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New Smackdown Live tag team champions crowned

New Smackdown Live tag team champions are crowned. The new “wild card” rule returns old favorites to SDL, The Miz continues his assault on Shane. A showdown between two rising stars, and a fantastic Triple Threat match for the WWE championship.

The man who built Smackdown Live returns. Two rising stars battle and invokes a veteran.

The “Wild Card” rule brings in a match.

AJ Styles opens the show with the crowds approval. Styles states it is damn good to be back, but shortly Sami Zayn arrives and the two trade banter. After the crowd chants “take a shower”, from Braun Strowman tossing Sami in a dumpster on Raw. The WWE champion, Kofi Kingston enters. Kofi asks why is AJ here, Sami interrupts and says don’t even think about defending the title. Kofi not listening challenges everyone.

Ali vs Andrade. Andrade wins via Randy Orton disqualification.

The two rising stars begin, with Ali using his speed to over come the decorated Andrade. Eventually, Andrade’s trump card Zelina interferes. This allows Andrade to take control of the match, landing hard chops. Ali, quickly ends the momentum with a rolling X-Factor. The match continues with a Ali attempting a hurricanrana counter, but is counter by a vicious sit down face plant by Andrade. The two find themselves fighting on top of the turn buckle and Ali hitting the Spanish Fly. With an Ali victory in hand, Randy Orton attacks Ali and earning a DQ. The Viper goes for an RKO, but is fought off by both men. Orton eventually catches both men with an RKO and stands tall.

New Smackdown Live tag team champions crowned. Paige taunts her former team.

Shane has his new favorites.

“The Best In The World” Shane McMahon arrives. Shane states that after the Hardy Boyz vacated the titles, due to Lars Sullivan injuring Jeff Hardy and he only had one choice. Daniel Bryan music hits, Rowan is at by his side, just as Shane is about to hand the titles over the Usos arrive. The 6 time Smackdown Live champs, are angry on the titles they worked so hard for to become relevant, are being handed over. So Shane , makes a match between the two teams.

Daniel Bryan/Rowan vs The Usos. Rowanwins via Iron Claw Slam pinfall.

The match started in Jimmy Uso’s favor, working over the cocky Bryan. It was going so well, that Jimmy allowed Rowan to be tagged in. The giant Rowan quickly takes control of the match and beats down Jimmy. Rowan and Bryan work over Jimmy to a commercial break. After the break, The Usos regain momentum, but it is halted by Bryan’s Labell Lock. Jimmy rolls over the hold for a pin attempt for two count. After many Super Kicks and a Uso Splash on Rowan, the Redwood kicks out. With the fight outside the Usos go for a double Suicide Dive, but Rowan catches both. Rowan then delivers the Iron Claw Slam for the win.

Shane gets a surprise.

Shane is back to announce MITB news, but is attacked by the Miz… again. Miz finally to seem to get his wish, without Shane having any route to escape. However, The B-Team arrive and attack Miz. The A-Lister fights them off, only to have Shane attack Miz with a steel chair and stand over him.

Ember Moon/Carmella vs Fire and Desire. Rose wins via Bed of Roses pinfall.

In a quick squash match, we see some flashes of offense from the under used Ember Moon. But just as Moon goes for an outside dive on the Rose/DeVille team, Moon “misses” Rose. Allowing the Golden Goddess to hit the Bed Roses on Moon for the win. Quickly after the match, Paige arrives and states that she traded up her representation of tag teams. Paige’s newest tag team of Asuka and Kari Sane will run the division, starting with her former team next week.

Triple Threat Match for the WWE title, a friend arrives.

Kofi Kingston vs Sami Zayn vs AJ Styles. Kofi wins via Trouble In Paradise pinfall.

The three men square off from each other, Sami is attempting to talk his way out of it and it seemed to work. AJ quickly roundhouses Kofi and then goes after Sami. Zayn is thrown out of the ring, Kofi regains control with a dropkick, and Sami interrupts. This was the mantra of the match early on, but it was fantastic. Especially seeing Zayn in action for the 1st time in almost a year. AJ hits a big back breaker that leads us to a break.

After the break, all three men fight to control the match, but not getting the pin. Sami hits a huge Superplex on Kofi for a close two count. AJ regains and attempts a double DDT on both men, but Kofi counter with a SOS, which led to Sami getting the DDT. Kofi now with a victory in grasp has a new distraction, Kevin Owens arrives Owens attacks Xavier Woods which allows Sami Zayn to hit not one, or two, but THREE Blue Thunder Bombs on Kofi. Kingston finds a way to kick out of all three and Zayn attempts his Helluva Kick. However, Kofi counters with the Trouble In Paradise for the win.


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