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Matches based off series dominate SmackDown Live

Following Stomping Ground, SmackDown Live showcases multiple “series matches”. Whether it is two out of three or impromptu secondary match. SDL and WWE has you covered in series matches tonight. Find out all how it went down live from Portland, Oregon.

The opening. Double tag match. Another multiple match.

The show opens.

With a video package of the Roman vs Drew McIntyre, Shane, and The Undertaker. Shane states that he fears no man and the SDL roster should not get on his bad side. New Day enters and Kofi states that it took a leap of fate for him to win over Dolph Ziggler. The Showstopper arrives and state that he will not let this happen again. Ziggler will not let another wrestler take the spotlight. What ensues is a two out of three match between Kofi and Dolph, again.

New Day vs Daniel Bryan/Rowan. Confusion ending.

At first it eas your standard tag match . The heels worked over Xavier Wood, Big E gets a hot tag and demolishes Bryan and Rowan. Setting up Woods to pin Daniel Bryan. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn attack breaking up New Day’s celebration. After a beating from the heels, Heavy Machinery show up and even the odds and a new match is made.

Kevin Owens/Sami Zayn/Rowan/Daniel Bryan vs Heavy Machinery/New Day. Heavy Machinery win via Compactor pin fall.

Just as confusing how this match came about, so was the match. It was just a brawl that showcased Heavy Machinery. A Tucker beat down, hot tag to Otis, a Caterpillar and followed by a Compactor pin fall on Sami Zayn. The only thing that was intriguing was that SDL did a picture in picture break while wrestling was going on. Amid the rumors that it has been stop to it.

Elias vs Miz in two out of three match. Elias wins two to one pin falls.

The Miz calls out Shane, but gets Elias. Thing get going on quickly, but the Best In The World get involved soon. Shane’s interference leads to Elias to hitting the Drift Away on Miz for the pin fall. In the second match, Shane interferes again, this time Miz takes it to his advantage. After hitting the Skull Crusher Finale on Elias. Shane jumps in and attacks Miz, leading the ref no choice but to disqualify Elias due to Shane’s attack. Before the third match can start, Elias and Shane beat down Miz. Shane hits a Roman Spear, just to mock and the bell is rung from Shane’s instructions. Elias hits a top rope elbow for the final pin fall. The evil duo are not done yet, as Elias holds down Miz for the Coast To Coast. Shane yells at Miz, “YOU GOT ME?!” as it was a message to the locker room.

 A new feud? A best pal goes the distance. A squash match for storyline.

The Demon’s new foe.

Finn Balor is interviewed backstage by Kayla Braxton. Finn is asked about who should be the next contender for the title. Before Finn can answer, Shinsuke enters, taps the title and says “Yeeahh”. I actually can’t wait to see these two go at it. That’s of they are not handcuffed, let them fight and let us be entertained.

Nikki Cross vs Bayley. Nikki Cross wins via roll up pin fall.

Before the match, Nikki is apologizing to Alexa. Nikki states that she has a match with Bayley and if she wins, Bliss will get a title match at Extreme Rules. So the match starts off with Cross going all crazy on Bayley.  Bayley gains control with a hard shot and a two count. This continues throughout the match. The two end up exchanging pin falls until the break.

After the break, Cross is in control. But Cross fights back and hits a Bulldog and a two count. What follows is another pin fall counterfest. Bayley attempts a knee shot but Cross rolls her up for the pin fall. Earning Alexa Bliss a title shot at the next PPV.

Sonya DeVille vs Ember Moon. Sonya DeVille wins via post corner shot pin fall.

After weeks of backstage build up, Ember Moon fights Sonya DeVille. What ensued was just a squash match. After Sonya grounded Moon with her MMA skills, Moon fought back. Mandy Rose distracts Moon, allowing Sonya to drive Moon into a ring post. DeVille then rolls Moon back in the ring for the pin fall. This took about two minutes, squash match and poor Ember Moon.

Two out of three falls main event.

Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler in a Two out of Three Falls match. Kofi Kingston wins via two pin falls.

I guess this feud is continuing, however it is a good feud as the duo perform against each other every time. This match was a compilation of their many bouts. The first fall took a bit as the two swiftly counter everything they knew about each other. Leading Dolph to hold the ropes after a multitude of pin fall counter. The Ref sees it and breaks the count, allowing Kofi to score the first pin fall.

However, The Showstopper quickly regains control of the second match, hitting a Zig Zag. Dolph goes for a corner splash. But Kofi dodges, goes for another roll up and Ziggler rolls out. Just as Kofi stands up, Ziggler hits a Super Kick for the second pin fall and tied at one a piece.

With the match tied up the two slow things down with Ziggler applying a Chin Lock. An aggressive Kofi retorts with hard Head butts. Ziggler attempts to Slingshot Kofi, but Kofi counters with a splash. Dolph kicks out and hits a big DDT and Kofi kicks out. What followed was Kofi and Dolph countering their finishers. Kofi goes for the Trouble In Paradise, Dolph counters. The Showstopper goes for the Zig Zag, Kofi counters with the Trouble In Paradise part 2 and scores the final pin fall.

Interesting night.

To say SDL was bad tonight is an injustice. It had chaos, segments that meant something and matches. However, it fell a bit flat again. It’s like they are trying to cram too much into two hours and avoid commercial breaks. While this does work for the three hour RAW show, it does not for SDL. Let’s hope WWE figure this out.

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