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Last stop before WrestleMania, hop aboard

For the last stop before WrestleMania, we are treated to bit of story building. Featuring an announcement for the tag team titles at Mania and an 18 mixed tag team match. Also, an emotional exchange between Kofi Kingston and Daniel Bryan during the contract signing. Let’s dive in to what happened on SDL in Baltimore, Maryland.

Kevin Owens knows when to go. Eight-Man tag team match. WrestleMania’s host, Alexa Bliss has an announcement.

Randy Orton confronts AJ Styles on the Kevin Owens Show.

KO invites Randy Orton and AJ Styles to the Kevin Owens Show. When both stars enter and sit down, Orton starts off with bashing AJ’s indie work. Stating that when AJ was headlining high school gyms, in front of dozen of people. Randy was headlining WrestleMania in front of thousands of people. AJ agreed, saying that when he was working in high school gyms, Orton was failing drug tests in the WWE. Randy retorts with, ever since John Cena has stepped down, you have become “the new corporate bitch”. At this time, Owens drops his mic and walks out, knoing what is going to happen. The two start a brawl, AJ goes for the Phenomenal Forearm but is hit by the RKO. Wow, what a great promo.

Ricochet/Aleister Black/ The Usos vs Shinsuke Nakamura/Rusev/The Bar. Usos win via Double Super Kick pin fall.

The match started off with quick tags between the two teams. It finally settled down win Jey Uso was in the ring. Jey then became the punching bag for the heels. After a picture in picture commercial beating, Jey takes a a nice combo suplex to knee strike from Shinsuke and Rusev. Eventually, Jimmy Uso gets a hot tag from his twin brother and that is where chaos ensues. The match becomes a greatest hits of every one’s signature moves. It ends with the Usos hitting a Double Super Kick on Rusev for the pin fall.


WrestleMania’s host enters.

Alexa Bliss enters and announces that the Usos will defend their titles at WrestlmMania. In a Fatal 4-Way match with everyone in the prior match. Again, a battle ensues with Aleister Black and Ricochet standing tall.

Another promo. Miz is borderline insane. Becky Lynch has more promos.

IIconic for the wrong reasons.

The IIconics come out to cut a promo and sucked the air out of the arena. With their trademark squeal, they state that they can win the Women’s tag team title by pinning anyone. The audience in the crowd and at home could not care.

Miz vs SAnity, 3 on one handicap match.

The A-Lister cuts a short promo before the match. Stating this is “the best version” that he has gave the WWE Universe. Some may disagree, some may agree. Shane McMahon walks out and wants to see this match up close and the match begins. Miz starts off very strong and takes it to SAnity, only it was short lived.

After the Break, we see Miz in control taking it to every member of SAnity. Shane McMahon had enough and makes it a “falls count anywhere” match. All of SAnity quickly attack Miz, however the A-Lister snapped awhile ago and takes it to SAnity. The brawl continues backstage with Miz ramming a rolling cart to Eric Young’s head for a pin fall.

The Man has something to say.

Becky Lynch arrives to SDL and she has things to say. While it is regurgitated story building, the arena is behind her and chanting her name. The promo was ok, with Lynch delivering it atop of the announcer’s table. Lynch states a year ago, she and Charlotte were friends and Rousey was in her first match. Things have change, Lynch tells the audience that she will be walking out of Mania as a double champion. WHAT? Does this mean Becky Lynch has a chance to unify the Women’s Championship?

Battle Royal preview. Samoa Joe vs Mustafa Ali. The contract signing.

18 Mixed Tag Team match.

Let’s state the real name for this match. It’s “The 18 super stars that need to be showcased for a Mania Battle Royal” That is what this showcase became. Nikki Cross and Zelina Vega start the match off with Cross gaining a crazy upper hand. Then Lacey Evans does her much irritating walk out scene, allowing Vega to gain momentum.

After the break, we see Naomi delivering a Jawbreaker to Mandy Rose and Otis hitting a a Caterpillar. R-Truth is tagged in and attempts a Dance Break with Carmella. However, Kar Anderson (I don’t why he is a heel at this point) breaks up the party. The bell rings ending the match and carnage ensues, with every one having a spot fest. Asuka and Jeff Hardy stand tall as the representative of both matches, until Asuka tosses Jeff out. Eh, I guess a small tid bit for Asuka?

Samoa Joe vs Mustufa Ali. Samoa Joe wins via Coquina Clutch submission.

A match that I was surprised to see, because it had much potential. Became nothing but fodder to fill out tonight’s show. Joe and Ali trade fighting styles, with Joe hitting some strikes and Ali escaping. Ali did his best to put away Joe with high flying moves, but a missed Inverted 450 led to a Coquina Clutch tap out.

Emotional contract signing.

Daniel Bryan walks out shortly after Samoa Joe wins his match. After the break and with New Day and Kofi Kingston in ring, Bryan cuts a FANTASTIC promo. The crowd attempts to drown out Daniel speaking and giving “Life Lessons”. However, Bryan’s life lessons has merit. The Planet’s Champion’s “Life Lessons” are, don’t be complacent. exceed your expectations. The same people that cheer you now, will hate you later. Kofi had enough of Daniel’s rant and tells Bryan that he won the title in two years. However, Kofi didn’t even get a glance. Kofi educates Daniel Bryan that he doesn’t know a damn thing about him. Kofi states that the one common thread¬† between the two, is that Daniel Bryan knows this story and knows how it ends. With the underdog winning the title and stand on top of the WWE Universe.

This was just a fantastic promo. With Daniel Bryan stating the truth about the way the business works and Kofi retorting. It was a brief flash on how backstage works, the curtain wasn’t fully pulled back. However, enough to give a glimpse.

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