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More surprises on SmackDown Live after WrestleMania

Tonight’s SmackDown Live show features more surprise arrivals, an first time match between The Usos vs The Hardy Boyz. Two 6-Man tag team matches, Shane McMahon’s hunger for power, The Man continues to have a problem. Let’s dive in and find out what went down in Brooklyn, New York!

Kofi’s celebration is interrupted. Tonight’s first 6-Man Tag Team match. Another surprise arrival.

The Celebration is cut short.

New Day come out and continue to celebrate Kofi’s achievement in winning the WWE Heavyweight Championship. After much praise and another Big E splits. They hand the microphone and Kofi begins to thank all who believed in him, especially his wife and kids. The Bar interrupts the feel good moment, and tells Kofi that he should be thanking them. Without The Bar’s interference last night, Seth Rollins would be holding both titles. Shortly they challenge New Day to a 6-Man tag team match. Big E questions their math, but The Bar introduces their new pal, Drew McIntyre.

Ricochet/Aleister Black/Ali vs Shinsuke Nakamura/Rusev/Andrade. Ali wins via 450 Splash pin fall.

What may be the last time Black and Ricochet team up, they face off against trio that seems to be thrown together. the match starts off with Nakamura and Ricochet. Shinsuke gains control with a hard kick, the heel team keep Ricochet grounded. Eventually, Ricochet hot tags Ali in the faces do their multiple tags. Shortly the heels take control and work over Ali. Yes, it was this type of match.

Ali manages to hot tag Black in, with Andrade and Black trade strikes. Black comes out on top and the match starts to break down, with everyone hitting spots. Andrade attempts a roll up pin, but Black kicks out. Then Ali blind tags in and hits a 450 Splash for the pin fall. Ater the match, Randy Orton arrives and hits the RKO on Ali. Not to be out done, Kevin Owens arrives and hits a Stunner on Rusev.

A future feud?

R-Truth and Carmella come out to praise the wins from Kofi Kingston and Becky Lynch. Also, for performing the “Largest 7-second Dance Break” along wit Carmella defeating Andre The Giant. Actually, that “fact” was from R-Truth. Shortly, Samoa Joe makes his way to the ring and takes out R-Truth. Joe then cuts a quick promo, putting all of the locker room on notice. All of the sudden, The Monster Braun Strowman arrives and the two brawl it out. If this is a teaser for these two brutes to slug it out, I can’t wait.

The fighting IIconics. The Best In The World Promo. Usos vs The Hardy Boyz.

IIconics defend titles against a 45-0 tag team. Squash match finish, IIconics win.

The newly crowned Women’s Tag Team Champions, The IIConics walk out. They state that are a true fighting tag team champions and chose the best Brooklyn has to offer The Brooklyn Belles. Apparently, this tag team has an 45-0 record. Until tonight, when Billie Kay holds up one of the Brooklyn Belles for a Peyton knee shot and pin fall. What was interesting, Paige was watching backstage. The former GM of SDL claimed that she will bring a tag team in that will put an end of the IIconics. Intriguing.

Shane McMahon channels his father’s power hunger.

The Best In The World, Shane McMahon walks out and defends his actions against Miz’s father. Shane stated that MizDad came at him aggressively, and deserved what he got. Then Money McMahon turns his attention towards to the ring announcer Greg Hamilton. Stating that Greg didn’t announce his status as Best In The World good enough. Shane pulls him by his tie and up the ramp until Shane got what he wanted to hear.

The Hardy Boyz vs The Usos for the SDL Tag Team title. The Hardy Boyz win via Swanton Bomb pinfall.

For the first time, the Hardys and Usos face off. One Hall Of Fame team on the tail end of their careers and possibly the best tag team in WWE now. The Usos from a huge Wrestling linage, grew up watching The Hardys and now they face them. Matt and Jeff start off strong landing quick tag moves on Jey. The Hardy’s momentum is cut short when Jey tags his twin brother jey in. Now the Usos return the favor with their tag move set. Jimmy has Matt in position for another tag move. However, a rare botch from the Usos happens. Most likely to protect Matt.

After the picture in picture break, The Usos go for the Double Uso Splash on Jeff. The Usos miss, setting up Matt to hit the Twist Of Fate and Jeff to hit the Swanton Bomb for the pin fall and title. Lars Sullivan arrives again and takes out both of the Hardy Boyz.

As in story line, this is great stuff. As in the actual match, it was ok. I’m a sucker for nostalgia, but the ending just castes foreshadowing and I’m not a fan of Lars just running over champions.

The Man arrives to another fight. New Day vs The Bar/Drew McIntyre.

Becky Two Belts knows her standing.

The Man Becky Lynch comes out and cuts a promo on how last night on Raw opened her eyes. Lynch states that with accomplishing her dream, she now is a target, a double target. Becky tells the crowd that she will fight anyone who wants to come for belts and want to make her run the greatest run in WWE history. The Man exits up to the ramp, holds her titles up and is attacked again by Lacey Evans. The Southern Belle, who is a former Marine hits Lynch with a hard right shot and wobbles Becky, then walks out.

New Day vs The Bar/Drew McIntyre/ New Day wins via Trouble In Paradise pin fall.

In another 6-man tag match that could’ve been a classic, fell flat. Before the match Sami Zayn arrives to tell the crowd that “you’re not worth it” and drops the mic. Umm, ok. Woods and Sheamus begin the match, with New Day gaining quick control. The New Day’s chemistry is ended shortly when Drew Wheelbarrow slams Xavier Woods in to the announcer’s table.

After the break, Big E launches Cesaro with multiple suplexes and hits a big splash. Cesaro eventually gets away and goes for a top rope body splash. Everyone must be tired from the exhausting WrestleMania week, because Big E couldn’t catch Cesaro. The botch ended up with an awkward exchange between the two. Now Kofi is in along with Sheamus and Kofi goes for the Trouble In Paradise. The Celtic Warrior catches Kofi in mid air and powers him up with one arm. Kofi wiggles out and lands the Trouble In Paradise for the pin fall.

What will happen next week?

Next week is the Superstar shake up, when WWE shuffles their roster. There can be teams broken up, stars not getting a good reaction on one show going to another show, and call ups. This can be intriguing, what will the new season of the WWE Universe bring us? Can the Sky Pirates get called up? Will the Usos head to Raw and battle The Revival? We will find out next week, but for now WrestleMania 35 has finally wrapped up.

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