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SmackDown Live after Raw Reunion

The WWE gets back to business on SmackDown Live after the Raw Reunion. No more nostalgia acts and getting back to build up towards Summer Slam. Let’s hit up what happened on SDL tonight on maybe our final SmackBack recap!

The opening. A star that needs recognition. Miz TV with a legend.

More Shane.

Shane McMahon opens the show with footage of Kevin Owens “quitting” the WWE after his loss to to Seth Rollins. In fact in the same arena that Summer Slam is being held at this year. After the video package, Kevin Owens walks out. Owens states that was at his lowest point in his WWE career. Shane mocks Owens for talking and KO states that he can beat down Shane right now. As Owens walks to the ring, Shane makes a match between Owens and Roman Reigns.

During a backstage segment, Drew McIntyre suggests to Shane that he should be a special guest referee. With Elias as a timekeeper and Shane agrees.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Apollo Crews. Nakamura wins via Kinshasa.

In a match that should’ve been the focal point in the Raw Reunion, Apollo Crews took it to an established star. In a non-title match, the Intercontinental champion had his work cut out for him. Crews started off hot and hit Nakamura with a moonsault. Shinsuke grounded Crews, but the challenger fought back and almost won. The veteran then took advantage of Crews and hits a Kinshasa for the pin fall. Afterwards, Shinsuke attacks Crews and hits another Kinshasa to make a point. This made both men look strong, with Nakamura showing his true heel side and Crews displaying his athleticism.


Miz with HBK.

The Miz recaps what happen on the Raw Reunion and invites Shawn Michaels out for an interview. Miz quickly asks Michaels if the reunion took away from younger up and coming stars. HBK admits that he was in that situation before, but having fun with it. Dolph Ziggler interrupts and said HBK is embarrassing. Ziggler states that he used to look up to HBK, but now he is embarrassing. The A-Lister tells Dolph to stop complaining and do something about it. Just as Ziggler goes to attack Miz, Michaels pushes Miz out the way. Michaels gets hit with a Ziggler Super Kick and Dolph retreats before Miz can react.

The Queen is put in her place. Kofi Kingston announces his Summer Slam opponent. Firefly Funhouse returns!

Ember Moon vs Charlotte Flair. Ember wins via roll up pin fall.

This was a puzzling squash match as Moon secure the win after Bayley made her way in. About 30 seconds into the match, Bayley’s music hits and she walks down the ramp. This allowed Flair to be distracted and Moon to roll her up for the pin fall. Later Ember hits the Eclipse on bith Flair and Flair. Leading to a backstage rant from the Queen Charlotte on demanding a Summer Slam match. Cool but sloppy, there could’ve been a better way to boost Moon without injecting Flair into what will probably be a Triple Threat match at Summer Slam.

Kofi eyes a future Hall Of Famer.

Kingston announces his Summer Slam opponent and non other than The Viper, Randy Orton. Kofi states that Orton held him back because of his backstage influence. Randy retorts with he held back Kofi because he wasn’t ready and still isn’t. Samoa Joe walks out to fight Kingston and the two battle it out. Just as Kofi was gaining a win over Joe, the Viper attempts an RKO. Getting Joe disqualified. Kingston escapes the RKO, and Joe is the recipient of the RKO. Kofi then lands a Trouble In Paradise to the Viper.

The Funhouse returns.

Finn Balor makes his return to SDL and states that he is more twisted then ever. Balor then challenges Wyatt to a Summer Slam match. The Firefly Funhouse cues up and Bray Wyatt tells Finn that The Fiend accepts. However, while Balor may be an Extraordinary Man, The Fiend is no man. The Fiend is an abomination and then proceeds to tell him “Let me in”.

Another fantastic promo from Bray Wyatt! This maybe the most over character in WWE in a decade.

Backstage and the main event.

A foreshadowing story?

Earlier Mandy Rose tells her “BFF” that she talked to Shane and told DeVille that she was handling business. Rose tells Sonya that they have a match next week vs the IIconics and if they win, they will get a title shot. The two look into each others eyes as DeVille hugs Rose. Looks like the WWE is still going for a love connection between the two. In which, will probably end up the team finally splitting up.

Roman Reigns vs Kevin Owens?

As Shane McMahon, Elias, and Drew McIntyre are introduced, so are KO and Roman. Owens threatens Shane and Roman wants to whoop everyone. Reigns and Kevin lock up, However,Drew constant interference in the match leads to Shane and his cronies to attack Roman. Reigns hits a Superman Punch on Shane as Owens lands the KO Stunner on Shane. Owens then grabs the mic and proclaims that everyone is going to love to see him whoop Shane McMahon’s ass.

Yes, KO.. we would like that very much. That is all from SDL tonight, comment if you liked or disliked this better than the Raw Reunion.


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