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Last show before WWE’s MITB

Tonight on SmackDown Live, the last show before MITB, we are treated to a new tag team name and a bunch of promos. Somewhere in between a 4 on 3 tag team match and a Fatal Four way. Let’s see how WWE gets us hyped for MITB. From The O2 Arena in England, this is SDL.

An invitation leads to a match. A Fatal 4-Way match. Video package for SDL’s Womens Championship match at MITB.

Roman Reigns invites an A-Lister.

Roman starts off the show with talking about his MITB opponent and Shane McMahon. Reigns then invites The Miz as his choice for SDL’s Wild Card. After a short MIz promo, Elias and Shane walk out. The Best In The World Shane, promptly bans Miz and states The Miz is not a Wild Card choice. Shane then brings out Daniel Bryan and Rowan to attack Miz and Reigns. As they attack, The Uso’s arrive to even out the fight. Later on, Shane makes a 4 on 3 Tag Team match. If Miz interferes, he will lose his his match at MITB.

Andrade vs Ali vs Randy Orton vs Finn Balor. Andrade wins via Hammerlock DDT pin fall.

After a quick promo from Orton and Zelina, the match begins with the Balor and Ali in control. It was short lived, as the Orton and Andrade regain. After Orton slams Andrade through the announcer’s table, the non factor Finn Balor shortly gains control. Andrade then introduces ladders in the non DQ match. After the break, the match becomes a spot fest. With every wrestler going fast and furious with their signature moves. Ali starts with a Rolling X-Factor, missing the 450 Splash to RKO. Then Andrade hits a springboard missile dropkick, but is countered when attempts the Hammerlock DDT on Finn. Balor then hits a dive outside on Ali and Orton. Allowing Andrade to finally hit the Hammerlock DDT on Finn for the win. Shortly after the match, Ricochet attacks Andarde for the MITB briefcase.

Lynch and Flair’s promo.

I usually do not recap a video package, but this one was one the better ones and there was barely any wrestling. So, this video package showed the journey of former friends to complete rivals and WWE did it well. The production crew for WWE’s video packages have been the unsung heroes for WWE. This actually made me hyped for MITB and their storied rivalry.

4 0n 3 tag team match. New tag team name. The KO Show.

Shane McMahon/Elias/Daniel Bryan/Rowan vs Roman Reigns/The Uso’s. Shane McMahon wis via Coast To Coast Dropkick pin fall.

For a potentially great match, this felt… well, meh. Jimmy Uso and Bryan start off things and Jimmy takes quick control. Utilizing his twin brother Jey, but then the heels take over. They all take turns working over Jey, which is somewhat a change, since Jimmy has been taking the hits lately. Rowan crushes Jey in the turnbuckle and Elias hits a big slam. However, hot tags to Roman and Daniel quickens the pace briefly. Reigns goes for a Superman Punch on Bryan, but the Planet’s Champion dodges and tags in Rowan. The Redwood hits a big clothesline and The Drifter Elias wants in. Elias gets a two count and we go to break.

After the break, the match turns in to an Uso Super Kick fest. As the Uso’s Super Kick everyone, but match breaks down outside. Allowing Shane to hit the Coast To Coast Dropkick on Jimmy for the pin fall. Shortly the Miz, runs in to help the after match beating and sends the heels packing.

Ladies and gentlemen, The Kabuki Warriors. Asuka wins via roll up pin fall.

Yep, Kari Sane and Asuka are now known as the Kabuki Warriors. Going against Fire and Desire in a longer sqaush match. Asuka starts off against Sonya DeVille and takes her out with a hip shot. Asuka tags in Kari and the duo hot a combo strike set. After the break, Rose gets in some offense even landing The Bed Of Roses. However Asuka gets the hot tag, Sonya and Asuka trade great strikes. DeVille gains the upper hand with a big spine buster, as Sonya thinks about a pin. Rose begs to be tagged in, Sonya tags in Mandy, this allows Asuka to roll up Rose for the pin fall.

One stands tall during the KO Show.

Kevin Owens starts a promo backstage, only to be interrupted by the WWE Champion Kofi Kingston. Kofi is not waiting and is first in the ring for the talk show. Owens, plays a few mind games before attempting to leave the ramp. Kofi meets him on ramp with a beating, then KO’s BFF Sami Zayn attacks Kofi. The duo work over Kofi, making amn injured Xavier Woods to come out and help his New Day brother. Owens and Zyan take out Woods, then focus on Kofi. The WWEW champ turns the tables on the two and hits a Trouble In Paradise on Sami Zayn, while staring down Kevin Owens. That is the end of the final show before MITBm are you hyped or not? Let us know in the comments.

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