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The shock-waves of the shake-up continue

The Superstar Shake-Up continues on Smackdown Live! Vince McMahon announces SDL’s biggest acquisition. New Day has a new member. A division is shook to it’s core, and more surprises arrive tonight. Live from Montreal, Canada! Let’s dive in with our Smackback recap!

New member for New Day. A champion arrives. So does a Queen and new Monster.

Kevin Owens has moves.

The latest part of the Superstar Shake-Up begins with the Kevin Owens Show. Owens invites Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods of New Day to his show. KO then gives praise to Kofi’s Mania accomplishments, and Kofi thaks the Canadian crowd in French. It then known that Big E is injured, so Owens makes an offer to join New Day in their latest match. However, Xavier asks if Owens can wear a crop top and Owens says maybe. Xavier asks if he can toss pancakes, Kevin says yes. Then to be part of New Day, you must have moves. KO does his best New Day hip swing and is crowned the newest member of New Day.

The Demon arrives. Finn Balor vs Ali. Balor wins via Coup De Grace pinfall.

Shortly, the Intercontinental Champion Finn Balor arrives and Ali is his first opponent. What a match that could have been on a PPV. The two start off with a fast paced exchange and counters to holds. Eventually, Ali sends Finn outside, hits a punt kick on Balor’s face, and a Suicide Dive. Ali is control during the picture-in-picture break, but it wanes when Finn regains control.

When back from “break” Finn is in control, slinging Ali to multiple turnbuckles and shots. Ali hits a Super Kick and returns the same turnbuckle offense. Ali hits a Super Hurricarana, but misses a 450 splash. Ali, had the presence to roll out but is met with an exploding dropkick from Finn. The Demon then climbs atop to deliver the Coup De Grace and pinfall. Afterwards, Balor extends his hand in respect and the two shake hands. I could watch these two fight for months.

 The Queen is motivated. Charlotte Flair vs Carmella. Flair wins via Figure-8 submission.

R-Truth and Carmella enter the ring for what seems to be their usual banter. Then The Queen Charlotte Flair arrives for a fight. Fitting since Carmella beat Flair almost a year ago to win the Smackdown Live Women’s title. Flair starts off pummeling Carmella and taunts the crowd. Carmella, finds an opening and lands a kick to mid section to Super Kick, for a two count. The Queen may have overlooked the Stanton Island Princess by getting her Moonsault countered. However, the Queen targeted Mella’s knee and applied the Figure-8 Lock for the win. Shortly, afterwards Lars Sullivan arrives and destroys R-Truth for protecting Carmella. The Stanton Island Princcess did ery well i nthis match and got some “Oh’s”. Let’s hope she keeps improving and becomes a contender.

A division is shook. A New new Day arrives. Vincent Kennedy McMahon’s greatest SmackDown Live acquisition.

Becky Two Belts arrives.

The Man, Becky Lynch arrives and cuts a promo on how if anyone wants her belts, come get them. Ember Moon’s music hits, Moon states that she is the “She-nom”. Quickly afterwards Bayley’s music hits, as the the former Women’s Tag Team Champion enters the ring. Bayley tells Lynch, yes they were friends in NXT, but things are different now. Then the current Women’s Tag champs, The IIconics enter and tease Bayley about losing the belts. Enter Paige, as soon as Paige is going to announce her tag team. Mandy Rose and Sonya DeVille enter and say “great announcement and Absolution is back!”. Paige states that is not going to happen and introduces her newest Tag team, Asuka AND Kari Sane!

Eight Women Tag Team Match. Kari Sane wins via Insane Elbow pinfall.

An impromptu match begins as the faces gain control. Asuka and Kari display their chemistry on Rose. Bayley then hits a dive on the heels, followed by Moon’s aerial assault. Peyton Royce then attempts to regain control, But the new Sky Princesses land trademark shots on Royce and Kari hits her beautiful Elbow Drop for the win. Sadly, Moon and Bayley didn’t get a chance to shine in this match.

New Day with “Big O” vs Shinsuke/Rusev/Cesaro. Owens wins via Stunner for pinfall.

So the New New Day (I’m trademarking it now) takes on a slap together trio of heels. The faces early on take it to the heels, giving way to the Unicorn Stomp on Shinsuke. However, the heels won’t go down with somewhat of a fight and give Xavier the obligatory beatdown. Woods eventually hot tags in the reining champion, Kofi. Kingston takes out almost all the heels, but Rusev attacks and Kofi dodges and tags in Owens. The hometown hero tosses Rusev oustide with his partners and launches Kofi on to them. Rusev is back in the ring, gets hit by the Trouble In Paradise to KO Stunner for the pinfall.

The big announcement.

Vince McMahon struts out and states that this acquisition is the “futrue of WWE” and the biggest and most charismatic ever. Then Elias’s music hits. Is this the “Biggest acquisition” ever?! Elias does what he does best and garners heat/love, but the “biggest”? After Elias enters to the dissatisfaction of the fans, the real star enters. Roman Reigns. Roman quickly hits a Superman Punch to Elias AND Vince, in which I can’t wait for the memes/gifs. Then proudly states that “Smackdown is his yard!”

Shake-Up far from over.

Well, that’s it folks, but it is far from over for the shake-up. We all know that the WWE has more surprises in store for us, This is only the beginning for the new season of WWE. Let us know if you like the direction of what the new season is promising.

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