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Kurt Angle losses control of Raw. So does Ronda Rousey. The follow up show for MITB.

The follow up Raw show for MITB. Kurt Angle losses control of the show. So does Ronda Rousey. The Intercontinental Championship scene is shook up. The friendship of Sasha Banks and Bayley has become even more strained. Will the Constable Baron Corbin proves his authority? Find out here on our Rawtrospective!

A Blissful intro. Ronda Rousey becomes unglued. The Architect vs The Show Stealer. 


Alexa Bliss statement and Ronda Rousey’s reply.

The show kicks off with Kurt Angle holding a ceremony for the newly crowned Raw Women’s Champion, Alexa Bliss. Last night on MITB. Alexa Bliss won the 2nd women’s MITB match and cashed it in the same night to win the title over Nia Jax. Kurt Angle informs Alexa that Nia has invoked her rematch clause at the next PPV. Extreme Rules. Alexa cuts off Angle stating why is he looking towards the future. When he should be praising on what happened last night on MITB. Alexa proceeds to cut a promo on regain her title. Being a three-time Raw Women’s champion. Ronda Rousey music hits and storms towards the ring.

Kurt Angle holds Ronda back. This allows Alexa to continue her promo. Asking how the welts she gave Ronda from the MITB briefcase feels. Rousey finally had enough. Ronda Judo flips Angle and attacks Bliss. Kurt tries to intervene. However, Ronda attacks Kurt with the MITB briefcase. Referees make their way down to the ring and try to prevent anymore chaos. Rousey also attacks the referees. The Baddest Woman On The Planet grabs Alexa and power bombs her through a table.

After the violent outburst from Ronda. Kurt Angle meets up with Rousey and promptly suspends her for 30 days.




Seth Rollins vs Dolph Ziggler

The King Slayer Seth Rollins has been challenged. By The Show Stealer, Dolph Ziggler. Dolph is accompanied to the ring by the Scotsman Drew McIntyre. Dolph gains quick control of the match. This may be because that Ziggler did not wrestle at MITB and Seth had a tough title defense vs Elias. Seth attempts a move set, yet Dolph quickly regains control. Ziggler slows the match down with a chin lock. Rollins powers out and viciously slingshots Ziggler in to the turnbuckle.

Seth hits a dangerous suplex over the top ropes. On to the outside of the ring. Later on after a back and forth struggle. Rollins hits a Super Kick. Dolph avoids the Curb Stomp and drops Rollins with the Fame-asser for a close two count. Ziggler recovers first and sets up his Super Kick. Seth counters the Super Kick with his own. Then follows it up with another Super Kick, while Dolph is reeling from the first one. Rollins only gets a two count.

The match continues with Seth getting Dolph on the top turnbuckle. The two men counter any offense both could provide. Dolph eventually wins out and lands a cross-body. Only for Rollins to use Dolph’s momentum to roll over and barely get Dolph up for a Power Bomb. A quick secession of roll ups follows. With Drew McIntyre distracting Rollins. Dolph goes for the final roll up and tights secured for the win. Dolph Ziggler is the new Intercontinental Champion.



Streak continues. Monster In The Bank issues a challenge. Bayley and Sasha have a talk. Deleter’s Of Worlds 2.0.

Bobby Roode vs Chad Gable

A glorified squash match. Booby Roode easily wins a match over Chad Gable. The once member of Tag Team Champion Alpha Omega is quickly turning in to a jobber.

Frienemies talk.

The on going frienemy story line between Bayley and Sasha Banks continue. Bayley consuls Sasha on how she did a great job at MITB. They now have to put aside their difference for the upcoming match with The Riott Squad.

Deleter’s Of Worlds 2.0

The Deleter’s Of Worlds make their way towards the ring for a match vs Heath Slater and Rhyno. Before the match starts. The B-Team interrupts on the Titantron. Giving their impression of the Deleter’s. Although entertaining, it only stokes the fire of the real Deleter’s. They quickly dispatch Slater and Rhyno. Bray and Matt land the Kiss Of Deletion on Heath for the pin.

Frenemies vs Riott Squad. Roman Reigns newest feud. The Monster and Demon vs The Opportunist and Constable.

Bayley/ Sasha Banks vs Liv Morgan/ Sarah Logan.

Bayley starts the match off. The Hugger is complete control. Yet, when she is near her team’s corner. Sasha blind tags in and continues the match. Bayley confused, sits back watching Sasha continue dominance. Sasha works her way back in to the team’s corner and Bayley repays the blind tag with her own. With Bayley still in control, she hits a in between the ropes Hurricanrana outside the ring to Logan. Liv Morgan attempts to attack Bayley. Only to have Sasha land a clothesline on her. It can be heard that Sasha tell Bayley “I got you” and Bayley hugs her.

After the break, Sarah Logan is in control over Bayley. Sasha gets the hot tag in and takes out recently tagged in Morgan. Banks attempts a turnbuckle double knee stomp on Liv. Sarah interrupts . The distraction allows Liv Morgan to pin Sasha. After the match Bayley tries to consul Banks. With Sasha aggressively pushing the Hugger away and walk backstage.



Afterwards, Bayley confronts Sasha. This led to a backstage brawl between the two. Utilizing anything they can get their hands on. Sasha throws Bayley in to a trash can. Sasha now leaving the arena. Bayley catches up to her and say “I’m not done with you”. Banks replies “I’m done with you”. Now setting up a full on feud between the two.


Roman Reigns newest feud.

Kurt Angle continuing his lost of control over the show. He tells the audience that spoke with Stephanie McMahon. After the conversation. He is poised to announce the newest number one contender for the Universal Championship. At that moment, Roman Reigns music hits. He makes his way to the ring and tells Kurt that he is the that person. Roman also states that Kurt seems to be having trouble running Raw and a weekly defending champion may help him out. Bobby Lashley’s music hits.

Lashley asks if Reigns is THE guy. Bobby also states that Roman doesn’t have what it takes to finish off Lesnar. Lashley tells Roman that this may be his yard, but he gas been trying to get his hand on Brock since he was a little pup. Angle announces a multi-person match for Extreme Rules. The participants will be announced later. However, the first two are Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley.

The Revival interrupt. They mock Roman for having everything handed to him. the Revival ask what happened to earning it? Roman tells them to step in the ring and maybe “Bob can learn can learn something too”.The match is quick. With Roman gaining initial control over Dawson. Lashley is tagged in and continues the dominance. Wilder gets a tag in and briefly get an upper hand.  This lasts for only so long. Roman hits a Superman punch on Dash. Reigns sets up for the spear, however Lashley blind tags in and delivers his own for the pin.

Braun Strowman/Finn Balor vs Kevin Owens/Baron Corbin.

The main event for the night is new pals Strowman/Balor vs The Constable Corbin/Kevin Owens. Finn starts off the match against The Constable. Baron gains control and works a double team on Finn with Owens. Owens now in control. Hits Balor with an elbow. An injured elbow from MITB. Hurting, Owens tags in Corbin and The Constable continues the assault on Balor. The Monster finally gets tagged in and Corbin loosens up his Constable attire. They lock up and Braun smashes Corbin.

Owens quickly distracts Strowman. Allowing Baron to capitalize. Corbin stomps away on The monster, only to have Braun boot Corbin and clothesline him over the ropes. Balor gets tagged in and ask Strowman to use him as a weapon. The Monster obliges, scooping up Finn and tossing him outside on to their opponents.

After the break. Corbin regains control of the match. Finn strings together a comeback. Owens tags in and stops Balor from diving on Baron. The Constable then sends Balor in to the barrier and puts him back the ring for Owens. K.O hits a Senton for a two count. Braun yells at Finn to get tagged in. However, Owens and Corbin do a great job job of neutralizing him. Eventually The Monster had enough. He enters the ring, takes out both men and then slings Balor in to their corner. The Monster proceeds to tag himself in.

Strowman unloads on Corbin. Braun goes for the pin with Owens breaking it up. Strowman stares down Kevin Owens. Which leads to Owens hastily retreating. Braun charges towards K.O and shoulder tackles him through a barrier. As the legal men, Corbin and Balor now fight on. Finn strings together a set of moves. Only to have Corbin counter Finn’s Coupe De Grace and hit the End Of Days for the win. Another wow.


Final grade for Raw.

I don’t know if it is because we have been getting average or just horrible Raw shows lately. However, tonight’s Raw was just damn good. The story telling for multiple arcs was very good. WWE creative have finally found a way to  move the story forward. The Dolph Ziggler vs Seth Rollins match could’ve in a WWE PPV and I would’ve ok with it. Roman Reigns actually had some good in ring lines. Even if you don’t agree with Braun Strowman needing the MITB briefcase. It adds a disturbing layer of what The Monster will do at any given time. Also, seeing Kurt Angle completely lose control of his show is intriguing. I say this is the best Raw show I’ve seen and recapped in months. Keep it going WWE. There is a lot of competition out there.

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