catches Kofi and hits an F-5 for the pin fall. THIS TOOK LESS THEN 9 SECONDS!!!!

This is when the fans of Pro Wrestling get upset. Look back at how Kofi’s rise in the WWE took place. He started as a low carder, then mid carder, vanish for a bit, then became a part of one the GREATEST WWE stables, The New Day. Kingston finally won the top championship, but accidentally. If Ali wasn’t hurt and Kofi didn’t put on one his greatest performances at the Elimination Chamber, what would’ve happened?

There is so many varibles in a Pro Wrestler’s career, that this seems nitpicking. Yet I still stand tall in believing that Kofi DID NOT DESERVE THIS END.

The surprise debut.

After the quick match, Rey Mysterio’s music hits. Brock laid waste to both Rey and his son. The Lucha Legend decided he needs some back up. In the form of CAIN VELASQUEZ!!! THe same man that ended Lesnar’s title reign in UFC in a the first round. Kudos to Brock and Paul Heyman for looking terrified. Cain got in the ring, took down Brock and pummeled him. The Beast retreated, with his advocate yelling positive things about him. Brock teased a fight but left.

Final thoughts.

The first show on FOX started off with a hell of a bang! However, the show really dragged on. With the Four Horsewomen segment, to the burial of top talent, to Kofi’s loss. This seemed to cater to the audience of “I use to watch it but..” or “Hey I watched other FOX sports shows, I’ll give it a try”. Yet shunned the one who keep this show afloat. You know the “Pro-Wrestling is my escape. Whatever point you want to make about why I should not watch this, I have 10k counter points on why you should” fans. Like myself. This is going to be an interesting time for wrestling fans.-David G

205 Live

205 Live was actually a repeat of the previous 205 Live. This actually makes me concerned about 205 Live being cancelled. I knew the “writing on the wall” for awhile, but I hoped that WWE would try to capitalize the move to FOX and reinvigorate the most over looked WWE product. *sigh* If you are gone for good 205 Live, it was a fun ride when it lasted.David G


  • Rick Bognar, best known for his brief stint as WWE’s Fake Razor Ramon passed away last week.
  • Sasha Banks has signed a new deal to stay with WWE, effectively putting to rest any questions that may have remained regarding her relationship with the company.
  • 205 Live will be moving to Fridays in its same post-Smackdown timeslot… for now. This could change in the future, and the Cruiserweight Title has already been rechristened to fall under the NXT banner rather than WWE.
  • There are reports making the rounds that CM Punk may or may not have auditioned for or landed a role on the WWE Backstage show Renee Young is hosting Tuesday nights on FS1. This should be an interesting story to follow.
  • While making the publicity rounds on behalf of the company this week, Stephanie McMahon was asked about the possibility of her 3 daughters getting into the business. Not only does she say she would be supportive if they wanted to go down that path, she also revealed that her eldest daughter (13 year old Aurora Rose Levesque) has already begun training.
  • Randy Orton has made a bold attempt at stirring up some fun prior to The Rock’s Friday night Smackdown appearance. He suggests that the two should meet at Wrestlemania 36 <Mick Foley voice>right here, in Tampa Florida!
  • Brother of WWE HOF Kurt Angle, Eric Angle has been indited for selling steroids on the “dark web”. It’s a long tragedy that the Angle Family has endured, as before older brother of Kurt, David Angle pleaded guilty to killing his wife. David Angle is now a maximum of 10yrs.
  • Jeff Hardy was arrested for DWI and driving with a revoked license. This is the second time since March of 2018. Jeff Hardy registered a BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) of 0.25, which is three times the legal limit.

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