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New Authority figure on Raw. A historic WWE match. Tag Team Battle Royal.

Tonight on WWE’s Raw. A historic match takes place. A new Authority figure is announced. The number one contenders for Raw’s Tag Team titles are known. Finn Balor vs Kevin Owens face off for the first time. Need to know the results? Well, let’s dive in to our Rawtrospective.


The Drifter continues a new feud. The historic match. A new Authority figure.

The show opens to none other than The Drifter, Elias. He cuts a promo on why he attacked Seth Rollins. After an almost entire song. Seth Rollins has had enough and walks down to the ring. Rollins pulls a steel chair out and confronts Elias. Jinder Mahal attacks Seth fro behind. Which leads to Roman Reigns to arrive for the save. Shortly after, Raw’s GM, Kurt Angle announces a tag team match between the four.

Roman Reigns/Seth Rollins vs Elias/Jinder Mahal.

At first, Seth and Roman control the match. Utilizing tag moves on Jinder. The Modern Day Maharaja eventually gets Seth in to his corner. Elias works over Rollins. The Architect hot tags in Roman. Reigns takes it to both men. He goes for the Drive-By outside, but is met with a big knee from Elias.

After the break, Elias and Jinder take turns on wearing Roman down. Reigns tags The King Slayer in.  Rollins hits a Blockbuster on Elias. Jinder interrupts the count. In which leads to Roman connecting a Superman Punch on Jinder and a Drive-By on Elias. Singh gets involved and attempts to hit Seth with a steel chair. Rollins grabs the chair and goes after Singh in the ring. Elias intersects and DDT’s Seth on the steel chair. He follows with the Drift Away for the win.

The historic match.

Curtis Axel has become somewhat of a legend. I’m using the word legend loosely. The man has amassed 199 consecutive losses. Tonight he is confident that he is breaking the streak. Curtis is facing against James Harden. No, not James Harden from the NBA. James Harden the jobber. Axel, quickly dominates Harden. Even landing an impressive swinging sidewalk slam on the under sized opponent. Yet, before he could go for the win. Baron Corbin makes his way down. The Lone Wolf attacks Harden. Thus, giving Curtis Axel his 200th consecutive loss.

The eyes and ears of The Authority.

Shortly after Baron Corbin caused Curtis Axel his 200th consecutive loss. Kurt Angle asked what was he thinking backstage. Baron simply replies with a letter from Stephanie McMahon. The letter states that Baron Corbin will now be the Constable for Raw. To keep things fair on Raw.


Natalya vs Nia. The Monster vs The Glorious One. Tag Team Battle Royal.

Natalya vs Nia Jax.

Ronda Rousey again is commenting on a Nia Jax match. This time with her friend and trainer Natalya. The match is more entertaining than perceived. With both women showcasing their strengths. Nia obviously with her power. Natty with her veteran knowledge and quickness. Natty goes for a frog hop over Nia and tweaks her knee. This leads to Nia to hit a Samoan Slam on Natty for the win. This upsets Ronda and she makes her way to the ring. The two face off as Natalya is both ladies friend. Nothing comes about the face off.

Braun Strowman vs Bobby Roode.

The Monster quickly takes control of the match. tossing the Glorious one like a ragdoll. Strowman hits an impressive suplex. Shortly, Braun goes for a shoulder tackle, but Roode doges and sends Braun in to the turnbuckle. Bobby Roode then grabs a ladder and sets it up. Roode taunts Strowman to chase after him outside the ring. This leads to Roode dodging the ladder he set up and Braun stopping. What will The Monster do? What any Monster will do. He smashes the ladder in half with his bare hands. Then proceeds to Power Slam Roode for the win.


Tag Team Battle Royal for the number one contention  for the Raw Tag Team title.

Dolph Ziggler/Drew McIntyre vs The Revival vs Breezedango vs Ascension vs Titus World Wide vs Rhyno/Slater vs The B-Team.

The stipulations are, if any of the tag team members are tossed over the top rope and both feet hit the ground. That tag team is eliminated.

Ziggler and Drew await outside the ring, while the other teams duke it out. Eventually, Ziggler and Drew enter the match. Dolph is almost thrown out multiple times and fights out of it. Yet, becomes the first one thrown out. Eliminating him and Drew.

Next up, Ascension and Breezedango are eliminated. The Revival gains control of the match only to get tossed out as well. This leaves Rhyno/Slater vs The B-Team. The B-team gets Rhyno outside the ropes. But Slater fights both Bo Dallas and Curtis Hawkins. Slater grabs Bo for a bodyslam and accidentally knocks Rhyno off the apron. The B-team wins the Tag Team Battle Royal.

Ladies Six Women Tag Match. Finn Balor vs Kevin Owens.

Alexa Bliss/Sasha Banks/Ember Moon vs The Riott Squad.

Ember Moon and Ruby Riott start the match off. Both ladies trade moves. Ember gets in to her corner to tag Sasha, but Bliss tags herself in. The Goddess gets Ruby in to a corner, but injures herself. Thus tagging Sasha Banks in and leaving the match. Now two on three. The Riott Squad works over The Boss. With the match in their control. Bayley’s music hits. The Boss tags in Bayley and she takes out the Riott Squad for the win. A very confusing ending.


Finn Balor vs Kevin Owens.

This is the first time both men have fought each other in a singles match on Raw. It starts off with Balor and Owens feeling each other out. K.O eventually gets a quick upper hand and starts mocking Finn. Every time Finn gains some momentum, Owens reverses it in to his favor. Balor finally strings together a move set. Only to have Owens roll outside for a breather.

After the break, Finn is in control. Yet, every time Finn goes to end the match. Kevin Owens finds a way to escape. Balor goes for multiple Coup De Grace and Owens finds a way out of them. After the final Owens counter on Finns Coup De Grace. Owens mercilessly attacks an exposed Balor.  Leaving the referee to disqualify Owens. Kevin is outraged. He lands a vicious Frog Splash on Finn. Afterwards, Owens sets up a ladder in the ring and attempts a Frog Splash. Yet, Owens is terrified of the deed. This leads Finn to attack Owens and lad a Coup De Grace on Owens from the ladder. Balor then climbs the ladder and retrieve the MITB briefcase.


After thoughts.

Well, tonight’s show was somewhat entertaining. Yet marred by questionable endings, again. What was the point of the ladies six women tag match? Why did the referee DQ Owens on something that NEVER earns a DQ in pro wrestling? With all the entertainment that was provided. It was again marred by poor endings. Hopefully, this is just an experimental booking for a long term story build. Yet, only time will tell.


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