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Raw’s final Survivor Series roster is announced. Becky Lynch and Smackdown invades Raw!

Tonight on Raw, the final Raw Survivor Series roster is announced. Becky Lynch and Smackdown invades Raw! Brock Lesnar arrives on Raw with a Paul Heyman promo. Along with many other promos that help build up Survivor Series. Best friends battle for the final women’s spot. Which WWE Raw superstars made the team? Find out here on our Rawtrospective. 


Veteran’s Day celebration. Cold open. The Monster has stipulations. New friends reach for the Moon.

Much praise for our veterans.

A video package starts off the show celebrating U.S veterans. On behalf of The Scrum Sports, we salute the men and women that sacrificed in defending the United States of America. Thank you!

 Tag Team Battle Royal interrupted.

After the video package celebrating the U.S.A veterans, a cold open ensues. With every available Raw tag team in a battle royal to determine the final spot for Survivor Series. As you would believe, it was a a cluster of strikes. The Lucha House Party had a nice spot, and then the Monster Braun Strowman’s music hits. Strowman makes a destructive bee line to the ring. The Monster begins to take out Ascension along the way, then the rest of the tag team division. Afterwards, Braun says he will not leave until he gets Baron Corbin.

The Billion Dollar Princess arrives.

Stephanie McMahon’s music hits. In the ring Steph tries calm down Braun. The only way to calm The Monster down is to give what he wants. The Billion Dollar Princess agrees to all of Strowman demands. In which includes a match with Brock Lesnar for the Universal championship and a match with Baron Corbin. On top of that, The Monster gets to pick the stipulations for both matches. In turn agreeing, Steph states that Braun will receive the matches. If after Braun joins Team Raw and Braun can not touch Corbin until after Survivor Series.

Shortly, Ronda Rousey’s music hits and she makes her way to the ring. Rousey snatches the microphone from Steph and states that she has been waiting for an opponent like Becky Lynch. Baron Corbin arrives to squash the escalating situation, insults Ronda, and receives a judo flip. Braun sizes up Baron, but Steph interjects and makes sure no blows are traded.

Ember Moon vs Tamina with Nia Jax. Tamina wins via Superfly Splash for pin.

New best pals Tamina and Nia make their way to the ring. As the match starts Tamina viciously gains control over Moon. Striking with headbutts and hard strikes. Moon desperately tries to mount an offense, but Tamina shrugs it off. After the Superfly daughter slings Moon in the corner, Ember escapes, Moon lands an Enzuigiri and follows with s forearm strike. Tamina regains control shortly with her power. Ember uses her quickness to strike, landing hits and a big sliding knee on the apron.

After the break, Snuka is in control with a chin lock on Moon. Every time Moon fights back, Tamina strikes her down. Snuka throws Moon in to the corner and rushes. Ember lifts up her boot to catch her and setting up the Eclipse. Nia interrupts, allowing Tamina to hit a super kick and Superfly splash for the pin. After the match, Nia attacks Moon, hitting the big leg drop on Moon.

Seth Rollins gets response from Dean Ambrose. Demon vs Showstopper. Riott Squad shows no repect.

Dean gives an answer.

Seth Rollins is interviewed by Corey Graves. The heel commentator, Gaves asks about Seth’s champion vs champion match at Survivor Series. Rollins says it’s going to be a hell of a match against Shinsuke. However, Seth doesn’t care about that right now, Rollins wants an answer from Ambrose. The Lunatic appears on the Titantron, on a car, with a barrel of fire. Dean states that Roman and Seth made him weak. The Lunatic Fringe then douses his Shield vest in gasoline and tosses it in the trash fire. Seth angrily runs to the backstage.

Bragging Drew McIntyre finds a new feud. Finn Balor vs Dolph Ziggler. Finn Balor wins via roll up.

The Psychotic Scotsman is in ring with Dolph Ziggler. Drew recaps his punishing win over Kurt Angle last week. McIntrye gloats that no nostalgic acts will happen as long as he is in the WWE. Finn Balor’s music hit, and The Demon is having none of the trash talking. Balor challenges Drew to a fight, McIntyre agrees. However, only if Finn defeats Dolph Ziggler and after a vicious headbutt.

The match begins, with Ziggler in control over a wounded Balor. Boots, chops strikes are all given to Balor. The Demon tries to fight back, but Dolph lands him in to multiple submissions. Balor finally breaks free and hits a string of moves that ends in a basement kick. Both men are out a dazed. After a counterfest, Balor ends up on top Gamengiri. Cut to break.

After the break.

Dolph is in control over Finn. Balor hits a succession of moves that ends with a Pele kick. Both men are down again, with Balor raising up first. Balor lands a sling blade but is met with a super kick. Ziggler connects with a strike to Finn’s knee and a Fame-Asser, for a two count. Finn regains composer and attempts a Coup De Grace but misses, Ziggler rolls Finn up. However, Balor reverses the roll up with his own and gets the pinfall.


Riott Squad shows no remorse.

The Riott Squad arrive in the ring. Ruby Riott cuts a promo on how she broke Natalya’s father, the Hall Of Famer Jim Neidhart’s sunglasses last week. The Riott Squad leader begins to show regret, the regret was that she didn’t do more. Enter The Daughter of Heart, Natalya as she rushes towards the ring. Outnumbered, Natalya receives a beating and her father’s signature move, the Heart Attack.

Tag Team Battle Royal resumes. Brock Lesnar shows up. The Drifter calls child protection services.

The final spot for Raw’s tag team squad is booked.

The tag team battle royal in the beginning of the show resumes. It includes Bobby Roode/Chad Gable, Ascension, The B-Team, Lucha House Party, Beauty and the Man-Beast, and the Revival. Like at the start of the show, this is just a mess of beatings. Heath Slater is the first to get tossed, eliminating Beauty and the Man-Beast (with Rhyno). Then Lucha House Party brawls with the Revival, with Gran Metalik eliminating Dawson and the Revival. The B-Team and Lucha square off, but Ascension crashes the party. Konner from Ascension eliminates both teams. Which leaves it down to Roode/Gable vs Ascension, the two teams battle it out for a short time. The end result is Gable counters Konner’s choke bomb with a rope arm bar. Allowing Roode to dump Konner outside. Now your Raw tag team Survivor Series captains are The Glorious duo of Bobby Roode and Chad Gable.

Brock Lesnar shows up and receives meditation advice.

After another great promo from the Beast’s advocate, Paul Heyman. Jinder Mahal shows up to give advice. Jinder states that he lost on his dream match with Brock because he under estimated AJ Styles. Mahal doesn’t want that to happen to Brock and comes as a friend. Lesnar invites Mahal in to teach him meditation. However, the Beast has other ways to meditate, which includes a trip to Suplex City.

Elias Vs Bobby Lashley for final Raw Survivor Series spot. Bobby Lashley wins via count out.

The Drifter’s concerns.

Bobby Lashley makes his way out to the ring first, along with Lio Rush. Elias, the drifter makes his grand entrance as usual. However, this one was a great one. Not starting a song like Elias usually does, The drifter pulls out his phone and call Child Protection Services. Stating that Bobby Lashley has a child in the ring, Elias asks Lio hiss age. Rush yells out “24!”, yet the Drifter doesn’t hear him and says “he can’t be more than 10”. Elias then waks down to the ring to start the match. Elias continues to shine.

Elias vs Bobby Lashely.

The match start off with both big men trading blows. Elias gets the upper hand. Giving Lashley power strikes that he is not used to in his return in the WWE. Lio Rush knows that this could prove problem for Bobby and interrupts. Elias quickly squashes Lio, the fight spills outside. A weathered Elias slings Lashley in to the steel steps and both men are exhausted. Lashely gets to his feet and in to the ring first. Elias attempts to get back in the ring, but Lio grabs his feet from under the ring. Earning Elias a count out loss. The Drifter, gets his amends by destroying Lio.

Alexa Bliss announces Raw’s Women’s team. Friends battle for final spot. Invasion from Smackdown.

Raw’s Women’s team.

Miss Bliss announce that the Raw Women’s team is almost set. In which includes Nia Jax, Tamina Snuka, Mikey James, and Natalya. The final spot will be determined in a match, a match between Sasha Banks and Bayley.

 Friends at war again.

The two BBFs wage war on each other again. Bayley starts off with a wrist lock only to be counter by Banks with a arm drag. Bayley then attempts multiple pins on Sasha, all ending in a two count. The Boss then gains control with a big knee. Sasha goes for a second double knee, but Bayley slides away. Bayley goes for a pin, two count. Banks gains composer and hits Bayley with another knee. The Boss goes for another one, but Bayley hits a Bayley to Belly on the apron. the Hugger goes for the Elbow drop, yet the boss counters with her knees. Sasha now locks in the Bank Statement, then Tamina and Nia attack. Resulting in a disqualification. Alexa Bliss announces that Ruby Riott is the final member.

Becky Lynch is a Stone Cold Goddess.

After the final spot for the Raw women’s Survivor Series team is announced. The camera cuts to the locker room, in which we see Becky Lynch mangling Ronda Rousey’s arm. The baddest woman on the planet is the mercy of Becky. After making her statement, Becky arrives to confront the Raw Women’s team. The Lassinator is not alone, The Smackdown team attacks the Raw team. With the Smackdown team on top, Ronda Rousey arrives, helping out the Raw team . Alas, a bloodied Becky Lynch grabs a steel chair and assaults Rousey. The crowd can not stop cheering Becky Lynch and if you saw a bloodied Becky Lynch still kicking ass, you will too. This closes out Raw in Kansas City, and Becky Lynch is a Goddess!

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