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Paul Heyman sets a date. Battle for number one contention. Ronda Rousey anger issues.

Paul Heyman sets a date for the Universal Championship defense. A battle for the number one contender begins. Ronda lets her anger keep getting the best of her. Let’s dive in to the follow-up Raw show for Extreme Rules. Right now on our Rawtrospective.


The Advocate speaks. A tournament starts. The Glorious One vs Ziggler.


Date is set.

Angle comes out to again give an ultimatum to Brock Lesnar. The Beast’s advocate, Paul Heyman arrives. Paul Heyman interrupts Kurt. After The GM Olympian asks again, Heyman agrees. Brock Lesnar will defend the Universal Championship at SummerSlam. Bobby Lashley’s music hits. After some brief words. Drew McIntyre, Seth Rollins, Elias, Finn Balor, and Roman Reigns arrive.  With all these Superstars in the ring there is only one thing left to do.

A tournament begins.

Kurt Angle now begins a tournament. Starting off with two Triple Threat, no disqualification matches. The winner of each match. Will face off against each other next week. The winner of that match, will face Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam. The first of the two matches starts “right now”.

Finn Balor vs Roman Reigns vs Drew McIntyre.

The match started with Drew McIntyre in control. Soon afterwards, Finn Balor gains the advantage. Landing variations of the Coup De Grace on McIntyre. Balor wears out Roman. The human vessel of The Demon King works over Roman and hits the Coup De Grace. Only to have Drew McIntyre pull Balor off. Soon Roman Superman punches both men. McIntrye recovers and attempts a Claymore on Reigns. Drew misses, yet nails Finn. Roman lands another Superman Punch on McIntyre. Then lands a spear on Balor for the win.

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A somewhat Open Challenge?

The Intercontinental Champion, Dolph Ziggler arrives to gloat. However, The Glorious Bobby Roode interrupts. Roode entices Ziggler in a match. However, when announcing the match by ring announcer JoJo. Dolph insists it is not a championship match.  Roode is in control. Yet the champion fights back. This pace goes back and forth. Bobby Roode lands a beautiful sidewalk slam on Ziggler.

The champion refuses to be pinned. After many pin counters. Bobby Roode escapes one last time. Only to have his knee give out. This allows Ziggler to land one of many Super Kicks for the pin.


Friendships continue. The undefeated Tag Team champions. Ronda Rousey can’t control her anger.

Dana Brooke/Alicia Fox vs Sasha Banks/Bayley

Dana Brookes starts off in control over Bayley. The Hugger shortly gains control and the fight spills outside. Alicia Fox goes to attack Bayley. The Boss, Sasha Banks come in for the save. Banks continues the beat down to Dana and Fox. Thus the referee disqualifying Banks and Bayley. After the fight, Sasha admits to care about Bayley. However, The Boss is not good about talking about her emotions.

B-Team vs Ascension

The B-Team was in complete control. Utilizing traditional heel tactics to keep their advantage. Bo Dallas and Cutris Axel land a Backbreaker/Neckbreaker combo move for the pin. In a glorified squash match.

Alexa Bliss’s plan backfires.

The Blissful One comes out with ever-present BBF, Mickie James to gloat. Bliss recants on she has beaten every woman in the locker room. Alexa states that Ronda Rousey does not count. Shortly, Rousey enters the arena ala’ The Shield. The former UFC star starts to take it to both James and Bliss. Kurt Angle pleads for Ronda to stop. The Raw GM has no choice but to extend her suspension.

The Constable Baron Corbin is not happy about it and threatens to call Stephanie McMahon. Angle agrees, but with a stipulation. Ronda gets a title match vs Alexa Bliss at SummerSlam. If Rousey can stay free from anger.

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AOP dominates Worldwide. The second half of the triple threat number one contender match.

 AOP vs Titus Worldwide

Before the match Titus Worldwide shows a video promo. Stating that they are about to be more aggressive. This match did not help that statement. AOP dominated Titus Worldwide. Quickly taking out Titus via ring post. Then shifted their attention to Apollo Crews. The gifted athlete had to endure a vicious beating. Only to end with AOP delivering The Last Chapter for the pin.

Bobby Lashley vs Seth Rollins Vs Elias

Just like the first Triple Threat match. This will be a no disqualifications match. Seth and Elias are in the ring. When Lashley’s music hits, Elias attacks Rollins. Now the Kingslayer is beaten before the match starts. When the bell rings, Elias attacks Set again. Taking Rollins out of the match. Bobby Lashley quickly over powers Elias and sends him outside. Waiting is an angry Seth Rollins. The Architect takes out Elias, leaving a Seth vs Lashley match up.

The two men play to their strengths. Bobby Lashley with his power and Seth Rollins with his quickness. Elias recovered from his attack by Rollins, enters the match. After a commercial break, it is seen that Elias is in control over Seth. From the outside, Lashley enters the ring. Delivers a big spine-buster on Elias.

The fight spills outside with Rollins still in the ring. Seth attempts to Suicide Dive on Elias. However, the Drifter counters. Elias then hits an elbow drop on Lashley, for a two count. Rollins quickly follows with a superb Frog Splash, Again, a two count.

The final moments.

This back and forth match final moments begins. Seth goes to attempt his Superplex to Falcon Arrow combo. Yet, Elias fights it off. Bobby Lashley interrupts as well. Lashley attempts a Superplex on Elias. However, Seth get in and Buckle Bombs Lashley. Rollins lands his Superplex to Falcon Arrow on the vulnerable Elias. Lashley interrupts the count. Elias rolls outside leaving Rollins and Bobby to fight.

Lashley goes for a spear, only to be dodge by Rollins. The KingSlayer hits a Super Kick and attempts the Curb Stomp. From the outside, Elias pulls Seth outside and attempts a pin. Yet was met by a Lashley Spear. Bobby Lashley gets the pin.


Was Raw better than Extreme Rules?

No, it was on the same level. For every small good spot. It was met by disappointing booking. WWE seems to still be in the infancy of a correct slow build. To some fans. It could be said that at least they are trying. To others, it is becoming burdensome. Tonight’s show should have been a launch pad from Extreme Rules and rocketing towards SummerSlam. Yet, it felt like WWE was spinning their wheels again.

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