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The “New” Daniel Bryan explains himself

Tonight on Smackdown Live, The New Daniel Bryan explains himself. The contract signing for the first WWE womens TLC match. A triple threat match between the best SDL tag team members. Let’s dive in to our Smackback recap!

The women’s TLC trio face off. Impromptu women’s tag match. A Triple Threat match.

The contract signing for the first WWE Women’s TLC match.

Smackdown Live’s General Manager, Paige introduces the contestants for the TLC championship match. Asuka enters first, then Flair, and lastly The Man, Becky Lynch. The Lassinator states why she had the hardest path towards the Championship title. Flair waits until Becky is done and retorts with “stop with the same ‘ol song and dance”. Flair continues to say she wasn’t handed anything, she earned it. Asuka had enough of the two bickering and states her claim in the match. The Empress states that Becky never won over her, Flair interjects that she beat Asuka, The Empress said she was lucky. After a much talking, they all signed the contract.

This leads to Asuka and Flair to almost scrap. However, the Golden Goddess Mandy Rose interrupts. Rose goes on again why is Paige ignoring her and Sonya DeVille. Because it was Paige who groomed them in to being the force that they are now. Paige quickly makes a match between Asuka/Flair vs Rose/DeVille.

Asuka/Charlotte Flair vs Mandy Rose/Sonya DeVille. Rose/Deville win via pinfall.

The first match of the night starts off with Asuka taking on DeVille. Even thought the crowd was not in to it, I found it an interesting match up. The holds and strikes these two women possess may be mind boggling. The two start off trading locks back in forth, the crowd still seems not in to it. Then after a quick scuffle, the two trade dodging high roundhouse kicks. Mandy Rose gets tagged in, which was nothing but filler. Asuka tags Flair in and she cleans house. Flair ends the the beating of Rose and Deville with a over the top rope dive onto them. Rose goes to interfere with the match, but Asuka pulls her down on the apron. The Empress is rewarded with a boot from Flair. Asuka returns the favor to Flair with a boot of her own. Allowing Sonya DeVille to get the pin.

Triple Threat match. Xavier Woods Vs Jey Uso Vs Cesaro. Jey wins vian pinfall.

Probably one the best matches of the night, Jey Uso, Cesaro, and Xavier Woods face off. Woods and Jey started the match off with a flurry of great moves. After the great display of moves and respect, Cesaro tried to attack only to get tossed out. After the break, Cesaro is control over Jey Uso. Cesaro shows the WWE Universe on why he is the strongest pound for pound superstar in the WWE. Cesaro not only takes out both Woods and Jey with his attacks. The Swiss Superman then puts Woods on his shoulders and give Jey the Sultan of Swing! Cesaro then puts Woods in the Sharpshooter, but Jey Super Kicks Cesaro twice for the pinfall. This match was fantastic, as we should be accustomed to by this group of performers.


Daniel Bryan explains himself on Miz TV. An old feud continues. Miz TV aftermath match.

Miz TV.

The A-Lister invites the “New” Daniel Bryan towards the ring. Quickly, Miz questions his sudden change in attitude, and wonders if it because of him. The Miz states that he was the one that told Bryan to win at all costs. What Daniel responds with is that he found inspiration from Alexander Hamilton. That the crowd that once praised him are nothing but sheep. Even calling out the the crowd favorite “WHAT?” chant from Stone Cold Steve Austin. Bryan then goes on about the ecological state of the world and blames it on the crowd. The  Miz is not happy with the answer, and asks again whether it was him that made Daniel change. Bryan answers yes, then no, yes, then no. Baiting the crowd and calling them “fickle”. AJ Styles music hits, The Miz grabs his leg as he enters the ring. However, AJ kicks him off and goes after Daniel. Miz and Daniel double team AJ, with The Miz hitting a Skull Crushing Finale on Styles.

Randy Orton vs Jeff Hardy. Orton wins via pinfall.

The feud that seems to refuse to die continues. This time, Jeff Hardy becomes the aggressor. Hardy quickly unloads on Orton, However the Viper counters. Jeff hits a Jawbreaker that leads to the two outside and battling over the announcer’s table. After the break, Randy gain control of the match, and dominates Hardy. The two then put a display that veterans can do. Jeff Hardy blocks a RKO, forcing Orton outside. Hardy then slams Randy’s head into the announcer’s table and slams Orton on top of it. All of the sudden, Samoa Joe appears on the Titantron. Joe is at a local bar, playing into Jeff’s substance abuse. This allowed Orton to hit the RKO for the pinfall.

Miz vs AJ Styles. AJ Styles wins via submission.

This was probably the second best match of the night. The two start off sizing each other out. Styles gains the upper-hand and stares at Bryan at ringside. Styles continues the offense with a over the ropes drop and an elbow . Miz kicks out and launches an attack himself, landing a jawbreaker and a knee. The A-Lister is control and talking trash, however Styles fights out and hits a Super Kick. After the break, the two trade strikes and AJ drops Miz on his knees. The two then quickly counter each other’s finishers, and Bryan distracts AJ. The Miz then sets up The Phenomenal One with the Skull Crushing Finale. However, Styles rolls up Miz with the Calf Crusher and the win.

After the match, Daniel Bryan viciously attack . Not only slamming Style’s head in to table and locking in the Hell Lock. The former Yes Movement Leader, repeatedly foot stomped AJ Styles head in the apron. This is the new, vicious Daniel Bryan.

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